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  1. I recently made a compilation of 18 songs from 4 of my CD's. If anyone wants to hear a song- PM me and give me your email address and I'll send a tune or two. It's all instrumental - Pop, Rock, Fusion, Jazz. MOR and Ballads. I've sent out 50 CD's lately -- I'll just send you one or two songs though- I don't want to over do it!!! Anyway that's all I know.
  2. RDS

    Idiot Alert

    I have a custom one off carved bass... a very nice one-- the previous owner almost destroyed the neck tightening the truss too much. It popped the fretboard up and binding came loose etc. I traded for the bass and had my builder friend fix it for me. Idiots are not in short supply. The guy originally took the bass back to the original builder and wanted him to fix it for free. That didn't happen. You don't have to walk very far to find a dumb@%*.
  3. Welcome to the ProjectGuitar.com, RDS :-)

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