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  1. Re-body of a Fender Rascal

    No - sorry...should have explained. This is going to be fully reversible. I was dubious at first this would work but am pretty sure now it's going to work just fine. The plate is flat and stable (it's been sitting loose on the headstock for the past few weeks from an unusually mild spell, to heavy rain and high humidity to (for us) very cold and snow back to mild with no problems). The tuner bushes and string tree will hold the plate securely so the double-sided tape is just to make sure the edges don't lift. They can't go anywhere even if they do... I know - madness. But this is Andyjr1515...
  2. Re-body of a Fender Rascal

    The headstock plate is too thin to risk adding an inlay but Mike and I thought it would be fun to have at least a little bit of the original Rascal colour showing : Once the plate has been sanded to the exact outline and had the finish applied, it will be secured at the edges with thin double-sided tape just to stop it lifting at any of the edges. The tuner bushes and string tree will do the main work.
  3. OK - I'm going to bank on that everyone is far too busy with Christmas preparations to enter this so, being the only entry, I might win It's another go with my previous entry 'Impish Challenge' This is the 6-string electric, built for Tim (whose name tag on another forum is impmann and hence the name). Tim took ownership of it last week and he is, in his own words 'over the moon'. He loves it I am a hobby builder with my first full build around 5 years ago. More recently, I have started taking on bass and guitar commissions in addition to building for my own use and fellow band-members. After a series of bass builds, it has been nice to go back to a 6-string build. Tim's spec / my result (as usual with my builds, sometimes two different things) was: 25.5" scale, 6-string Style to have passing nod to Alembic's wonderful '80's six stringers Low weight, chambered (finished weight 6lb 12oz) Camphor Laurel top; Sapele back; Wenge demarcation veneer Maple/purpleheart/mahogany/purpleheart/maple neck; figured ebony fretboard Alegree Custom stacked P90's Schaller Hannes piezo bridge Schaller 'flagShip' piezo/magnetic mixer-preamp Magnetic control chamber and trussrod covers The build diary is here. Here are some pictures: And here are some (poorly played) sound clips: Magnetic only: mid; neck; bridge Piezo only Piezo / Magnetic mix: mid; neck; bridge Thanks for looking, folks Andy
  4. Re-body of a Fender Rascal

    This is almost complete. It also has given me a chance to try an A/B comparison of Tru-oil with the Osmo Polyx 3044 that some of you will remember I used for the 'white wood' Psilos bass. The 3044 version is intended for white and light woods and aims to minimise the yellowing effect of most finishes. It worked well for the Psilos: ...but how well would it work on a dark wood like walnut? Mike wanted me to try The great thing, however, is that - because I use a tru-oil slurry and buff now as a sealing and filling process before sanding it all off to then apply the intended finish coats, I could do an absolute A/B comparison of Tru-Oil vs Osmo Polyx 3044. And here it is: A/B Comparison of Tru-Oil vs Osmo Polyx 3044 In both cases, the body has has a single application of oil, slurried with 400 grit wet and dry and then immediately wiped off Tru Oil: Once fully dry. This was all sanded off, leaving the body in the same pre-oil state. Osmo Polyx 3044: Quite different - especially in the darker figuring areas where the tru-oil (and water does the same) turns the figuring grey to almost black. The Osmo, on the other hand, retains the light brown. The lighting is about the same in both shots. If it's a bright enough day tomorrow, I'll repeat the shot with the same background as the tru-oil - it actually shows the contrast even more. In real life it looks lovely. Also, once it's had a few more slurry and buff coats, the silky satin feel has to be experienced to be believed Here's the back with the Osmo - DON'T PANIC - THE DISTORTION IS THE CAMERA LENS (trust me - everything is straight and true! Honest ) The edges of the hatches still need tidying up but this is basically how they will look: The matching up of the sapele grain and the walnut grain, by the way, is total coincidence... And this is the 'fan who is getting too up close and personal' 's view: I really like this product. Super easy to apply and, well, it works!
  5. Stripy Double Cut With An F-Hole

    The blade on that knife is quite something, by the way. I saw a clip of how the layers of steel are built up on these types of blade - awe inspiring stuff....
  6. Stripy Double Cut With An F-Hole

    Nice work on the knife, Scott I like the plan for an unplated headstock - should look spectacular.
  7. You can use it lengthways or transverse, or both. I'm going to drill some index pin holes at 1/4 router diameter and actually use it lengthways, rotating the rig by one notch per pass.
  8. The ply templates have been marked out just using a ruler and flexi-curve an inch greater radius and the router bit positioned at an inch lower than the bearings line - so an 11" template is giving me a 10" radius on the fretboard. I will make a flat template so I can use the same rig to thickness the fretboard too
  9. Couple of enhancements to add, but essentially the radius jig is done: The melamine covered shelf I've used is slippery enough to be able to not worry about bearing runners for the lengthways movement. I tried it out on a bit of spare maple - Pretty good result for a first go:
  10. Having finished the Alembic-esque build, I'm heading back to the sister build, which will be for my own use. This is where I'd got to before I put it down to finish off Tim's : Other than the lack of the carve through arm relief forming the 'sucked lozenge' on Tim's, the woods are the same, so the overall look should be similar. This is the start of the convex/concave carve: There's a bit further to go but hopefully you get the idea. Now one thing I'm really, really bad at is spending the time to build jigs. BUT, I've come to the conclusion that life is too short for hand radiusing fretboards! So, I've cribbed a design from LedBelliBass on HomemadeTools.net and modded it a bit and here it is in progress: I'm undecided whether or not to put roller bearings on the lengthways slide or just use guide strips (the whole thing will be mounted on a flat, smooth box-plank. For indexing, I will use a simple peg and hole system. I'm hoping I can finish it tomorrow and so kick off re-commencement of this build later next week
  11. Build 2 - Dan's LP JR Double Cut

    I realise I'm a bit out of date with this. There are some very sound skills an techniques on view, @Norris I think the end product is going to be drool-some .
  12. Obol guitar build

    That's quite a design This will be a very interesting project to follow the progress. Can't wait
  13. Well, the newborn and I have said our goodbyes, with one last photo before it goes to its new home: I'm pleased to say that Tim is delighted with it And he's a really good player. It sounded wonderful under his skilled hands... Quite a difficult build in some ways, but one of my favourite results
  14. Stripy Double Cut With An F-Hole

    Excellent for so many reasons
  15. My Les Paul

    Many congratulations on your very well deserved GOTM win @MassimoPL77. It is a superb build on so many levels