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  1. Don`t understand what you mean with the vacuum, this technique usually is requiered when you mix the resin with glass fiber in order to produce a composite material, in this case always want to fill the voids. Scorpionscar
  2. Any ideas on how to fill the voids with epoxy and donĀ“t die in the attempt?? Scorpionscar
  3. I printed the planes and glue them to paperboard. Did not use a wood template cause with this shape, It's impossible to use the router, so I rough cut with bandsaw, and then sand it by hand! Scorpionscar
  4. Thank you so much for your words ScottR, always a honour coming from you!!! Yeah, I'll fill them with epoxy!!! Scorpionscar
  5. Dying the body and headstock. Dye, sand, dying again, sand...Tedious process...The tone seems to be blue, but the stain is translucent black! Scorpionscar
  6. The next step is installing the jumbo 24 frets with hammer at first instance. and with the press later to ensure the corre t installation: Scorpionscar
  7. I'm working in the neck at the same time, like to do both the body and neck at the same time so as to test critical zones like the joint of the neck in the neck pocket for example and to center the neck suitable. I rough cut the neck and headstock. For the headstock I use a peghead veneer of poplar burl, the same wood as the body. The body and the neck works are more or less advanced, so it's time to check the neck pocket: Now, I cut the fingerboard, made out of exotic ebony, and glue it to the neck. It's time for the inlays, dots of avalone of 4 mm diameter:
  8. Hi, after some mounths, I come back with another project. This is a guitar in the line of Jackson with some new features in the design, in shape and expecially in the combination of woods. I begin for the neck, it is a 7 layer multilaminated neck alternating Spanish wallnut and European maple. I glue the pieces with the help of my homemade press. Some pics of the process: After 24 hours, I planed the surfaces until its definitive thickness. It's time to make the truss rod channel with my homemade jig: At the same time I prepare the body. For this I`ll use swamp ash for the wings of the body and a central block made out of a combination of wallnut and mapple. The top is poplar burl: Here is the laminate of the central block. This combination is for two reasons, one is for adding an extra weight to the body, due to swamp ash is very light, and f0r an effect I try to achieve in the zone of the heel of the guitar Once the top is bookmatched and the central block laminated, is time to glue all the elements together in two different days. After rough cutting with the band saw, the guitar looks like as follows: Now is time for sanding the sides of the body, difficult work due to the pronounced peaks: Scorpionscar
  9. Rady for assembling!!! Scorpionscar
  10. Problem solved, finally the issue was with the toggle switch, which didn't work properly...Sometimes electronics is a headache... Scorpionscar
  11. Yes Curtisa, I've resumed this guitar after Christmas. All I've done is changed the switch for a toggle switch. The rest of the electronics is as it was, haven't touched anything. When I plug the guitar is like the tone knob and the switch don't work. It sounds but when turn the switch to another position nothing changes. The tone knob seems to don't work. This is the diagram: Scorpionscar
  12. Body polished, neck tung oiled and body and neck joint forever!!! Scorpionscar
  13. Thank you so much for your words ScottR, really an honour hearing this words from you!!! Scorpionscar
  14. Thank you so much mistermikev, really like the effect of the white top of the body and headstock, with the false binding of the maple and the rest of the woods viewed. Scorpionscar
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