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  1. ^ +1 It makes a big difference to the finished look.
  2. Yes - I like the middle one too. The subtle curve at the left hand sides of the 'fan' suit better than the straight ends of the bottom one. Great design. I like it a lot.
  3. Ah - OK, understood. In that case, I would probably stick with what you are happy with and have used successfully. Personally, and just for the fretboard, I would experiment with some stains, probably mixing a dark mahogany with a touch of red, to see if I could match the tone with the rosewood. But failing that, I would give the fretboard a couple of thin coats of the same minwax product but just give it plenty of time to fully dry.
  4. I like that as an ebony feature. Well worth the hard work Talking about black stains, I remember a school chemistry lesson being shown paper chromatography (using filter paper dipped one end in water and, say, an inkspot in the middle. The rising of the moisture separates the individual dyes). The standard black permanent school ink was black...with a touch of blue...and even more red...and some yellow.
  5. Hi I visit the forum a LOT. But, to my shame, I tend to go straight to the 'Members Builds' section rather than the 'Tech Area' section. This is a wonderful build and very, very well illustrated. And as for 'unorthodox methods' - well, that's my middle name Apols for not finding this earlier but I'm very pleased I've found it now!
  6. Ref getting a burgundy red, is this the kind of thing? If I remember correctly, the top is figured maple, back is figured mahogany and neck is straight-grained mahogany. If you want a trans-finish of this depth of colour, then a 'proper' stain is probably the only thing that will soak into the wood sufficiently. It will still vary between dark shades and lighter shades depending on the wood porosity and colour but they will at least all be shades in the same colour spectrum. There are a number of companies that do stains like this - and probably more in the States than here in UK. Worth doing some web searching. I'm a bit weird when it comes to this - I use fountain pen ink. There are some colours that are not fully colour fast, but I tend to use calligraphy inks based on the fact that they are generally designed to be readable after 1000 years! Once the wood has been fully stained (usually takes 3-4 applications to get the depth of colour) then they can be finished with any clear finish - from oils (Tru-oil works well, Danish oil also) through to lacquers, through to standard clear varnishes. For a stained fretboard, I would personally use Danish oil- not built up to produce a gloss but, instead, soaked in for a few coats then buffed up when fully dry. Hope this helps
  7. Hi and welcome! To answer your specific question, you would be best not to coat the fretboard with off-the-shelf polyurethane. Even assuming it is a brand that fully dries (and some of them don't) the shine will tend to drag on your playing fingers. I think the only regularly seen varnished fretboards are probably the Fender maple ones and I suspect they use industrial accelerated UV curing or some such technology. You can - of course - stain the board before you oil, if it is a colour shade you are after on the fretboard. In that case I would recommend a proper spirit woodstain rather than a coloured polyurethane finish. Bear in mind that the wood itself will affect the colour so a bit of experimentation might be needed. As for the lead. Hmmmm. I'm all for experimentation (many of my own builds have been in the 'unconventional' categories) but a 25lb weight?? Put on a fixed stand to do some sound comparisons, maybe (my wager is that it won't make any audible difference). As for a playable instrument, my personal view is, well, forget it But I would never stand in the way of a 'why not?' attitude so will watch with interest Andy
  8. Good video @Urumiko Had to smile at the '20 minutes later' up to 'An eternity later' Hand sanding an ebony board is a great way of achieving madness. The last one I did like that had exactly the same thickness issue and drove me to the very edge of insanity - which is why I designed and built my self-built radius routing rig, followed more recently by a purchase of the expensive but wonderful G&W one...
  9. Did your baggage arrive in the end? I've had that a number of times when I was doing the multi-country travelling. It adds a stress level and practical challenges that you could do without. As for a hire car being unregistered? I've never even heard of that before. Was it a Northern Ireland / Eire issue?
  10. He already knows Welcome back, by the way. How was the holiday? The rain was p*****g it down on us in Scotland while you were in England! Did you escape it? Andy
  11. Yes - I get excited by such things! Looking very good
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