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  1. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Great job Top drawer stuff
  2. Customised kit build

    It's looking good from here I think a kit is a great way of easing into building - and there are some really nice kits around. I agree that I've also never seen mahogany that colour, but as long as it does the job. Also the veneer looks really nice and well applied. 0.6mm is the standard thickness for veneers so this is a decent jobee
  3. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    It's worth remembering that a locking nut means also needing a fine tuning mechanism at the fixed bridge/floyd-type trem end. Again, for a 7 string, these start getting very scarce in terms of choice and often are quite expensive. The alternative is standard nut and locking tuners (although many players don't even see the need for locking tuners). We should all stress, by the way, that what we generally put forward in these kinds of threads are thoughts to consider or elements to dig a bit deeper into. We rarely say 'you should do this' or 'do it this way' - and there are many things I personally share that I preface with 'I don't know if this is going to work so please don't assume I do!' What you'll find the folks around here can do - and willingly do - is to share the things that have worked for them, share the disasters (and we ALL have them) and share the 'conventional wisdom'. But as @ScottR wisely says, don't worry too much about breaking the rules. It is, on the other hand, worth pondering why most builders tend to do similar things in certain situations - there's often a good reason
  4. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Carry on with this thread by all means . Ref case, it doesn't have to be an Ibanez case, of course. Most case suppliers give the main dimensions so its just a check that someone does a case that will be long enough (which is almost certain)
  5. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    That is a very special looking guitar Wonderful stuff.
  6. Ibanez headstock shape ?

    Hi, Liquorice. Welcome to this great forum I suppose my first question would be whether it is the functionality you are not sure about, or the look - or are you trying to produce an exact replica? Functionality-wise, the two things that I personally would normally be thinking about are: Can I achieve straight string runs? Will it fit in a 'standard' commercial case or gig bag? If it's a yes and a yes, I would then ask myself: And does it look OK with the body style? And if that's yes also, I would be a happy chappy Generally, if I'm basing a build on an original, I aim to build 'in the style of' rather than exact replicas . As long as it's not a commercial venture, the big boys wouldn't normally pick fights with home builders anyway, but it is worth remembering that logos are almost always trade-marked and, interestingly, headstock shapes often are too. And anyway, my aim would be to try and build something better than the original - so why wouldn't I want to put my own spin on the headstock shape? So, unless you really do want an exact replica, I wouldn't worry about it. If it looks good and is going to function OK, then all is well
  7. PRS-like project(s)

    Yes - looking good. I'm completely with you in striving to avoid routers wherever possible. I'll use one to trim a glued on back, but the tops I do by hand nowadays.
  8. Honestly, though, close up it's not a patch on a well applied spray and buff finish. But, as @ScottR says, it works for me....and, for me, spray and buff generally doesn't!
  9. Once it had fully dried, I still wasn't certain about the gloss so I've given it another coat. This time I added a teeny % (8% max) of mineral spirits to stop the brush drag and make it level a bit better. You know, this new formulation REALLY doesn't like being thinned. It ended up just about OK but I think I'm going to contact the manufacturer's technical department and find out what thinners they recommend... Gosh - could I be looking at not using standard polyurethane varnish in the future???? Anyway, this - I am sure - is good enough to polish out the micro brush marks once it's fully hardened. It doesn't bear close examination until then but it looks fine at a distance While the gloss is curing, I can still get on with the finishing jobs...which is what I'll do next, starting with re-seating a couple of dodgy frets and levelling / crowning / polishing and fret-ending
  10. First coat of varnish is now on the back: The neck will be left unvarnished - the tru-oil slurry and buff approach for a neck is pretty unbeatable in my view... In the meantime, the top and sides have had their second coat: As with one of my other recent builds, because of the environmentally led formulation change of the polyurethane varnish I've pretty much always used, I've switched to using an artists fan brush. The new formulation doesn't react at all well to medium to high levels of thinning - pretty much essential for the wipe-on method - and life was too short to try everyone elses standard polyurethane varnish. I was also not convinced with a recent try of the Osmo polyx gloss - even though I found the satin absolutely great - I had severe reactions to second coats with the gloss even though they had been left to dry for the recommended time before recoating. I can't do with ultra-sensitive coatings...particularly when they are even sensitive to themselves!!! The great thing about this standard polyurethane varnish is that it will go on top of pretty much anything...
  11. And first coat of gloss is on :
  12. As I say, it's a tale for when you're cut off from civilisation with no TV, no internet, no phones, once the I-spy has gone round the alphabet at least ten times and drinking beer is the only other way of passing time... Let's just say it's a long and tortuous saga involving Francis Ford Coppola, James Caan, an unknown Hollywood producer and me
  13. ..and the only reason I watched it, @ScottR , was because it had James Caan in it and - the story being far too long and improbable to be worth relating or listening to other than over a crate of beer in a hut cut off by snow somewhere in the wilderness - I have a special affinity towards James Caan as there is a better than 90% probability that a short cameo scene in one of his films from the late 90's was written by me... Quite....
  14. Got caught up watching a film that I should have left for another evening! I regret it this morning, of course....