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  1. salamon-rs

    Wonky Frets 2 - Multiscale Sixer

    Man....all this looks so professional and cool and fun and easy only it's not easy
  2. salamon-rs

    Some wood and shell

    No problem my friend. I often have someone going to Croatia so I could send it to you free of charge
  3. Man this looks great. My imagination is kicking in and I can't wait to see what beauty is hiding behind it
  4. You are right about this, those are the import series of Jackson/Charvel. I have at home a beautiful black Charvel Model 4 and it plays like hell.
  5. salamon-rs

    Some wood and shell

    Good notice Neven, when I take a look at some padouk fingerboards it does look the same. Hey do you wanna piece of it?
  6. salamon-rs

    Tailcutter 7 string RG

    Hi Neven I must say all this looks great! I'm a big fan of soloist like bodies and this one looks just great! Keep up the good work man Greetings from Smederevo
  7. salamon-rs

    Some wood and shell

    This sounds interesting, I have to try it in next few days. Will come back with some photos.
  8. salamon-rs

    My first build I'am proud of!

    Great work man! Looking forward to see new things
  9. salamon-rs

    Some wood and shell

    Before I pass this to someone who knows a thing or two about the wood I took an other look to find out that the wood just cracked! The side that was not cleaned just cracked...damn...this is not a good behavior. I have to clean a new piece and let it sit for a few days to see what happens.
  10. salamon-rs

    Some wood and shell

    ScottR that would indeed be a great story The ship was built in Germany mid thirties last century and was "upgraded" since then. As far as I know these boards - planks have been on board at least 40-50 years. I seriously doubt it is Bubinga. I plan to send it to a friend of mine, a good luthier, perhaps he can identify it for me. Never the less, my original plan was to use this wood for the body or some laminated neck but now I'm having second thoughts.
  11. salamon-rs

    Some wood and shell

    I took these photos with my phone, will do it again with camera it should look much better, also I will post some more photos ow "raw" board
  12. salamon-rs

    Some wood and shell

    My friend thank you for the interest, honestly I have no idea how to send it to you, also I don't have much of it two or three boards. I will gladly pack it and send it by post or some delivery service but I'm not sure how it works with the customs (Serbia is not in the EU)
  13. Hi guys, I've been around for a while looking and reading, basically gathering information's and experience from many of you. Finally I made a first cut and would like to share it with you. A few years ago I came across something interesting. My brother in law was working on some old river cargo ship and was appointed to observe reparation of the vessel. Interesting thing is that the ship was made before WWII and they were changing the wooden floor. Ok the wood wasn't from that time but it was over 50 years old! So I took three boards, which by the way were heavy as hell, black from the coal that was loaded on them for the last 50-60 years and I took them home. At first I couldn't figure out what kind of wood was it until a few days ago I took one board and chopped a piece to see is it worth it or should I make a bbq with it Finally here are photos of the piece with my poor attempt to make inlays with some shell. I still cant figure out what kind of wood is it but I can tell you that it is hard as a rock and slick.
  14. salamon-rs

    Trem To Hardtail Conversion

    Great Tutorial!
  15. Hi boeba, your project looks cool. Did you decide what's it gonna be bolt on, set neck or a neck through? I'm starting a neck through explorer soon so will follow you All the best!