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  1. what is the purpose of the reccess at the end of the cutaway?... will you insert harder wood there?
  2. Here where I live, there are very cheap sapelle blanks... I plan to buy the wood for the body here... 60€ for a piece of 250 x 25 x 5 cm, not bad at all...I can build 3 bodies from that... but for the necks, I always need madinter
  3. Thanks eddie, I'm just waiting to buy the wood to declare the project 'official'... XD then I will post on guitarramania where in the hell did you bought that piece of maple for 35€???? Most woods in madinter are graded as well... they are 'special', 'first', 'second' and 'third' like in MB... I haven't noticed those cheap fretboards and necks in MB, maybe because I ran like hell when compared these items: http://www.madinter.com/b2c/index.php?page=pp_producto.php&md=0&ref=MEBS http://www.tonewood.es/product.php?id_product=294&id_lang=1 anyway, I'll have a look in deep to MB, But I fear I can't afford the 200€ minimum order... thanks for the info anyway... PS.- you can change the language to english in madinter website thanks for comment!
  4. Maderas Barber is very expensive IMO, and never bought anything from stumac due to international taxes... I have another supplier here in Spain much cheaper than MB and SM: www.madinter.com, is worth to give a try... 20€ minimum order and very good service. I thought wood was cheaper there in USA... thanks for comment!
  5. yes, you're right... well, I'm not very good in entomology, as you can see... I can't find any male cricket with balls anyway, so let's say 'it will be as black as a cricket ass'...
  6. I meant the balls of THIS cricket... had working with plans, preparing all things to buy the wood... here in spain, wood for guitars is very expensive, so don't expect a top quality model from here... hope to start next week... stay tuned
  7. thanks for comment guys! glad you like it... the stars in the FB will be made by skewer sticks and toothpicks (sorry, google translation)... basically with (pine?) sticks (ø3mm and ø1,5mm) that finally will turn darker, due to the 'ebony effect' when sanding... XD not sure about the final results really... anyway, this project will be made with a very low budget, trying to save some pieces I have in the workshop so there's no choice about hardware I fear... sorry. Here's some previous attempts on design... they are based on the 1st and 3rd guitar I built. Finally I went for a new body shape: Still not sure about the exact location of the middle and bridge pickups... can anyone help me on this?
  8. also, I can't change the title of the post... so it will be as black as the balls of a cricket... thanks for the kind words guys, glad you like the design
  9. ah ok... had all night thinking "what the heck means pup"?? well... the reason is simple: if I turn the pickup ring 180º, then the cavity will be very close to the bridge... is the middle pickup which is unbalanced really. errrm... so is there any other colors for a guitar? ... jk, I love black guitars. Maybe in white... thanks for comments, guys... I love to discuss the design stage and hear your oppinions. I hope to start to build it soon.
  10. hi there! first of all, sorry for my english... I'm from spain, new here in this forum... This will be my next project, just waiting to have some bucks to buy the wood... this is my fourth project, and hope to finish with a cool guitar. The specs are: - 3 piece maple-mahogany-maple neck, bolt-on, with 11º headstock - 2 piece sapelle body - Ebony fretboard, scale 25,5" - 21 frets, 16" radius - TOM bridge, string-thru body - 3 hotrails PU Not sure what I'm looking for with this concept really... anyway, I will start to build it as soon as possible... cheers!
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