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  1. First of all thanks a lot for the compliments. Charlie you damm right about the template, iv'e learned it on the hard way. So this was my first one and now im on my way top build 3. Any suggestions(better guitars with demand)?
  2. guitars/music/surfing

  3. I decided to learn guitar building by myself and when i got stucked this was the only place to find the best answer. (the track on the background was record by this guitar [unfortunately digital] and performed by the best bluse guitar player in Israel Ori Naftaly) Thanks a lot to all of you. I will be more than happy to comments. Chen Golbary
  4. are the bushings necessary or not? i bought the hardware few months ago and iv'e got the tune -o matic without the bushings but with the studs. thanks for the help. (throw this form i 'm about to finish my first electric guitar)
  5. 1) i need to know how deep i should make the pickups cavities.? are the two carves equals? 2) what is the best way to carve the neck pocket? 2.1 is it possible to do it right with router? thx a lot chen!!!
  6. of course router bits should be well done!!!
  7. i will have to agree with you. today iv'e been tring it, and i think that it was better to buy one with 1\2 inch option. just for some more option on the curving part and from the other hand safty and mony that you can save from broken bits. but that is what i need to learn until the next one!
  8. hello im new in guitars building and decided to buy a new router. because evrything is so expensive in israel and the fact im a student i bought this model. what do you think about it? (for beginers!!!) considerd to the price. it was allmost the chiepst one.
  9. i understand. ok so the problem is solved. i understand why you asking me to give a picture(so you be able to know the area, but it's on a spot that arms no nothing). thank you!!!
  10. hello guys' im new here and the lp replica im trying to build is my first guitar project. now i have a qustion about the filler. if i cut mistakly 1 cm into the body ( and all the depth on this 1 cm) would it be bad to fill it with filler? (the guitar is for myself)
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