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  1. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Artistic photography day. Happy weekend to everybody!!! Scorpionscar
  2. Four new rockers are coming to life

    This is a jig I made for trimming the fingerboard using the neck shape as a template easily. It consists of two moveable cauls of MDF fixed to the bench with clamps. The router goes screwed on to a base. If the depth is not the correct, you can lay down the neck over a wood suplement of the measure you need:
  3. Four new rockers are coming to life

    I've decided to do it this way ScottR. The fingerboard is already radiused but suppose there is no problem to rout it on the router table. You're right, is quite risky, because of don't have margin of error, I finally did it as ScottR said, but your method of using the fingerboard as a template seems to be interesting to. Thank you for your suggestions. For gluing it the idea was to use two pins in order to avoid the displacement of the fingerboard due to the effects of the glue. I want to drill two holes with a 1mm diameter drill bit and them insert a nail of the same diameter but didn't found in any store, for that reason I decided to use the bit itself as a pin. The glue seems to be sucessfully. Some pics of the process:
  4. Four new rockers are coming to life

    What do you think is better for gluing the fingerboard (bolt on neck)?: - First route the fingerboard with the same template used for the neck, and then glue or - Glue it first, and then use the neck shape as a template? All your advises will be wellcome. Scorpionscar
  5. My Les Paul

    Amazing work Massimo. The most beautiful inlays I've ever seen. Congratulations Scorpionscar
  6. Four new rockers are coming to life

    inlays of one of the Strato figerboards done, simple, but effectives, sometimes in the simplicity is the hit, is no necessary to inovate too much. The inlays of the other Strato, and the Flying-v are more elaborated and eye-catching. The fingerboard of the carved guitar, has no inlays, is a complete ebony fingerboard, I slotted it today too. Some pics:
  7. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Today I've been working on the fretslots. I used a homemade miter box made with recycling materials. I spent a lot of time setting up the jig but well worth the effort cause it works fantastic and is very precise. I cut the slots but not as deep as tang, after that, I use my japanesse saw with a stop block and is now when I locate the acrylic stop block the lenght of the tang plus six or seventh of a milimiter. This way is no necessary to fill the gap and it works great for me. In one of the pictures there is the easter candle's of my grandma in honour to Curtisa Who tought me the trick of lubricating the saw blade with the parafin of the candle. At the same time I pray to god for no make mistakes at this stage of the process. Some pics of the advances:
  8. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Today I've been working on the Strato necks with the help of a tunel I built for the router. Some pics;
  9. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Today I cut the necks to their definitive profile. Only have pics of the wengue-bubinga ones. Happy weekend for everybody:
  10. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Today I've spent five hours cutting the edges of the cameras and sanding the interior. It was tedious and no easy but the result well worth the effort. The easy thing would have been left the round edges of the bearing of the bit, but personally I think that in this guitar the personality and the essence are just the corners, so I did. I had to build a jig with two pletins of 3 mm to act as a guide for guiding the blade of the saw in order to respect the rectitude of the line. Some pics of the process:
  11. Four new rockers are coming to life

    It's very usefull PAN_KARA cause sometimes the router bits are too long or too short. With this method is possible to allow always the bearings in contact with the border of the template. Sometimes I used a 3 piece specially for pick up cavities. This way is no necessary to drill holes previously in order to empty the cavities. Scorpionscar
  12. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Thank you BILISHAKE I'm glad you like it. Yesterday and today I've been working on the flying-v body and is almos done. I made the bridge humbucker cavity, the cavity control, the neck pocket and the lateral carvings. I'm going to explain how I did the last ones: - For the neck pocke I used a double MDF template joined together wit screws. I used a 8 mm height piece of wood at a determinate distance for creating a 2ยบ ramp. I used double side tape. Whe the bit couldn't go down, I unscrewed one of the templates and that way the bit is allowed to get deeper. - For the lateral carvings I used a 12.7 mm radious bit with no bearing. I built a 3 piece jig, one acts as a base for the router, another one acts as a stopo block, and the third is 1.5 mm longer and acts as a rail to avoid that the router can desestabilize. In went down in increments of 3 milimeters. Some pics of the process:
  13. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Today I've glued on the hardmapple top to the cedar-bubinga body and did an access in the inferior horn in the posterior zone for a better accesibility to the last frets. Some pics of the advances:
  14. Four new rockers are coming to life

    All the shapes were done with gouges, they allow me much more control and are more artistical and artisan. Love them. Some pics of the process:
  15. Four new rockers are coming to life

    I've just done the armcontour and the back carving. For the exterior perimeter I've used a 12.7 mm radious bit. I've had some problems with it instead of been almost new due to the bit transmited vibrations to the router and it was not easy to control it. I tried to do in two pases, but didn't work very well. Does anyone have problens using this bit?