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  1. scorpionscar

    "Templar Warrior"

    Rady for assembling!!! Scorpionscar
  2. scorpionscar

    Three new rockers are coming to life

    I'm sorry!!! I've deleted the message! Scorpionscar
  3. scorpionscar

    Change Telecaster style guitar to top

    Problem solved, finally the issue was with the toggle switch, which didn't work properly...Sometimes electronics is a headache... Scorpionscar
  4. scorpionscar

    Change Telecaster style guitar to top

    Yes Curtisa, I've resumed this guitar after Christmas. All I've done is changed the switch for a toggle switch. The rest of the electronics is as it was, haven't touched anything. When I plug the guitar is like the tone knob and the switch don't work. It sounds but when turn the switch to another position nothing changes. The tone knob seems to don't work. This is the diagram: Scorpionscar
  5. scorpionscar

    "Templar Warrior"

    Body polished, neck tung oiled and body and neck joint forever!!! Scorpionscar
  6. scorpionscar

    "Templar Warrior"

    Thank you so much for your words ScottR, really an honour hearing this words from you!!! Scorpionscar
  7. scorpionscar

    "Templar Warrior"

    Thank you so much mistermikev, really like the effect of the white top of the body and headstock, with the false binding of the maple and the rest of the woods viewed. Scorpionscar
  8. scorpionscar

    "Templar Warrior"

    Thank you so much for your words Andyjr1515, I love the history of Templars, maybe cause in the city where I live in, there is a Templars castle and a strong Templar tradition. Scorpionscar
  9. scorpionscar

    "Templar Warrior"

    I open this topic for showing you my last building, which is a Little tribute to my city Ponferrada. In Ponferrada there is a Templarian castle and in its honour I present the “Templarian warrior”. (This is not a step by step topic) The neck is a 5 layer multilaminated that alternates europena maple and bubinga. The combination of the two colours is amazing: Once the pieces of the laminated are glued, I’ve thickened and cut the scarf joint in this case 15º. After that I did the truss rod channel. Then I cut the shape of the neck with the band saw: Now I’ve been working in the fingerboard. It will be made out of ebony. The radious is 12”. I designed a cross inlay made out of MOP. I glued it with resin. After that I cut the fret slots: At this stage the neck is almost done. The next step is to shape it with the help of the spokeshave: Now some pics of the headstock, rear and front. Hope you like it: The neck is ready. Now the body, for it I’ve used spanish cedar. The top is completely hand carved with gouges. I routed the channels for the wires instead of doing the tholes with a bit: Here the detail of the making of the zone of the neck where the pick up frame goes: Now some pics of the through holes of the strings in the body: The rear recess for the bely: At this stage I couldn’t resist the temptation of a photo shoot in the Ponferrada’s templarian castle: Now the finish of this templarian warrior: I finished the neck with tung oil and the guitar is almost ready for assembling Scorpionscar
  10. Hi, I have a Telecaster style guitar and want to change the switch from it's normal position to the top (where te red spot in the pic, and the type of switch of les paul's) drilling a 12mm hole in the top to install the switch and routing the access in the rear and put a stainless steel cover. What do you think? Any ideas about how to wire it avoiding ground noyse issues? wiring diagram? Scorpionscar
  11. Hi guys, I'm building a white guitar (Templarian warrior, possibly I'll open a post documenting the process). The body is white top and want to paint a big red templarian cross across the body, PUP`s cavities, knob drills, bridge... The questions how to to do it in order to avoid a big step and minimize the problems when applying the clear coats. The guitar is this: All ideas will be wellcome cause to be honest have never done this before... Thanks in advance Scorpionscar
  12. scorpionscar

    Three new rockers are coming to life

    I've returned the relic strato style guitar. I've been finishing the neck with nitrocellulose and adding my surname in the headstock with a decal I made on my own with my laser printer. I painted the gold effect with a marker pen. The rear of the neck, I painted only the headstock and the heel, the center didn't and use a dirty cloth with dust and coal and rubbed against the neck, then I applyed oil for protecting the wood. For the body I've used black nitro and made plastic templates which I cut with a hot wire machine I built for this purpose. The target is to leave the wood visible in determinate zones, but doing it the most realistic as possible. The method seems to work perfect. After that I'll apply a gloss finish and do some scratches (no great polish work). The guitar is a replica of the same guitar that Matthias Jabs of Scorpions used in the 90's and which you can see in my profile pic. Is not easy a relic guitar, almost most difficult I had thought. Some pics of the advances: I'm going to try tu put a video about how I did the decals for the headstock. Is really easy for those of you who need one. I bough some decal sheets in Amazon, did the design and painted gold with a marker pen, the rest is as you can see in the video. Hope it can be helpful. Scorpionscar
  13. Hi!

    Your "Ferrari" Flying-v is a gorgeous guitar and its a winner no matter what the outcome of the GOTM contest :)

    1. scorpionscar


      Thank you so much Skyjerk, your guitar is really beautiful too, really love the design and expecially the top effect!!!

  14. I present this "Ferrari" Flying-v custom guitar inspired in the guitars that usually plays Rudolph Schenker from Scorpions, one of my favourite guitar players and bands. This guitar is so special for me not only because I love V's and explorers, but for the difficulty of the finish due to the two cameras in the wings of the guitar. She has been a really challenge for me. Hope you like! You can find more pics of the complete evolution of this and other guitars in the following link: Specs: Body: Bubinga central block&Spanish cedar wings&AAAA maple top Neck: European maple Fingerboard: Ebony Fingerboard radius: 12” Frets: Wide high Scale: 24.75” Number of frets: 22 Nut: TUSQ Inlays: Acrylic “ROCK YOUR LIFE” Joint type:Glued in Hardware: Bridge: Tone pros Tune O’matic Tuner machines: Gibson 3+3 Pick guard: Aluminum Electronics Neck pick up: N/A Bridge pick up: Tokaa handmade in Spain Controls: 1 x volume, 1 x tone Finish: Hot Rod Red polyurethane I add a vídeo that a Scorpions cover band that tested the guitar sent to me, cause I think is interesting in order to hear the guitar. If is not allowed to put this video tell me and I automatically delete it! Scorpionscar
  15. scorpionscar

    Three new rockers are coming to life

    Thank you mistermkev, I'm glad you like it!!! She is really a beauty (the guitar hahaha), the model is really beautiful too and which is more important a very nice person. You can stalking me but I have to say that my girlfriend is a serial killer hahaha. I'm just joking!!! Scorpionscar