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  1. Congratulations Andy, I really admire the innovative approach you took here... probably the most interesting build I've ever seen in terms of design... plus the fact that you didn't use a computer in the whole process, which makes it even more interesting.
  2. Not a singlecut

    Thanks guys! Yeah, that rosewood gets smooth as silk once it's sanded, it's gonna be a pitty to finish it with nitro, but I have no option I fear. (Sorry for the bloody hell typo, now it's corrected)
  3. Not a singlecut

    Hi guys, has been a month since the last post... time flies. So I've completed the to-do list, except the electronics, which I'm currently waiting for. Apart from that, this is pretty much done. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the process. Still have to setup this bloody hell tremolo bridge, but after a rough inspection, everything is in place and everything is like it should be. Have good feelings about it. So I already can start with the grain filling and preparing for finishing. See you in a month or so. By the way, the singlecut is already sounding, I just can't take decent pictures of it, but I'll try to solve it soon. Thanks for watching!
  4. Great! I'm wondering... do you have the plans already, do you make them in the computer or you don't even use plans?
  5. Hi @curtisa, thank you very much for the work... I really appreciate it. I've just realized that in the original diagram, the guy is using on-off-on switches and I only have on-on-on... is that an issue? My idea is that the pickups act like normal humbuckers in the middle position of each splitting switch. And I have another concern... isn't the switch in the middle (the pup selector) connected to the ground? Excuse my ignorance. Definitely owe you a beer.
  6. Hi there, I've recently seen a video in youtube where a guy explains how to split the humbuckers, where one can select both coils from a humbucker separately, getting two single coils from each humbucker. The guy uses a standard 3 way selector to switch between pickups, and two DPDT (on-off-on) to split each humbucker. This is his diagram: I was thinking on doing something similar, but using 3 DPDT (on-on-on) instead... so one of the DPDT would act like the pickup selector and the other two will split each humbucker. To be honest, I have no idea about electronics... I wanted to ask if someone can just draw the wiring over this template I've made: You can find more info about the pickup color code here: http://www.tonerider.com/files/humbucker-wiring.pdf Thans in advance!
  7. Ahhh... sorry, I can't deal with all your experiments. Well, that sounds interesting, as I don't know what to do with the low B string in my 7.
  8. You mean the high E string missing, right? Congratulations, that strat looks great... maybe you have to practice a ll bit before the gig, that fan must not be easy to play. Good luck anyway.
  9. One more time, singlecut

    Thanks!... That part is quite difficult to keep it perfect... can't sand/polish it properly. I just can't reach the edge... but in the picture got some weird reflection, it doesn't look so bad in real. ^^
  10. One more time, singlecut

    Just need to wire the electronics and put some strings... see you soon!
  11. Well, that was a complicated finish... but still rocks. Next time just give it 5-7 more clear coats than needed, just to be safe.
  12. Uploading the pictures to PG is the most reliable option, and probably the fastest one. It also happened to me with Dropbox... but not sure if I have time to re-upload all the pics in my old posts.
  13. Osorio - The four years gap

    Great builds... and welcome back, hope to see more of your work in the near future.
  14. 24 Magnum

    Great woods, great workshop and a fantastic job... congratulations, I whish I could work like you do.
  15. First full build from scratch

    I usually make a pre-template in a 5mm kinda board (which I don't know the name in english, sorry),.. working on all the curves in a thinner material is much easier and faster. Then I make the final template from it.