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  1. Watching your last cutter flex momentarily and then snap is a wonderful
  2. Stu.

    Black Limba Flying V

    I wish I could take credit, but I basically stole the idea from the ESP Alexi Blacky model! It's such a good combination though. Unless I change my mind overnight, I'm not heading back to do any guitar work this weekend. I did manage to solve my CNC issue though! I've used a small gantry with four wheels, which is attached to the cradle via a 90° bracket and runs along the top section of 2020. It's just enough to stabilise everything whilst it moves. Untitled by S K, on Flickr
  3. I can't wait to see how this turns out! Your stuff never disappoints.
  4. Stu.

    Black Limba Flying V

    I saw his CNC build thread... that thing is insane! I have the rails installed - there's a bit of deflection in the Z axis, towards the weight of the motor. I'm thinking about attaching a bearing beneath the cradle, with a length of 2020 and PTFE strip to run against. It might be enough for the thing to reference against and stay level. I took things very easy this weekend. Just a bit of slot sawing, fingerboard binding, and truss rod routing jig prep: Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr
  5. Stu.

    Black Limba Flying V

    This is kind of unrelated... I fancied extending the working area of my little CNC machine. I used 2020 and 2080 aluminium extrusion to extend the X axis and bed, with a longer lead screw to match. The 8mm stainless steel rod should arrive this weekend to support the cradle. Hopefully it won't flex, but I'll find out soon! Untitled by S K, on Flickr If everything goes to plan, it'll have a working area of 500x100mm (just enough for a 25.5" fingerboard with 24 frets).
  6. The headstock is looking very tidy indeed! All of the effort and prep definitely paid off!
  7. Stu.

    Black Limba Flying V

    These are pretty sweet!
  8. Stu.

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    That's a beautiful shade of green! Did you do much build-up, or is that one concentration straight onto the maple?
  9. My bad! Feel free to ignore my previous post. I'll give a sharp 10mm forstner a try next time.
  10. Stu.

    resin/wood composite body

    Are you thinking of Stone Wolf Guitars in the UK?
  11. The finish is unbelievable! I always thought that level of gloss only achievable with 2k or similar. Bravo for the finish on top and craftmanship beneath!
  12. Stu.

    Black Limba Flying V

    I think it gets pointier with each update!
  13. I don't know if this is helpful, but I've seen people using these Bosch tile bites for tuner and bridge holes: I've bought one myself in the hope that it'll drill clean, accurate holes... particularly through cured finish, which has a tendency to crack. It seems worth experimenting with.
  14. Stu.

    Black Limba Flying V

    Hopefully you're feeling better! What's the timescale like for shrinkage? Fingers crossed it's the kind of issue that presents after decades of my terrible playing! A little quick-set epoxy and ebony dust did the job very nicely for the remaining inlays. I finished those off, radiused the fingerboard, and then carved the bevels into the body. The bevel angle is actually closer to 20°, so using a chamfer bit wasn't an option; I went with my Shinto and Dragon rasps, which worked wonderfully! There's still lots of tidying up to be done, and I have to be super careful not to ding it now. Edit: I chose to carve matching bevels on the front and rear (more akin to an ESP SV/Alexi), to shed some weight and make it look sleeker. There's enough space between for the Strat style jack plate. Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr The weekend wasn't without problems, as you'd expect! There were air bubbles in the red epoxy, which I'll need to fill when I get chance. I also trimmed the fingerboard down a little too far; I was going to glue the fingerboard on with maple veneer between it and the neck, but I've decided instead to glue the veneer on and then hide it under the binding. Hopefully it makes the fingerboard look taller without compromising anything.
  15. Stu.

    KEA 2017 builds

    Those EMGs are very sweet!