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  1. Brian,,,, The magnifying glass headset arrived today... It is awesome and so welcomed by my eyes.. Thank you for having such a great site and for the Awesome Contests. Hopefully my guitar will be done in time for this one
  2. I'm kinda confused..... The contest was for a winner on the acoustic guitar side and on the electric guitar side.... I posted for the Electric,, which I won with... and I posted for the Acoustic,, but withdrew that one, because Alex had it before me. so,, Alex, you and I both won? ???
  3. Thank you - Thank you..... Being that my upclose eyesight is gone,,, from using computers for 12 to 15 hours a day... This is a God Send.... Thank you Brian.,,, Thank ProjectGuitar.....
  4. Sorry,,, just realized $3.99 was already taken.. My bad.... BAD NEWBIE
  5. $3.99 Acustic Guitar How bout this Acustic guitar $3.99
  6. 29.99 Electric Guitar Ok,, how is this one? $29.99 with a built in amp
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