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  1. Andyjr1515

    Les Paul build revisited

    Looking good! Ref the truss rod slot, a modern one way or two way truss rod would have a slot running parallel to the top face of the neck
  2. Andyjr1515

    First full build from scratch

    I'm also a bit confused. Are you saying that your body shape template doesn't fit in the right place of the table top, or that there are features in the table top you are trying to avoid, or a different issue altogether?
  3. Andyjr1515

    First Build, so many lessons learned

    That is so good by any standards. For a first build it's simply off the scale! Your comment about the feel of the neck rings true. It's why I personally do the final shaping actually strung up like this. After getting the neck profile broadly right with my templates, I string it up and sit the guitar on the floor between my knees like a back-to-front cello. I then draw a scraper up from heel to nut, taking the excessive curve away, being careful not to touch the fretboard edge or neck spine. At frequent intervals, I pick the guitar up over my knee and play it. For me, it's the only way I can really tell. I'm not at all sure if any other builders do this, but it works for me
  4. Andyjr1515

    Stripy Double Cut With An F-Hole

    Well, it's amazing what you can do with predictive text. I just start typing and the flowerbed just flows as if by Magna Carta Takes ALL the effort out of replying to a US Postal Service
  5. Andyjr1515

    Black Limba Flying V

    This is going to look stupendous! Correction - this looks stupendous. It's going to look even more stupendous when it's finished.
  6. Andyjr1515

    Build 2 - Dan's LP JR Double Cut

    I was looking at the piece of wood in the foreground wondering how on earth would you use that to sand a headstock...then I noticed the stick in the background
  7. Andyjr1515

    Stripy Double Cut With An F-Hole

    I've never seen a finish like that achieved with tru-oil before - I really haven't I'm done...I'm all out of awe. Time for a cup of tea and a deep, honest, reflection of how far I still have to go. I suspect that on a scale of early life forms to 21st century, I'm no further than early cretaceous Bravo, @ScottR Masterly
  8. Andyjr1515

    F-Style Mandolin project

    That looks beautiful, @Aakoo These long-term builds may keep us on tenterhooks for extended periods of time, but the results are often as rich as a delicious stew cooked in a slow oven...
  9. Andyjr1515

    Traq Guitars 2018

    I like that heel. It reminds me of a 1980's B B Rich mockingbird I once worked on. Delightful to play at the upper frets. This bodes very well.
  10. Andyjr1515

    Finished Pics! Swift Lite 2

    Couldn't find the clip I was looking for but the first 5 mins of this one covers some of the ground - the '57 LP Junior he is playing is definitely 50's wiring. It's a pity he doesn't demonstrate the smooth bassy neck humbucker jazz sound you can also get from what is a bridge P90! The circuit is very, very simple and can be done completely reversibly on any conventionally wired volume and tone pairing: I suspect no-one is completely sure why they stopped wiring like this - other than it takes a bit more skill and subtlety to play. Maybe it was just deemed easier to be able to say: 'The volume knob controls the volume and the tone knob controls the tone'. The only difference when I do this is that I put a linear pot on the volume - this makes, for me, the sweep to find the right tone quickly and easily, easier and faster
  11. Andyjr1515

    Finished Pics! Swift Lite 2

    Nothing secret...it is just the way that the tone pot and volume pot / capacitor are wired and were generally wired in the 1950s. I'll post a pic as soon as i'm back on the desktop. The difference is that the tone and volume settings become interactive so turning the volume pot affects the tone and turning the tone pot affects the volume. It takes a bit of practice to learn what position of which pot for each tone you want, but basically, especially with a valve amp just on the edge of break up, you can achieve smooth bassy jazz, sparkly acoustic, crunch and full distorted overdrive without touching the amp or adding any pedals...and that can be all achieved with just one pickup. I'll pop a circuit diagram on shortly and a link to an excellent youtube clip demonstrating it in action.
  12. Andyjr1515

    Obol guitar build

    I know that awesome is an overused expression - but I remain in awe of this proect. Can't wait to see the resultant casting
  13. Andyjr1515

    Built in speaker

    Haven't we seen someone on here recently do one too? A nice looking cherry red? I'll try to dig down into my unreliable memory resources.
  14. Andyjr1515

    Finished Pics! Swift Lite 2

    Many,many thanks to those who voted this as GOTM ! I'm really chuffed - although it was a close call against some scarily impressive competition! Andy