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  1. Orf With 'Is 'Ed!

    And the headache ended successfully! Congratulations Curtisa, great job!
  2. Knightro Voyager

    Very good, fantastic guitar...
  3. Round 2 - another 7

    Very good! One of the most beautiful neck rolled I've seen in recent times. I will be waiting for eager new updates ... Thank you!
  4. Very good, everything in the right place, the inlay work was show. You will pintala, not put ink on the alder that're very beautiful. Even more ...
  5. Neck Cort viva

    Yes Scottr, made a new neck. Thanks for looking!
  6. Neck Cort viva

    Good folks, here's a recent job I did for a client who brought me his guitar for a change of fret work on it when I saw that his arm was twisted, and the tensioner was not his job, so we decided to make an arm again. Wood Arm: Pau d'Ivoire and lamina of walnut in hand. Criticisms and suggestions are welcome. PS. Sorry for having to use gogle translator!
  7. Kingravi 7-string custom build

    very nice! Routing the perfect cavities, covers fit perfectly, great job so far. Congratulations!
  8. Tailcutter 7 string RG

    It was much better!
  9. Nice work, I feel the technical problem that occurred? just thought the lack of a photo guitar full body, front and back.
  10. singlecut

    Thank you for your comment, as the surrounding bridge it sounds different for a tune-o-matic, being aluminum it has more brightness. I give you the greatest force you to wear a wraparound bridge in its design, easy to install, some speak that has more sustains, then go ahead you will not regret it. Hug!
  11. Bass Project

    What beautiful work, that is to behold ... Congratulations!
  12. Tailcutter 7 string RG

    I agree with pauliemc, the head would be more elegant. Ta getting one hell of a guitar.
  13. Twin Teles

    Beautiful contrast between the woods. What is the length of ecala that you used for multiscale?
  14. Ken Lawrence Chamber Brase Bass Copy

    I tested a while ago using a drill and cutter, cuts very well just have not had the courage to use the guitar in hand, the wood in Brazil ta increasingly scarce, so I can do no wrong ... Your cut out perfect, congratulation!
  15. singlecut

    Thank you for your comment, it is of great importance.