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  1. The beast is almost born. Some pics of the guitar with the finish and the hardware mounted. Scorpionscar
  2. The covers are done. the wallnut one goes half of its width recessed, because a wanted it projected a few. Didn't like completely recessed. Some pics: Scopionscar
  3. Some pics of the making of the covers for the Schaller Lockmeister bridge and for the cavity control. Usually I make them marking the shape with the help of a template, but in this case I tried to do them different. I made a table for the Dremel and used a template of plywood. Really it worked amazing and with no danger, I'm scary of doing this with the bosch router. I laminated both of the covers, one with poplar and swamp ash, and the other wallnut of my town and European mapple. Scorpionscar
  4. All elements are aged cooper!!! Scorpionscar
  5. Some pics with the coper Schaller bridge and nut locker: Scorpionscar
  6. After some hours sandind the bevels, the guitar looks like this: Scorpionscar
  7. Today I've been filling the voids of the poplar burl with resin. Some pics: Scorpionscar
  8. Thank you so much for your words Mr Natural, really, I don't like much this agressive designs but have to say that the way I advance the work, the more I like me. Is an interesting project, expecially cause is the first time I use poplar burl and other wood combinations. Scorpionscar
  9. Don`t understand what you mean with the vacuum, this technique usually is requiered when you mix the resin with glass fiber in order to produce a composite material, in this case always want to fill the voids. Scorpionscar
  10. Any ideas on how to fill the voids with epoxy and donĀ“t die in the attempt?? Scorpionscar
  11. I printed the planes and glue them to paperboard. Did not use a wood template cause with this shape, It's impossible to use the router, so I rough cut with bandsaw, and then sand it by hand! Scorpionscar
  12. Thank you so much for your words ScottR, always a honour coming from you!!! Yeah, I'll fill them with epoxy!!! Scorpionscar
  13. Dying the body and headstock. Dye, sand, dying again, sand...Tedious process...The tone seems to be blue, but the stain is translucent black! Scorpionscar
  14. The next step is installing the jumbo 24 frets with hammer at first instance. and with the press later to ensure the corre t installation: Scorpionscar
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