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  1. That is correct. My aim is basically cosmetic in doing that. I really like the accent laminate thing (now I know the term so thanks for that as well.).
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question. I am starting a new project involving a fender style neck (straight headstock and not angled). I'd like to add these decorations usually added on scarf joints. Has anyone tried these on a straight neck? How will it fare in terms of strength? Thanks
  3. Thanks Aperez. Have you had a chance to try them? Are they a match of the original?
  4. Thanks, I'm looking for a Gibson flying V guitar templates.
  5. Hi, I am searching for an accurate guitar template provider. I've tried Ronnie from guitarbuildingtemplates.com and I wasn't really happy with what I bought (it's not 100% accurate - as was stated in the terms of service - nit's not something he hides and i wasn't smart enough to go over them in the first place) the neck pocket and the neck did not match (apparently on purpose). So, I am looking for a provider of foolproof templates (the kind that I can just cut with and not make any adjustments) I would appreciate if anyone can direct me to one. Thanks !
  6. Thanks! How is it texture-wise? how does it feel while you play ? How durable is it?
  7. Hi, What did you use for a filler within the inlayed cavity?
  8. Yes. I did two layers of Z-Poxy as a prep for finishing (that I intend to sand the most of). Can the bubles be a result of the heat? (the room is very hot during the day) or maybe the wood is not dry enough?
  9. Hi guys, one small question, After putting two layers of Epoxy I've let the boxy rest for about a week. I've noticed that the finish has some kind of bubble \ blows in the finish, what can be the cause of it? Thanks !
  10. Thanks ! I tend to agree, Altough I have an avarage sized Honduras Mahogany body blank here which is havier than my Korina body. Well........that Korina body does have those big ol' holes in it. Which look nice. I've found Honduras Mahogany can vary widely in weight. My Korina is in the ballpark with the Afican Mahogany I've worked with if not just a little lighter, so I guess it falls in line with what Wes has found. I don't know why I expected it to be closer in weight to the Spanish cedar I just used which was by far the lightest body wood I've used so to this point. SR The holes are precisely for that I think they actually rub off something like a quarter of the total weight... Oh and by the way, I had to check... the body weighs 2.6 KGs as is (lets add some hardware and I think we'll be around 3 give or take). In any case the holes are there to also add a distinctive aspect to the guitar (they do look kinda awesome )...
  11. I tend to agree, Altough I have an avarage sized Honduras Mahogany body blank here which is havier than my Korina body.
  12. Mmm I find the korina much lighter than my previous build which was a maple-purple heart lamination. I also find it lighter than mahogany... In terms of comparison to other tonewoods I can't really say...
  13. Yeap pretty cheap too. Near Kiryat Bialik..
  14. Cutting the body close to the size: Shape is cut close to the template. Shape is robo-sanded to precise match! Rough routing the holes: A layer of Z-Poxy to prevernt router tearouts when rounding: Cutting corners : All done: Sanding to 240 Grit: Starting to do some pore filling: 1st layer of Z-Poxy done: I'm now waiting for templates to be sent by Ronny from guitarbuildingtemplates in order to resume working.
  15. Hi all, This is my first post here. I hope you like it. First let me itroduce myself, my name is Gil, 26, I'm working fulltime in Philips healthcare and I'm an amateur builder from Israel. So this was my first project: Now I'm starting my second.... Korina body, with a laminted korina - maple neck. The shape would be a modified explorer. This is what I've done so far: Gluing the body blanks: Laminating for the neck:
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