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  1. Now that I think about it my RG7420 has a quartersawn maple neck and is probably the most stable in my collection, even with the extra string tension. So I'm thinking the quartersawn maple with ebony board might be just the ticket... I'd like to keep the body since it has sentimental value (this was my first guitar that didn't come from Sam's Club) but I plan on building several more guitars in the future. Next up is a mahogany/walnut tele--the wood is currently drying in my garage... Thanks everyone for the advice!
  2. I have an early 90's B.C. Rich Warlock NJ series that is in need of some serious help. When it was new(ish) this guitar played absolutely amazing and sounded downright mean through my 5150 after I put an EMG ZW set in. My only complaints were the flat clean sound and it could use a bit more sustain. Guitar has a flat-sawn bolt- on maple neck w/ Ebony board, I think the body is Maple but have heard of Poplar being used on these guitars as well so I guess I will find out when I sand it down. Anywho, I plan on doing the following: Build a new neck to replace the current, warped one. I would like to match the profile of the original (kinda like wizard thickness with Gibson string spacing) but more stable. I would also like to improve the balance if possible, this thing has a tendency to neckdive... Reshape the neck joint for better access to the higher frets. Sand & Refinish the body. Replace the worn out crap trem with a Gotoh Floyd and Floydupgrades.com brass sustain block. Maybe change out the pickups or at least wire them for 18V. I was hoping to get some suggestions on neck and fretboard woods that might improve the sound and provide better stability, as well as ways to improve the overall balance of the guitar. Pickup suggestions are also very much welcome. This will be my first neck build so I need all the help I can get! Thanks!
  3. Welcome to the Project Guitar Forum, Pleshrocket :-)

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