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  1. Here it is with a couple of coats of varnish and the headstock also done. The sunflower (a specific request by the owner) will set fully into a cutout - it's an exact fit so I won't press that in until I've finished the varnishing. Doesn't look bad for a £120 bass...
  2. The flattening went OK and the first 'final coat' for the back is on. I reckon this will be OK, ready for polishing in a couple of weeks time. I hope the top goes as well tomorrow morning: This method will never match a proper spray job, but once it's polished it is pretty OK - especially as you could do it in a spare bedroom!
  3. It's a nice colour (intended to match a bass the owner used to have) but it was a bit of a swine to use. It's an enamel, which are usually a little more easy to use than some paints, but despite what the tin said and used exactly as the instructions, it absolutely would not take a second coat. In the end, I varnished over the first and then did the second coat over the varnish! I will write to the suppliers...they probably need to know. Anyway, it's another total cloud cover day, but at least it's light, so here it is, prior to the flattening and final wipe-coat: The headstock clearly needs finishing off and varnishing and also, below, the playing area of the neck has not been finished at all. It will be tru-oil slurry and buffed and so will tone to the same colour but will be satin rather than gloss:
  4. Natural sunlight?????? In the UK?????? In February March April May June July August September October November December January?????? Actually, yesterday was, against all the odds, sunny....but the first time there had been ANY sunlight in over a week of dark blanket cloud and we celebrated by going out for the day rather than me getting on with the important stuff. I've come to the conclusion that when the ballon goes up and we enter the decade of the post-nuclear blanket dust cloud, the U.K. will be fine. In fact probably we won't notice But if we do get any proper daylight soon, I will try to take a decent outside shot
  5. In my rant I probably confused everybody (what moi? ). No - the 3M Scotchblue I now have is just as good as the Scotchblue I originally bought. The problem is the thieving miscreants respected and near monopoly DIY chain that, at first, sold genuine Scotchblue, now sell their own version, re-branded to confuse and of vastly inferior quality to the genuine 3M. Because they sell it at the same premium price, they don't even offer the genuine stuff at all, so it's crap or nothing. It's the equivalent to a country's monopoly guitar retailer introducing Gibsons, then selling Chibsons at the same price and assuming no one will notice the difference. Commercial arrogance at its finest I need the tablets again.......
  6. There are some really nice woods and really great work here....that makes for a great combination
  7. My refound special weapon! Painters tape that actually does seal the edges and peels off cleanly. When 3M originally brought this out our local diy superstore sold it and it was unmistakable because it was blue and no other painters tape was. Then the name changed and also didn't have 3M printed on it, but it was still blue. But, and you can hardly believe it, it didn't work quite the same. And the thieving bastards honourable retail chain still sell the rubbish product. Then, in an old fashioned ironmongers, I found this reel. It's Scotch blue #2093EL and this is probably the last reel in the UK as we Brits clearly don't know quality from stupendously high margin crap crap. Not that any of this irritates me, you understand
  8. Hi again, I won't go into any major detail on this because I'm (slowly) drafting a 'Bedroom Builders - veneering without the tears' tutorial that is hugely overdue but will be finished soon-ish. I got approached recently by a member off the Basschat forum to see if I could make his entry-level Jazz bass lighter. I'll do this in photos up to present but happy to add more details if anyone wants them. It's a nice playing, nice looking £120 bass: ...but one that weighs heading towards 11lb It turns out to be solid Ash, despite it's price point. No point in messing about: It is always surprising how little weight is removed...but it all helps. This had got rid of 1lb 12oz once the thin basswood caps were on: Then out comes the iron...this is what the tutorial will be about: And on goes the red ink: And now you're up to date. Next will be the clear coats and veneering of the headstock
  9. Not a huge amount to show on this - I'm progressing with the clear coats. Probably 3-4 more days before flattening ready for the final wipe-ons. Here's how it's looking:
  10. ...and to think that I thought my newly acquired scroll saw was pretty neat!
  11. That's great - thanks!
  12. Look forward to seeing that, @Prostheta. In the meantime I will have a look at broadly how it works.
  13. It's very much on my 'one of these days I must find time to try that!' last
  14. I've been mainly fiddling about with finishing on this over the past week. The owner wants a particular shade of cream and so the challenge has been more about finding the right colour than worrying too much what kind of paint that is and how I was going to apply it In the end, I've gone for a brushed on enamel. It has been slightly problematic because the second coat orange-peeled like crazy despite following the manufacturer's recommendations for curing times, etc.. Don't you just love products that aren't even compatible with themselves Anyway, after a fair bit of fiddling about, I got it done ready for varnish: ...and this afternoon started the first gloss coat: The playing part of the neck will eventually be tru-oil slurry and buffed, so will end up the same colour albeit transitioning from satin to gloss as it meets the body. I'm using the same 'formulation changed to save the polar bears' varnish, but trying it using a different method because of the issues I've had since it changed. I'm trying a really trail-blazing and modern method...un-thinned and applied by brush! I'll let you know how it goes
  15. Yes - very pleased this one's back