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  1. By the time I get a superswitch delivered to Ireland I'll be off to college, so I might just see how it sounds as it stands, and order a super switch later if needs be. Bit messy because I just threw it together in Paint, but here's how the circuit's looking now (hopefully minus mistakes)
  2. I'm going to rewire a HSS strat style guitar. 5 way switch, 1 Vol, 2 Tone, and a DPDT switch. The DPDT will 'override' the guitar circuit and send the bridge humbucker straight to the output (passing Lane mod). I also want an auto split (bucker will split when in the bridge/middle position). So one side of the 5 way switch will be a pickup selector and the other will control the auto split. One tone knob will control the neck pickup, and the other the bridge. I was wondering if there was any way of connecting the middle pickup to the bridge tone knob without having it bleed across. I know it could be done with a super switch but I don't have one handy and was wondering if it could be done with what I had lying around! Though diodes would affect the signal alright, but from my basic understanding of semiconductor doping I thought it could be possible to make one suitable for guitar circuits and was wondering if they were around. Might just leave the mid pickup without a tone control seeing as I never really use position 3 anyway
  3. Will all diodes affect the tone of a guitar? Specifically if I have the signal from a pickup going through a diode, how will it change the sound? And if the signal from a pickup comes to a reverse bias diode, will that signal be blocked completely or will a small amount of that signal still bleed through? Looking to make a custom circuit, and without going into too much detail I'm just wondering if diodes can be used to stop unwanted pickups bleeding through into the guitar's output signal?
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