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  1. SHB-2 - Tele build

    I'm leaning towards the volute as well, although I'm not sure I've played a guitar with a significant volute before. What about adding a couple of splines? Would that take care of the short grain issue and let me carve as desired? As far as thickness, I'd like to get to about 20mm at the 1st fret. Favorite guitar I've owned was a Ibanez JS1000... sold it to support the hobby after I built my first one, but still think it is one of the nicest necks I've ever played.
  2. SHB-2 - Tele build

    It's a flatsawn maple neck. If I take 1/4" off all the way up to the nut, and then taper back to the back of the headstock, you think what's remaining will be strong enough? I looked up short grain, and I think this approach minimizes that. I'll post another picture with the "plan" just to make sure I understand well enough. Thanks for the advice guys!
  3. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Haha, tone voodoo... I like that idea. I'm mainly concerned that to get a nice carve (neck thickness/shape) behind the first fret, that it would weaken the headstock too much?
  4. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Well.... I discovered a big screw up... I rough dimensioned the lumber for my neck at 1" (too conservative...), and never took it down to .75"... Not that bad, except over the months of intermittently doing this, I forgot it should be at .75" before putting the fretboard on.... and ESPECIALLY important when cutting the headstock down to thickness... see image. You can see where I went to trim the .25" off where it will bolt on. The more I thought about it, I wanted to just go down the whole length, but that leaves almost no support at the headstock. I am thinking my only recourse at this point would be to scarf joint a new headstock onto it. Thoughts? I'm actually leaning towards popping the fretboard off to recover the truss road, and just abandoning this one... Quite an unfortunate learning point here...
  5. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Well, its been quite a while since I last posted. I ended up not using the fretboard from before. I still have it, but the overly wide fret slot, and some lack of even sanding I discovered made me decide to put it aside. I'm not sure if I will spend the time to fix it, but I did create a second one. And tonight I trimmed it up, and officially mounted it to the neck. I repurposed the 10" radius sanding beam I had made in my jig for clamping cauls since I purchased an aluminum sanding beam in this radius. Next up I think is, deepen the fret slots, mount the nut, shape the neck. I'm debating whether I want to fret before shaping the back of the neck... I imagine using my drill press to seat frets would be far easier with a flat back. Thoughts?
  6. Radius Sanding Blocks from Jig to Final

    I love this! Glad you found some good solutions to some of the problems in the design I was working with. I like the band clamps to hold the router in place, I think the way I mounted my router led to a decent amount of my troubles due to the extra joint in the base. That, and (as you said), I fed it through lengthwise, which could have further confounded the issues. I got a 12" radius out of it that looks ok after sanding. My 10" one ended up being cut up for clamping cauls. Gotta confess, I ended up buying an aluminum beam to meet my 10" needs... *hangs head*... Anyways. Great job and great write up!
  7. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Alright, looking for some advice. I started radiusing the fretboard, and it looks like my fret slots did not go deep enough. I have a fretting saw but no mitre box. Do I just be careful and manually deepen the slots, or do I try to re-attach to the table saw setup... i'm thinking manual is less risky. Thoughts?
  8. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Haha, Yup, the jig. I did go back and check the jointer cause I had been getting a hair of snipe, and figured it would be a good opportunity to see if I have the adjustment to fix it. I haven't done it yet, but it looks like some decent adjustment on this unit. Thanks for the concern and advice anyway!
  9. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Now that is an interesting thought...... I have some really thin veneer... I might have to try this... Thanks :)... it is definitely a bit madcap isnt' it lol. It has a flat back cause I sent it down the jointer first. I was really scratching my head at first, but when I started trying to move things by hand, I found a couple notable axis of rotation/slop. The guides on either side did not go down the jointer though (that would be one of the future upgrades if I did it again)... They bind when the board is 3/4 of the way through and I have to push hard with a push stick... I suppose it is possible that the board climbs a little bit, but I doubt it. Thanks all for the comments!
  10. SHB-2 - Tele build

    It wasn't as simple as I thought it would be (rarely is...). I've had a bear of a time removing flex from the framework. It kept giving me varying depths in the cuts, sometimes very severe. I added some additional supports, changed the thickness of the cross member, and (not shown below) added a support directly behind the raidusing board as low as I could (prevents deflection as you push into the router bit). I wasn't able to get rid of all of the deflection, and am having to deal with some spots with .005" varying depth... Visibly noticeable, and I can feel it, but I'm thinking when I'm sanding, it won't affect anything. Below is the worst of it. Thoughts? I did go back and set the bit to the deepest spot, and reworked the board. It looks better, but I can tell there are some issues... At this point, I will probably just try it, and see how it goes. The 12" radius board came out much better. I ended up going with about 16" in length. Time to purchase some double sided tape so I can get to sanding.
  11. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Thanks! I gotta admit, I've been amazed at how good Pinterest (of all places) is for jig inspiration. Seen a lot of useful ideas there. I'll be sure to post pics of the blocks. We'll see how long it takes to make them, but I'm hoping to do a full set (9.5, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20), and then just dismantle the jig once that's done. Big Red sells them in a couple different lengths... Do you guys have a length you find most useful? I was planning on 8" or so. Here's the youtube link of the one that inspired the design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP1HgLmZhDw His design is a little more robust, but I was looking for simple & easy.
  12. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Moving very slowly towards physically working on the guitar again... Been working on building the shop up mostly. Procured a new bandsaw, and new to me jointer and drill press (the local tool auction this spring was great...). Most recently, been working on making the fixture to create radiused sanding blocks so I can work on the fingerboards... Hopefully I'll get to radiusing this weekend... a high aspiration, but we'll see.
  13. Drill press size

    Hmm... Thanks for the input and pics. That's really helpful!
  14. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Haha, good point... I guess nothing other than it being an unintentional result of putting the template on the board wrong!
  15. SHB-2 - Tele build

    Progress! ZCI: Sled & First fretboard! I did run into one snag... I accidentally ran one fret through twice, and part of the slot is now too wide. Is this something I can fix with superglue when fretting? Looks like 1/4 of the fret will seat in the wood snugly, but the rest has a little play in it. Thoughts? And I made one more for good measure... Haven't decided which I'll use yet.. and yes, the top one will have 23 frets... A silly mistake, but it was the first. One last question... For those of you doing inlay, do you inlay before radiusing or after? Ideally I'd think after, but I'd imagine the radius means having an unstable base when using the router?...