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  1. Here is where I fail... there's always a small triangle left from the corner stuck to the fretboard... If I want to get rid of it, then the file pass through the tape and makes a mark in the wood, even if the file is flat in that side. Really annoying. Thanks for the detailed explanation btw, I'll try next time.
  2. Yeah, I also want frets like those... tell us the secret, please.
  3. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Great work man... not entirely fan of the body shape, but your guitars have their own personality, I must say. This last one looks really pro... love it!
  4. That's because the etching is done before the sharpening, I believe... got addicted to watch videos from blacksmiths in youtube. Really fascinating stuff, some Damascus knives are made with more than 1000 layers. Forgot to say... that handle you made is gorgeous.
  5. That's awesome... but how do you ensure a perfect radius in the jig?
  6. What about a zebrano headstock cap matching the top?
  7. Four new rockers are coming to life

    I haven't commented yet, but following this thread from the shadows. Excellent work, as always... if they are like the explorer, we can expect some outstanding results. Keep the good work. Since you asked, I hate colorful guitars, specially blue ones. I'd go for a tobacco burst or trans-black. But it's your guitar, you're the one who decide.
  8. Nice saving on the neck, I had the same problem some guitars ago... but still don't understand how you could fix it. So the fingerboard was too narrow and you've added a binding... but what about the neck itself? Did you add any extra wood to the sides as well and then you made the neck pocket a bit wider?
  9. Nice hollow, but... wouldn't it be better if you just made a cavity? Is the wood in the first pic for a top or just a template? It looks nice! Welcome to the forum by the way, looking forward to see your creations.
  10. Awesome! Love how this little bastard turned out after dying.
  11. Got lost with so many tops... But are they gonna be two guitars or a guitar and a bass? Sorry for stupid question...
  12. Justin's guitar

    Great job Scott, thanks for re-uploading the pics, this project definitely deserved it.
  13. That fretboard.... Maybe I've missed something, but how many builds are you running?
  14. SG Respin

    Don't worry, I'm watching from the shadow and checking that you do everything right. So far so good. ^^