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  1. I like the inlay at the neck joint, just saw that!
  2. Great looking guitar! I love the top and the shape!
  3. I've always wanted to try the magnetic cavity covers. Would you mind sharing where you got the magnets and what ones?
  4. I was going to point out how awesome the back looked. Don't cover that up man!
  5. Absolutely stunning work dude! I might have to use your faux binding tricks on my next build!
  6. Cool design. Loving the amount of pics, keep them coming!
  7. That is a sweet carve! This one is going to be so cool!
  8. Absolutely stunning man! I love how the bridge recess was done.
  9. Crazy jig man! This guitar is going to come out awesome!
  10. Some of the best work I've seen on here. Excellent craftsmanship, and great design. I like how it's a LP sort of shape but not so "fat" looking.
  11. Wow these came out awesome! I especially like the darkest one with the gold hardware.
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