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  1. Walka

    First build: Zebra-caster

    Just a thought,move the bridge pickup rout a little forward to leave more wood around the Floyd pivot studs.
  2. Walka

    Tailcutter 7 string RG

    Maybe you all know this but,it was new to me. Great trick! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Fiwc5yGHn4 Mikael
  3. Walka

    Steinberger Gl Replica (Alu & Wood)

    The aluminum neck needs also the truss rod. Despite being made of metal the neck tends to bend under the action of the tension of the strings, like a wooden one. travis beans and electrical guitar company (current aluminum neck guitar maker) don't have truss rods Neither does old Kramer (alu)necks. Mikael
  4. Walka

    Steinberger Gl Replica (Alu & Wood)

    Impressive Any need for a trussrod in the alu neck? Mikael
  5. Walka

    Flaxwood Kit

    They are willing to send you one? Congrats if so, its a great kit. Mikael
  6. Nice job, but guitar building and booze isn't the best combination
  7. Walka

    Flaxwood Kit

    They started to market the kit earlier this summer in the finnish musicians site. ( It was even cheaper then,payed only 180 € for it.) You can choose from different pickup configurations and bridge/trem routings. Body material can be choosed in two different colors, same as mine or blackcamo ( same as the neck). I think it was quite popular here among hobby builders, of course it's a small market here. Just send them email if interested. I think J-P will be happy to give you more information. jukka-pekka@flaxwood.com Don't see any reason why they shouldn't ship worldwide. Compressed "wood dust" or not, no big deal if it works and sounds great. Don't either think the nut will be a problem if it cost 5 or 15 bucks. Those fretboard inlay routs come from the mold, so you can't have the neck without them. Have to think something in those oval routs,don't have the original inlays. Neck is just glued in, Flaxwood uses Loctite 454 gel and 431 superglue for it. Planning to finish the body with red tinted lacquer, hope to get the camo effect to pop up.
  8. Walka

    Riveted American Flag Prophet

    Impressive paintjob.
  9. Walka

    Flaxwood Kit

    Here's some facts about the material they use. http://www.flaxwood.com/support/faq/
  10. Walka

    Second Explorer Prototype!

    Wow, scary............. Nice job.
  11. I thought you guys could be interested about this one? The next project will be a Flaxwood kit. Everyone heard about Flaxwood I think. http://www.flaxwood.com/home/ There's info(in finnish) about the kit in the models/my own flaxwood They're selling the kit here in Finland for 250 €. I think its cheap as soap........ Kit include: Body( any flaxwood model you wish),neck,backplate saddle,frets and trussrod cover. It looks cool and it's comfy.And it should sound as great than any Flaxwood. some pics. Updates further on............
  12. This build rocks. But I wouldn't inlay the fretboard, maybe only small dots? And the trussrod cover could also be very simple? The pickguard idea is brilliant,everything else is too much.(only my opinion) Less is more............. What ever you decide, its going to be a amazing guitar.
  13. Walka


    Yup, my spelling is bad.Sorry for that. I live on Espoo, (8 kilometers from Helsinki). offtopic: (there is no way to edit your post after you sent it?)
  14. Walka


    Normal scrollsaw and a steady hand. Just leave enough room to finnish the f-hole edges with needle files and sandpaper
  15. Walka


    Thank you guys for your kind words, but I'm just a greenhorn among you dudes.