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  1. Andyjr1515

    Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Looking nice. Threaded inserts are the way to go
  2. Andyjr1515

    Not Quite A Tele...

    That is ridiculous, @ScottR Just stop it! (weeps in my pile of imperfect shavings)
  3. Andyjr1515

    Is this Bubinga?

    For a permanent hidden chamber (like the one I originally posted) I use a narrow rebate (as shown) and just glue too
  4. Andyjr1515

    Is this Bubinga?

    The width of rebate you need, doing it this way, sort of depends on how you are planning to fix the cover. Nowadays, I go for a small rebate and then add some supports to fix my magnets into: But you could go for a wider rebate and then just fix the magnets or screws into the rebate itself...
  5. Good heavens! It won GOTM!! Many, many thanks to all who voted - much appreciated
  6. Andyjr1515

    Not Quite A Tele...

    The curves are gorgeous. Recently visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Cut this off at the 12th fret, stick it upright on a plinth and you'd have a crowd around it Not that I'm necessarily suggesting you do that...
  7. Andyjr1515

    Toddler LP Special

    Will be watching with great interest
  8. Andyjr1515

    Is this Bubinga?

    Actually....looking at those white stripes...hmmm....looks like padauk to me too. Not sure why I didn't take note of those before...
  9. Andyjr1515

    Build 2 - Dan's LP JR Double Cut

    This all depends which one of our replies you are responding to!
  10. Andyjr1515

    Build 2 - Dan's LP JR Double Cut

    Whereas I, at first employing my 'proper' engineering qualifications, would start by trying to calculate how many clamps of what type would be necessary. But soon, realising that I never actually did understand the 'proper' engineering I was taught, I would probably revert to my more usual approach of employing 'popular' engineering and just hitting the thing with a bl**dy big hammer enough times for it to assume roughly the correct shape while being clamped with clothes pegs.
  11. Andyjr1515

    New Magnum build

    Stunning! Fantastic job
  12. Andyjr1515

    2.5itim’s 2018? Builds

    Lot of work but you won't regret it Looks a very usable space to me and you will find the extra flexibility of being able to layout stuff a great boon. Also I find there are times when clearing up the chips and dust as you are going pointless so it's useful to be able to finish that task and then do a full clear up without MrsAndyjr1515 tutting in between. Bearing in mind, looking at your first photo above, that my workshop space would be from your back wall to the end of the bench and widthwise to the upright beam next to the bike, it is nevertheless so,so much better than the previous spare room and outside workmate arrangement and has transformed my productivity. I think you will be very pleased with the result
  13. Andyjr1515

    Not Quite A Tele...

    Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes I can feel another intricately carved volute coming on!
  14. Andyjr1515

    Not Quite A Tele...

    Interesting tip ref the planing, @ScottR ! I'll give it a go next time I'm tackling a difficult wood like that...
  15. Andyjr1515

    Build 2 - Dan's LP JR Double Cut

    Only the good ones. I ignore the rubbish ones.