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  1. Great to hear from you, Mike! Right now I live a little south of Fort Worth (Aledo) and work in Granbury. The family business is doing well enough, family politics aside. I got out of the business last year as they refused to keep the business family management oriented. After living on small wages most of my life I knew there was no way I was going to get anywhere in the field. I now run a speciality retail store for pool chemicals / equipment and design pools full time (70-80 hours a week winter hours, 90-100 summer hours). I've been used to working 2 jobs most of my life so this is a blast. We're currently looking into buying a house. Soon as that is done I will build a new workshop from the ground up and hopefully get into some instrument building again.
  2. I cut my hair, got a job, then got married. Pretty much in that order.
  3. Hello friends, old and new.
  4. Looking good, Mike! Everything went through with the new house and my parents closed the deal today, so I'll be doing a good amount of the renovations at the old place. With all of the extra time in the workshop I should be able to get some more basses complete.
  5. All very beautiful stuff, great work. I don't think I've come across any Mexican Cocobolo locally, from what I have seen it is always more intense than the Cocobolo located elsewhere.
  6. We also like to throw down several thousand dollars so we can build and play these instruments. Just because we can. Let's not turn this into another "that's not practical" debate.
  7. Roughly, 9-10 Hipshot Ultralite's weigh about the same as 4 GB7's. I can't seem to find the weight of either tuner right now, but I calculated the 8 Hipshot tuners I'll be using on my current build to weigh right around .77 lbs. Neck dive shouldn't be much of an issue, though.
  8. Killer body style, looks incredibly comfortable.
  9. The Ouroboros - what a sleek and inspiring build, not to mention a killer paint job.
  10. Having recently found out about RAN guitars, I'm wondering the same thing.
  11. Yes, you can use a 7-string neck on a 6-string body, although you will need to widen the neck pocket a small amount and route the pickups cavities accordingly to your pickup choice. The neck pocket is the cavity on the body where the neck sets into.
  12. Steam is actually the highest heat option on my iron. The lower heat option wont even loosen the glue for me. Also, I use aluminum foil over the neck when removing a fingerboard so that the moisture doesn't seep down into the neck. Heat + moisture = warped wood. So that's always under control. But at this point in time I should be investing in a heat blanket to keep from using such a crude tool.
  13. In my experience, I have not been able to remove fingerboards without the steam option. How hot does the iron need to be before the glue starts loosening?
  14. Try using the tool at an angle for starters.
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