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  1. Great advice Guys, Thanks. Over the past few weeks I have read so much about it I think I may of scrabbled the eggs up top, Haha. I think I needed a little clarity is all, plus just get some hand on experience. dpm99 good call on splitting it in half and \\\\\///// the pattern.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I am still a rookie so is there anything I should look out for when buy locally? Any tips?
  3. As I wrap up my latest build I was thinking of going neck thru on my next guitar. Not sure if I am gonna go Flying V, prs style or super strat. I was wondering where you all get your wood from. Most places online only list wood for bolt on or set neck, lmii.com is the only one I have found so far. I haven't called any suppliers yet. I was hoping you can point me in the right direction.
  4. It is a Washburn wv66gt. It has the thinest neck and back profile of any guitar I have played. A totally unique neck.
  5. I decided to clone the neck of one of my guitars for a new build. The neck I am cloning is very thin; 17mm at the first fret and 19mm at the 12th fret. That is including the fretboard. My truss rod is 9.15mm in depth. How thin can I go on the back of the neck with out taking too much of the neck wood off?
  6. Welcome to the Project Guitar Forum, JeffHenneman :-)

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