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  1. Oh, my goodness... Awestruck...
  2. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    That looks top class. The Fuji feature is masterly, both in concept and application.
  3. 24 Magnum

    A superlative build and a fitting tribute.
  4. That carve has come out really nice, Scott. Such a smooth, precise end result. Wonderful result. 3/8" neo magnets....hmmm, that's probably twice the size of the largest I would generally use. Good job they are well clear of the p/up!
  5. Bee's Wing Mottle....that sounds WAY cooler than Quilt. I'll go with that
  6. Fretless necktrough bass

    I can't see what I'm supposed to be looking at (if that makes any sense!)
  7. Fretless necktrough bass

    Personally I wouldn't have many issues ref the tone. Relating to the nut, all of the Warwick basses have a similar system (their Just-a-nut system) - and, let's face it, they aren't exactly pilloried about poor tone! The bridge looks a very interesting concept. Not sure how you would cut the slot, but tone-wise, as long as the saddle and the packer were both suitably stiff and square, I can't see why this wouldn't work very well. But yes - do a mock up first! I love this sort of stuff
  8. This is it in sunshine. Quite something, isn't it Whether it will still show when it's been radiused, who knows, but I can't think why it shouldn't
  9. It has to be said that in daylight, it doesn't show up the quilting anywhere near as much. But in artificial light, or flash, it seems to show up clearly. I'll try and get a closer shot of the effect
  10. I've never come across it before either - it was bought as just standard ebony
  11. Did the contour steps on the other wing while the router was out: In terms of weight, the total wood content is going to end up around 5lbs, assuming I don't do any more chambering. That's fairly comparable with the piccolo bass (which ended up at a touch under 6lbs total finished weight) but the hardware on this will, of course, be heavier. Just got to cut out the control chamber and the back wings can then be glued to the neck
  12. Been working out the area needed for the control chamber. There's a lot of real-estate taken up by Tim's chosen piezo/magnetic pre-amp (Schaller 'Flagship'): Working that out has meant I could cut out the control chamber shape. Here are all the main wood components (it'll end up about 5 1/2 lbs wood content) with the back wings now ready to glue to the neck: You can just see the quilting in the ebony of the fretboard in this shot...
  13. Next machine set-up for Tim's Alembicesque sister build is getting the scroll saw out to cut the control chamber. So while the router jigs are still out, I've done the main cutting for the main back wing of this build. This, if you remember, is going to be curved in cross section, so I needed to know just how deep I can cut the weight relief chamber at different points from the neck join. From the back, it will look something (very approximately something!) like this: The actual cutaway will be on the bottom only. The upper dotted line is just a datum. So this is how deep I can go in mm. The fact that I can only go 6mm deep near the neck illustrates just how skinny this guitar is going to be: Still got some chiselling to do, but the bulk is out: And then at the back, to save a bit of effort, I've routed some carving steps: So the router can be put away and the scroll saw brought onto the bench for both builds...