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  1. The whole reason I posed the question is because a guy I work with has an 11 year old nephew that is really good with the cnc. Now, I'm pretty sure my grandfather was one of those guys that was set in his ways and didn't really embrace new technologies. My problem is that a kid that probably couldn't tell you the difference between 60 and 400 grit sand paper, could program a machine to make just about anything a guy that has spent over 30 years honing his wood working skills can. To me it's like saying a dj is a musician. I think a craftsman can use a cnc, but being able to use a cnc does not make you a craftsman.
  2. I want to use a cnc machine to do some inlay work, but if my gandfather was still alive he would disown me for not doing something like this by hand. Thoughts on using a cnc?
  3. jski

    Difference In Lacquers?

    Just finished a guitar using Deft lacquer sanding sealer, acrylic automotive lacquer paint topped off with nitrocellulose lacquer clear gloss all out of a can. It came out awesome.
  4. With a reverse headstock, do you use lefty tuners?
  5. Amazon has full scale drawings for $15.
  6. jski

    Guitar Of The Month For August

    I think they are all reallt nice guitars. Great job guys. I can't vote, but I'd go with ajax for being most original.
  7. Welcome to the Project Guitar Forum, jski :-)