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  1. I think that you will see a lot more fingerprints on this fine instrument from here on out Splendid work my friend.
  2. She was stunning as a blond but WOW! Love the burst.
  3. Very clean and clever work. I like Scott's thought of using aluminum for the side pieces. It machines easily with woodworking tools and could have openings machined in it to allow clearance for the bit in the event of too much skew. . . . Your designs always inspire me to go out and build something.
  4. Last I heard they were distributing only to MN, Northern Iowa, and Chicago specifically. The operation is growing but they just opened an enormous "destination brewery" here that I am sure cost quite a bit.
  5. No problem. If you have anything you want to try and is not available in you area just let me know and I will see if I can find it here. Glad you enjoyed them. I had a couple Todd's myself this weekend.
  6. I am just getting back to the point of being able to brew beer and work on guitars again. 2015 was not a good year for me. My mother was diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of January 2015 and I became her full time caregiver on top of my own job and life. She passed away almost one year to the day after her diagnosis and I just finally had a memorial service for her last weekend. I built her an urn which took a little while and have been playing catch up with the rest of my life since she passed. I am hoping to get back to normal soon. That half finished Les Paul has been collecting a lot of dust but will be coming back out to be finished soon enough. It is strange how everyone is starting to think of making acoustics or archtops lately as that has been on my mind as well. I even managed to cobble together a homemade side bender while practicing my hand tool skills prior to building my mothers urn.
  7. Sure, a guy goes away for a while and comes back to see Scott is back at being awesome again. This is looking really nice. I would love to attempt one myself but need to get a few builds under my belt first. With your skill and experience at carving I would love to see you tackle a violin or just do a very elaborate archtop. Regardless of what you build I will gladly follow along as long as you are willing to post your progress.
  8. Looking forward to more progress. Always love your projects. I have not been around much recently and really miss it...I have some ideas in mind for some projects of my own but always learn from yours.
  9. I am jealous. I have not even seen any new beers in the last several weeks. I may have to go out with my brewing partners this weekend and have a brew. Life took a giant dump on me recently and I have been too busy to look for anything new and have to be too responsible to have more than one or two at a time.
  10. Always love following your builds. Looking forward to seeing more.
  11. I got a late start on liking Odell's beers. The first time around for me I got some six packs that were all bad. They included 400 Lb Monkey and 90 Shilling among others. At the time I did not realize the product itself had gone bad and just assumed I disliked Odell's beer. It took a couple beer festivals and cautious re-tasting to discover that they really do make some great stuff. I always keep my eyes open for new arrivals but this is the first one I have seen from a brewery I knew and trusted in quite some time. The box in the background is a jewelry chest I am building for my friends daughter. It is hopefully in the last stages of finish. I am hoping I can let it cure for a few weeks and then wet sand and assemble. The box itself is maple and mahogany, the interior trays are walnut. Surprisingly, I ran across that heavily figured maple at Home Depot. Bought the 3/4"x6"x8' board for somewhere around 20 bucks. Ever since running across that gem I look at the maple bin every time I visit that store.
  12. \ I ran across this for the first time today. It reminded me of an Imperial IPA a bit. Very smooth mouthfeel and nice hop followed by a heavy malt body. 9.5% abv as well so going to have to be careful. Just realized it might be hard to read that label. Beer is Odell Brewing Co. Mountain Standard Double Black India Pale Ale.
  13. I honestly have not had the opportunity to do a comparison like this. IPA's were originally created to survive the long trip from England to the colonies in India so I never really thought too long on the hops fading over time. I will have to look into it more and see if there is anything that can be done to prolong the flavor profile.
  14. Glad you got the opportunity to try a fresher bottle. Any thoughts on how big of a difference there was between this one and the one I sent you? I am starting to think I am going to have to take a road trip to Colorado just to get some more in my fridge. I have to agree that Two Hearted is a very tasty IPA. I enjoy that one fairly often.
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