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  1. Four new rockers are coming to life

    thumbs up for the video! awesome work with the inlays!
  2. KEA 2017 builds

    ok, so it's tinted lacquer over a dye coat. makes sense
  3. No Bandsaw!

    I still cut my necks to rough thickness with a handsaw (no bandsaw for me either ). Then I do some cleanup with a spindle sander and a fence. Recent plan is to follow that with a router in a "thicknessing jig" to get the thickness within ~1mm of the target before carving the profile (like @KnightroExpress is doing for example).
  4. the grain lines in general turned out awesome!
  5. KEA 2017 builds

    right, I didn't notice this detail at first. Is it just sanding the chamfers back? I'd also think you'd get some bleed..
  6. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    lol go for it man! @Carl I didn't see the other post of yours with the link, interesting. So he does manage to get a pretty awesome result still without having to go with nanotubes (aka sorcery). hmm I'm now thinking what I could go and paint with that stuff...
  7. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    or try to source some Vantablack
  8. Wrap Around Bridge - Benefits?

    there is a sister experiment that might be easier to implement: take a double-locking FR guitar (optionally - lock the bridge in place with some wedges or whatever) and compare feel with the locking nut engaged and loosened. Never tried it myself so I can't comment on how much of the difference can be felt. There's also talk about reverse headstock vs non-reverse in the context of string lengths behind the nut etc.
  9. I tried to wait with starting another batch of builds until the previous ones were all done, but this is taking too long I CAN'T RESIST. Besides, Etna is really almost done, just waiting for a break in the rain so that I can clearcoat the body. So I have already glued up a bunch of laminate necks and did scarf joints on most of them, plus a few body blank glue-ups. But the project I want to share here is this: its the remains of a strat body that used to be black. My youngest brother bought it for almost nothing some time ago, and I have been swapping out parts of that guitar since then. Right now the only part left from the original is the neck and I'm building a new one right now. The body originally had a very quick&dirty conversion to hardtail and black spray job, and after I replaced it with a new one I started removing both the paint and the wood glued in the trem cavity and in the end decided that the whole center section was in such a bad state (falling apart) that I basically just cut it out. revealing a table-top-like laminate construction of the body. Most of the paint went off after heatgun treatment, the rest will probably be sanded off or I'll spray primer over it, I'm not sure yet. Meanwhile I had some ovangkol cut-offs from a neck-thru section of a guitar that will someday become "The Angry Druid" (a 2.0 version of " "). The size of these is enough for them to fill in the empyt space in the center of the strat body, making basically a "half neck-thru" construction. Since this is a scrap build and I'll be keeping the guitar for myself I decided to put all of the crazy ideas I had or wanted to try out into this build. It will retain the strat body outline, but apart from that it will be completely messed up. At the moment here are some of the features planned: 7-string multiscale (I already got the ABM single bridges for it) 3x single coils wired like Brian May's Red Special (in series with phase switching options) swirl paint job on the body its gonna be fun. (for now I need to work out the non-perpendicular scarf joint and its messing with my brain)
  10. well here's the Bohemian Rhapsody video. Was supposed to be ready a week ago but you know how it is... probably too long but whatever. hope you like it!
  11. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    thanks, gentlemen I'm loving this build. That top and the way it's finished is beyond epic. I've always had a soft spot for crackle finishes. It's always fighting with my love for beautiful wood... looks like you might be on to something here
  12. I've already mentioned here and there that I'm going to try to do a comparison between the Hannes bridge and a no-name cheapo hardtail. The aim it to try to see if there is any measurable sound difference between the two. Meet the test mule: this is an alder body with an RG shape, currently wearing the Hannes bridge and a Lace Alumitone wired directly to the output jack. The neck is from my Nylon One build (I'm currently putting some TruOil on the top of that one and I took the neck off for that). The idea is for the tests to be objective, I'm at the moment in the process of writing the numerical analysis code and checking first results. If this works the plan is to try mounting different necks to the body (the body was in fact meant for that) to see if I can measure a sound difference there. If this is successful, there are many other things I'd imagine I could test - stainless vs normal frets, different nut materials, loose vs tight bolted on neck etc etc I will be collecting ideas - assuming the first test gives me any meaningful results, so stay tuned for that.
  13. Guitars and Numbers

    That was my secret plan but looks like the numbers speak otherwise. Funnily enough, one nut from my test collection sounds (and measures) almost as bad as the pencil ...
  14. KEA 2017 builds

    Black limba (I'm guessing that's what it is) .. it's been on my to-try list for quite a while. For some reason I have a hard time finding a reasonable source of the stuff in Europe. That other one, is that 100% padouk? That's a cool idea
  15. Guitars and Numbers

    I'm constantly learning things with this project. Turns out my method is super-sensitive to various things. Which echoes @Prostheta's comment about having all variables under control. I keep discovering new ones. I already mentioned some of them - nut slotting and sting age. String age started being an issue since I was on the same set of strings from the moment I started the nut comparison recordings - they have been taking a while to complete, I think ~2 months or so. Every once in a while I had some time to do some recordings, once or twice I figured I need to redo everything because of some new discovery... To put things in perspective - my current test sample is about 25 notes in sequence letting the string fully ring out. For the low E that's about a minute. So every recording is about 20 minutes of basically just sitting there and hitting the string every 40-60 seconds. Anyhow The difference between a 2-month old almost-not-played string is small but definitely measurable, as I verified over the weekend but simply putting in a brand new string. I was also having repeatability issues, doing seemingly the same measurement after a day or two was giving me slightly different results. Well guess what. It depends on how exactly the body is supported. I made a series of tests, just changing how the guitar is positioned on the pink foam that it's laying on (see pic 10 or so posts back). There's a clear trend. It's not very strong, but it is there, especially for the lower frequencies. Which makes sense, I'm damping body resonances in different ways when I change how the guitar is supported. So I had to start from scratch again. I made a new setup with the guitar supported by 4 bench cookies on very rigid support and then I put on the fresh E string and recorded all the nuts in one day, so I'm pretty confident the only thing that's changing is the nut. I checked the tuning of all strings after every nut swap. I checked that the guitar is in the same spot each time... I think the results are much more consistent this time. I need to work on the data analysis a bit and then I'll post something. Also, please welcome the new guest star in the nut shootout:
  16. @Prostheta you want to check the influence of neck angle on tone? in any case once my analysis is off the ground I would actually like to start collecting sound samples from people, it's pretty simple to implement (I'm not relying on any fancy stuff, my code takes as an input a wav recording of a guitar string being plucked several times in sequence and works from there)
  17. Pariahrob's build log

    shooting boards are cool. I used to get my fingerboard taper spot on with this method.
  18. PRS-like project(s)

    I like the improved access to the screws. Especially from a practical standpoint it's a very good idea.
  19. Stratocaster build

    a really nice no-nonsense strat build. I agree about that swamp ash piece. Super pretty.
  20. Thanks Andy I wish I could say that the scarf was planned out to be like this, but unfortunately I can't I should save the dimensions though (headstock thickness I guess), I'd keep this design element for future builds.
  21. Guitars and Numbers

    It's coming
  22. I have a guitar where the middle pickup is added into the circuit via a blend pot - nothing in the middle position, and in/out of phase depending on which way you turn. But that's in parallel. For the humbuckers the question is of course in the other direction (turning them down, not the middle pup - as you said). I think that coil tapping the humbucker will be enough though. I can always play with the pickup height. But yea - now to find the time for this ...
  23. that's gonna be interesting to hear, true. Can't wait for the whole build actually concerning Bohemian - I plan to do another video focusing just on that, and how different elements play a role. Clearly I'm omitting some (the tri-sonic pickups, the coin-as-a pick etc) but even with that I think I can get very very close. What I want to do now (before I shoot that video) is to add a switch to my main every day guitar (a superstrat with a HSH pickup configuration), that puts the middle pickup in the circuit in series. I wonder how close can you get by just modding a HSH guitar. The middle pickup will be weaker than the humbuckers so the phase cancellations will be slighly less pronounced (but I can always coil-tap the HB, that's sonething I already added to that guitar), the positions of the pickups are different so the harmonic pattern will be a tiny bit different ... But I still think it will be very close.
  24. KEA 2017 builds

    It is an artifact caused by a photo filter. Looks like an unsharp mask with a big radius. Sometimes called "clarity" and other things in some apps. It's been showing up in some of Luis's posts. By accident maybe? In that post it's on photos #1 and #3 (compare the grass for example). Then it's gone and makes a comeback in the maple burl pic. (which is crazy awesome)