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  1. How can you know that, if you know nothing about building acoustics?
  2. I allready made a topic where I asked some questions on how to make an electric, but what came to my mind in the meanwhile is that I'd actually like an acoustic! So could you please tell me, what are the differences (in building them) which is generally cheaper, and which is harder/easier to build?
  3. Well I have a relative that is a carpenter, and among other things he does some stuff for this guy that makes guitars, so I might take a trip to his place.
  4. I took a look at it but first I will order a book on building ellectric guitar which has some plans in it. And I'm not actually Kirk Hammet, I just use his name cause I didn't come up with anything else.
  5. I contacted a guy nearby where I live, just so see what kind of wood I can get here. I asked him what is the humidity of the wood. He said it is 10-12% but they weren't dried (I'm not sure if that's the term, what I mean is that they weren't kept in a dry place for some long time), he says they are naturally dry, whatever that means. Is that good? From my point of view, if the point of keeping the wood on a dry place for like 5 years or so is to lower the humidity level to 8-12% then it doesn't make any difference.
  6. I'm just kidding ofc I'll get the book http://www.amazon.co...r/dp/1846091276 and do some reading before I begin, thanks you all for this kind welcome (unlike some other forums). I'll turn to you fellas again if I have some further issues. But still I don't understand why noone told me where I can get some plans (except in the book)...
  7. I don't see why I should prepare to much, I'll just get some wood draw the guitar cut it out and then the neck and then put in the electronics glue it all together and there you go, a guitar!
  8. And where can I find a plan for the guitar with dimensions?
  9. Ok, so would this be good: Alder body Maple neck Rosewood fingerboard Maple top
  10. Yes I know.... but now I have a concrete question. I looked at how to make the guitar body, and I see everyone put a think layer of wood on a thicker layer of wood. Why is that and what kind of wood are those ( I know it can be many different types, but is the thin layer the hard expensive wood and the thick layer some lighter wood or what?)
  11. Hi, I am new to the forum and guitar building, and I decided to make an electric guitar. So I could use some help. What tools am I going to need, what electronics are needed (like pickups and stuff) and where can I find some plans?
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