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  1. one thing ive noticed from this thread is that people may have been using multiple accounts to vote for themselves in gotm, this shouldnt be allowed and IP's should be checked on all the voters to make sure this isnt going on (this might happen already). from the looks of things the mods are aware of this already though. EG http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...mp;#entry474471
  2. the list is endless, what type of amp have you got ? what type of music do you play ? if you have a tube amp a tube screamer or treble booster can liven it up a bit, theres a few distortions that work nice with tube amps too (big muff and one knob fuzz come to mind). i find that none of these peds work with solid state amps very well just get a flavour but no boost. could also get a wah wah as well, but theres a lot to choose from.
  3. It defeats the purpose of GOTM if you enter something you haven't built. I'll go buy a PRS Dragon guitar and then enter that. It's built buy the custom shop part of Paul Reed Smith people have bought guitars built by people from the forums then entered them into gotm, seen this before and its never been frowned upon.
  4. not every gotm entry is built by the person who enters in, it could be a custom build by somone off the forum or elsewhere, people are just trying to show off their guitars which i think should be encouraged.
  5. original one is sexier i must say lol
  6. weird pickup, its got a bobbin that has screws in it, the trisonics that i have dont, they have metal lugs. tri-sonic is crooked on the cover too. i suspect its a bloody ancient one, thats not like any of the ones ive got. EDIT updated with pictures of a kent armstrong one,
  7. may rewound all his pickups apparently, for a while you could buy pickups like this from WD music they were slightly more vintage sounding (apparently). as for reverse winding it, that wouldnt be needed as his series wiring had switches to reverse the polarity, the magnet could have been changed though. ive got 2 sets of burns trisonics and they sound good but are nothing more than single coils with a bit more crunch (like mini p90's). i have a set in a burns guitar and a set of kent armstrong ones which are slightly higher quality. some info here about the V ones http://www.brianmaycentral.net/pickups.html i dont think kent armstrong makes them anymore.
  8. looks ok to me, is the guitar fspaced ? (53mm string spacing) what do the pickup pole pieces measure ? 53mm for fspace 48mm for non fspacing
  9. nope... rule #1 about electric guitar wiring: never, ever, disconnect the signal to the amp. If you want to shut the signal up, there are other ways to do it like the one I show in this thread... this way you will never get the "accidentally unplugged guitar buzz problem"... the way you show is the same as sending hot to ground at the jack. whats the deal with disconnecting the signal to amp ? (its not actually disconnected its just shorted) it wont break it, theres no high voltages, its not dangerous. so why is it bad to connect it to the output jack ? theres already tutorials on here that show killswitches wired this way, ive got schematics for wiring guitars with killswitches off the manufacturer that show them wired this way, so whats so special.... http://alexplorer.net/guitar/mods/killswitch.html that shows the right way and the wrong way to wire at the output jack.
  10. why is it bad to connect it to the output jack ? in the long run its wired up the same electrically
  11. i agree with the posts about buying a power supply, but the stompbox idea is quite good (even if batterys do last ages). sending power to the pickups whilst getting the signal from one cable would be nice, just need a cable with 4 pins which could be done with XLR4, using an xlr cable and putting an xlr socket into the guitar is the only drawback.
  12. check the pots work, it sounds like the ground is shorted out as when you touch the strings you are becomming the ground and the hum goes away.
  13. ah that makes perfect sense! how do guitars without the dish get away with not having the knobs crooked then ?
  14. lovely colour, im not sure i like the indentations where the knobs + switch go, i think when theres knobs on it they will look good but without knobs it looks perculiar to me. is that done just to make the top the right width so the knobs will fit on the pots ? a good way to get a nice pic of the body colour would be to take a photo of it outside with no flash, or indoors in the daytime with natural light coming through the window, i find camera flashes to be evil for washing out colour and misrepresenting the colour tone.
  15. But we didn't get the mandatory "every clamp in the shop on the fretboard" shot. Just a little teaser on the end. that picture was in post 34 lol
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