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  1. been away for two weeks, but the frets are in now:
  2. hah welcome to the 23 fret club, I also made a fretboard like that by accident but decided to "fix" it (despite comments on 23 frets being perfectly fine )
  3. ok, time for some fretting ...
  4. I go a JET arbor press from them once, I use if for fretting. That's the only business I've done with them .. I bought the router bits from, but I see they also have prohibitive shipping costs to Finland. Weird. I used to buy from France or UK but since I moved from France to Switzerland (so outside EU) sending stuff is associated with some extra nonsensical fees so I moved to buying stuff in Poland and bringing it over myself (I'm there once a month).
  5. really? where/which bits are you using? I recently got a pair of CMT spiral cutters as part of trying to transition to mostly guide-bushing-based approach, but one never knows when one a new router bit will need..
  6. binding after radiusing .. hmm I should consider it next time. I put binding on before just trying to cut the slots extra deep to factor in the future radius .. well in the current two and a half bound fingerboards that I'm doing all needed some deepening... Good that I got the little saw that does that a few months ago, but still annoying.
  7. Thanks guys! I do like the way it came out, let's see how the look evolves when the body gets painted.
  8. Doesn't look like rubbish to me : thanks @Norris for the idea! The binding is on (treble side and bridge end only) and the board is radiused to 12". On the other side also the side markers went in the one at the 19th fret sits above the rest a little, I should have come up with some trick to keep them in line when drilling over the body .. apparently just using a center punch was not enough. As you can see I didn't do much, in my defense this is one of 4 guitars (3 guitars and a bass) that I'm doing in parallel so I've been sanding flat and radiusing 4 necks actually. This one has a first coat of oil drying on it now, slots are chamfered and deepened as needed so soon it's fretting time. I wanted to fret the board after finishing since I though I'd want some of the (swirl) finish on the fingerboard, below the frets, but I changed my mind. It'll go on the neck, but not on the fingerboard. It's swirly enough as it is anyway.
  9. yea .. I released a full guitar build video recently, where I filmed the whole process of building a mini guitar for my daughter - I had almost 10h of material, I literally filmed almost every step of the process except things like finish sanding, every coat of lacquer etc. This was over 3 years ago, it took me 3 years to find the time to edit all of that material into 13 youtube episodes of ~10-15 minutes each.
  10. I think he means the line that you've created by cutting through - running the binding through there instead of having it vanish
  11. thanks Carl! Yea, I had to find an enclosed space when moving across from France to Switzerland, balcony wouldn't work. Its still an apartment so I have noise and space limitations (no bandsaw for me) but at least the space is fully dedicated to this now. This is a major improvement for me since I don't have a lot of time for building, just 15 minutes to 1-2 hours at a time here and there. The fact that I don't have to set everything up each time (and clean up afterwards) makes the difference between almost not being able to do anything and actually pushing the builds along. looking forward to the youtube series BTW!
  12. LOL I literally just had an idea today of doing exactly this on some future build - solving the problem of bound body with a thin top being uncomfortable on the forearm by carving through the binding and just having it disappear for that section of the outline. I thought I was being original, but now it I ever do it, it will be another thing to put on my list "and now I'll do what I saw Knightro do in the past" . oh well
  13. Here's a weekend shot from my little tight room. The main table has been occupied by my thicknessing jig for the past week or two because I was trying to get the back of a body straight after having glued the two halves at an angle. This is the result:
  14. I saw one guy use a setup like this once, I think he constructed it out of plexi - the sanding block would go between rails, but the rails also had stuff at the bottom so that at some stage the block would just slide on that. If set-up properly, such a jig is pretty much fool-proof. I never had the patience to try to construct something like this though
  15. hah, you're right, I didn't think of that. For some reason I'm attached to the idea that binding goes on the fretboard before it's glued to the neck.. This might actually be a nice solution, also for another small problem that I have (I could use a bit more fingerboard at the bridge edge, otherwise the 24th fret will pretty much only be for the highest string). So I could bind the bottom and end, actually. I was going to just live with it, but I need to still measure exactly where I ended up at, I'm leaning towards going with your solution already. thanks, man!