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About Me


I am a hobbyist guitar and bass player, modifier and builder.  

I'm a member of an "old-man's-band" (I'm the youngest...it's not a good look) which is the best fun we've all had in years.  In the band I play rhythm guitar, alto sax, tenor sax, a bit of vocals, a bit of bass and occasionally the bongos :)

I got into modding and building about 5 years ago, starting off with just trying to improve my own instruments and those of the fellow band-members and progressing to full builds, including - more recently - one or two commissions.

Over those years, I've ended up doing quite a few projects, including full bass, electric and acoustic builds.  One of the most satisfying things ever!  You can see a number of my builds and mods at www.ajrguitarmods.co.uk  Just click on the thumbnail pictures in the Gallery for more details of each guitar or bass.

I've had no formal training and had never done any form of woodwork before this, but the internet, and forums like this, are simply wonderful things.  The openness and willingness of forum members to share information and pass on skills, tips and techniques in this and other related forums is simply awe-inspiring.

I'm delighted to have found such a friendly, helpful and professionally managed site that ProjectGuitar,com and all its members represents.


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