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  1. Primer Grey Primer / Base Coat; Body Cuts Dipped
  2. Been working on a strat kit this year. Technically two, as my FIL is doing one also. Typical S/S/S with tremolo. Plan is to bypass the tone knob and a couple tweaks with the wiring and pup cavities. It came with the tummy cut. I added a knee cut on the lower bout and widened the upper to match. Rattle can grey primer/base coat. Dipped in PacNorWest colors of Pacific Blue, Lime Green and Silver enamel. Blue did not take well on the front: 90% of it sank. Will dry for probably a week and then sand and coat. ... I've tried several time but URL, links, and click-and-drag won't work to attach the pics. "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community. "
  3. Elec - Turner Model1 LB-P featherweight or PRS Custom 22 Acou - Breedlove C25/CRe-H or Ibanez Talman
  4. Thanks David. The electronics and hardware are plug and play but I was happy I actually get to do some soldering because the job done on the jack was junk. Will see how the pups last after I plug 'er in.
  5. Wife surprised me with a strat-style kit from Rockler. Thanks to my FIL engraving and printing biz I hope it won't be recognizable when I'm done. It may be cheating but gotta start somewhere!
  6. I agree. $5 for a 6 x 3/4" piece of hardwood for pens.
  7. Looks nice, Wes. Really like the birds eye top
  8. That would be one of the overall problems diluting society: do it wrong enough for long enough and no one will care anymore.
  9. PSW- that very much along the lines of what I had in my head. Vid sounded great.
  10. I think the most overlooked would be Takamine. A large portion of country artists use them and they have good looks and are versatile plugged in.
  11. Was dirt poor, too, and it took me until I was 19 before I could afford one.
  12. Thanks a ton David. I wasn't thinking thinking of an onboard simulator- just wiring it up with a standard 5 position selector and alternate between electric acoustic and electric. I merely mentioned the simulator for comparison: my apologies for any confusion.
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