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  1. I was thinking more along the lines of posting your own backing track that you've recorded yourself vs. copyrighted recordings put out by the magazines... regardless of who originally wrote the tunes. Basically the copyright on the recordings, not the song writing credit. I'd check the copyright notice for the tracks from the magazines.
  2. I'd worry about posting copyrighted material.
  3. D'oh! This is old. Sorry, I didn't notice your EDIT: before now. I think you're saying 2 - 3 string ones from the left hand view perspective. Hmm... I see it more as the whole picture. So, I guess it is the finger rolly thing... if that makes sense....
  4. I'm using westhemann's post as a template I too describe myself as a hobbist. I have either assembled, modified, repaired or painted many personal guitars. I loved mixing and matching parts that didn't belong together . I have replaced the electronics (pick-ups/pots, etc.) on nearly all guitars I've ever owned. I have refretted guitars only twice and I have scalloped a total of three necks. I plan to make my first "from scratch" guitar(s) this year after accruing much info from this site over the past months I've been here. but in the mean time I've been having fun buying cheap guitars and fixing them up . I don't have any pics of my past work as I have sold most of them . As for sound clips... here's a video of my old band from about 1994, song is called Broken Glass (sorry, it's nearly 10 MB and you'll need Window Media Player version 9 to view it.) As of this post I am 37, semi-"retired" (meaning work is hard to come by ) computer programmer. I have a BS from OSU (Oregon, not Ohio ) and got about half way through a Master's before I realized that computers are evil . I am currently living in Westchester, NY (although I long to move back to the NW.) I have been playing guitar since I was 16. My family was also poor when we first moved to the USA but once my parents started a business, they put me to work starting at about age 9(?) so by the time I was 16, I went guitar crazy!!! I love headless guitar designs so my first and most probably subsequent "from scratch" guitars will be decapitated .
  5. Very nice MikeB! This is that same guitar with the pitch pine body?
  6. I think both... then there'll be another poll for the two winners of group 1 and group 2.
  7. that ain't a sweep acording to my finger Well, I recorded it to an mp3 here. I played it clean (w/o distortion) and slowly so you can hear the hammer-ons and pull-offs and the slide. Hopefully y'all can hear that it is done with sweep picking. Excuse the old man's sloppiness .
  8. Hmm... really? I double checked the tab just now. It's doable with sweeping (no alternate picking)... co-ordinating the hammers/pulls/slide with the sweep is the hard part .
  9. Oh, and yes, I agree with krazyderek, the 5 string variety is easiest .
  10. Um, no . I find the 6 string sweep more difficult. Try this: ^ h ^ ----- ^ h vS p v ------ v p v p e |-------------5-9-12-9---------------------| B |-----------5----------10------------------| G |---------6---------------9----------------| D |-------7-------------------11-------------| A |-----7------------------------12-7--------| E |-5-9-------------------------------9-5----|
  11. There's too much good info in this thread. Pin it please!
  12. Yes, great links! Pin this thread!!!
  13. Along with the monitors, some nice headphones are needed. My old pair of Sony MDR-V6 cans are still going strong even after 10 years of abuse . Let's spend all of westhemann's money!
  14. Ooooh... aaaaaah! Thanks for the link, GregP!
  15. Heh, you could probably hook it up to your truck stereo if there's a line-in Chevy Metal, dude!!! Ah, ok. Would you be voiding Dell's warrenty if you did that?
  16. Oh, good stuff! Heh, my fastest box is 900 Mhz . Did you get the v-amp 2 or the v-amp pro? Edit: Did you get that Delta 44 sound card from Dell? I'm curious if they'd (Dell) have warrenty issues for it.
  17. Good man! Have fun and post some songs .
  18. I think recording on a PC should be considered. You can probably ask AlexVDL or tsl60200 for pointers . Hmm... Vinnie Moore also comes to mind: http://www.vinniemoore.com/gear.html there he uses Steinberg Nuendo. I like his isolation closet for his cabinets with the anechoic foam . Edit: again too slow... ditto what soapbarstrat said .
  19. Ah, I ask because $800 of that package is for the "Fostex VF160 16-track digital recorder with CD burner." You can buy a whole other computer with a cd burner and a good sound card (maybe a mixer too?) to dedicate for recording .
  20. Have you tried recording on your computer?
  21. Yeah, he is pretty good. Poor guy, he's had such a hard knock life!
  22. Ok, last example, I promise ... this one incoporates a tap/slide: The PowerTab file is here. Tap the note on the 21st fret with the right hand middle finger and slide to/from the 22th fret, pulling off to the 17th fret.
  23. Yeah, roll your finger off the note but still keep it touching the string after it's played to mute it (left hand muting) then proceed to the next note.
  24. Sweep picking in it's simplest form can be thought of as a slow strum (hold a chord and arpeggiate the notes in a strum [no alternate picking].) It's when you incorporate hammer/pull/tap that it starts to sound cool . Here's one of the simplest sweep arpeggio incorporating hammer-ons/pulls-offs: The PowerTab file is here. Note that you're down picking (strum) as you ascend the arpeggio and up picking (strum) as you decend. This is the basic technique. Is this what you mean? Edit: I forgot to mention. As part of the technique, you need to use left hand muting to only let the note begin picked to ring out... I guess this is the hard part... what differentiates sweep picking vs. strumming .
  25. Hmm... can you differentiate what you mean by lesson vs. exercise? In the meantime here's a cool Jason Becker arpeggio lick (not really sweeping though) I just (coincidently) did in PowerTab . Edit: The PowerTab file is pretty small so I uploaded it here if anyone wants to play it as midi to hear what it sounds like.
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