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  1. I have done it thrice. Just plan your post holes, center line between them, then expand in each direction however big you want the recess to be. Then, clamps 2 boards on the exterior of your line with 2 stop blocks and route with a template bit.
  2. Ha ha ha what are you building cutting boards? Try 34 mm to 31 mm in the center (even slimmer on the carve sides). D: Be careful! I only have 2mm of wiggle room in my current strat. Wouldnt be a problem with a toggle switch and a hardtail, but always check out how deep you need your hardware to go. There's only 2mm between my trem post and the route for the trem claw :/ I also recessed the trem plate, which I may stop doing for this reason.
  3. That's a clean looking 5 way slot. How'd ya do it? Dremel+fence?
  4. I think I found your guitar pick! I must say, I'm jealous of your lack of snow and lamination ideas. Any technique behind it or just "well I have some maple...and some padauk....oh look there's mahogany too! *Clamp!* We have -15C here and about a foot of the good canadian stuff waiting to melt. I should try my hand at a V again....my first attempt was one and what a mess that was. Freehanded routing! What a crazy 14 year old I was.
  5. A center finding rule! Very good idea, no idea why it didn't cross my mind. I've been using my calipers then trying to set it to accurate the 0.01 of a mm to mark the center and then go from there....might have to pick me up a set, if I don't figure out some jig on the drill press for it.
  6. Whats your scarf joint procedure? Are the headstocks already cut out before you glue them?
  7. thank you, they came out perfectly this time. Its fine for me, it smells a bit bitter and dents very easily, and was taking oil a bit weird at first, and its more brown then 'normal' mahogany, but I'll get used to it. It's defiantly has a nice tap tone and is light.
  8. Well, as some of you may have noticed is that I took quiet the internet break, and in the 2 weeks I've pumped up almsot two guitars, this is one of them. The other (superstrat) just needs the bridge posts and tuners drilled, which I'll do eventually. The camera was gone for most of the time, so I was only able to snap these pics now, and one with an iphone a bit back. SPECS Body Shape: Les Paul Double Cut Hardware Colour: Chrome Neck Construction: set Tuners: grover sta-tites, 18:1 Nut size/material: bone, 44mm String Spacing: 7mm #of frets: 22 Neck wood: wenge/padauk/wenge Fretboard: rosewood Scale: 24 3/4 Radius: 12 Headstock shape: wave Headstock Angle: 13 Bindings: n/a Inlay: pearloid dots, 4mm Finish: tung oil, gloss Body Wood: Spanish cedar, mahogany top Contours: arm, belly Bindings: n/a Bridge: TOM string thru, black ferrules Strap Buttons:chrome Finish: tung oil, poly - gloss Electronics Pickup Config: 1 Humbucker Bridge: GFS Dream 90 Pickgaurd: black plastic Switch: n/a Controls: 1 vol 1 tone Control Cavity Material: plastic Knobs: black speed Top wood (cut from same board) Before it got the logo, and bridge recessed Headstock Front Back Complete, with 2 oil coats on Enjoy! Total time was about 80 hours or so, without sanding
  9. I made one too, but with mahogany that was a bad idea, since its so soft. I'll make another with ash or something when I need to. I also did one guitar with just the brass insert, by the end of it the top was quite flattaned. That fretboard is so clean!
  10. how was it constructed? Very thick wood, bent, or a classical neck style lamination?
  11. ahhah we're in the same boat! The current one is also my 4th, and was the first perfect one untill I got a little crack in the neck from a lack of volute, but it is now fixed. I don't get much glue slide, either I'm lucky or know how much to leave around to keep it safe. Screw's scare me.
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