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  1. Okay when I clicked on the link from my email notification I saw the start topic- I don't recall it last night. I will hang up now and call back(sign in) and see what I see. As for my operating system and browser == Junk and Slag.
  2. How do I make a new topic? I can't seem to find something to click on to start a topic. Am I allowed to do that or do I have to be here for awhile? Seems like I already made a topic... I think. Anyway- I'm curious as to who on the forum plays in a band? I do. My bands' first gig is coming up on May 10th. I hope I don't puke. Wish me luck. I've been using a bass I built from parts at practice. It cost me almost nothing as I have a lot of parts but the thing sounds almost as good as my 74 P bass and it's lighter. I have no desire to go to the store and buy a bass that probably doesn't sound as good as the ones I build. I have one I built that cost me zero. Well I had some parts and traded a couple pickups for the body and neck. LET"S SEE.... do I go to GC and spend 2000+ on a USA Fender bass or do I go down in the cave and build my own for a cuople hundo in parts that blows the new Fender into the wall in pieces??? Hmmmm? I would imagine the real stardom for you scratch builders comes from making 6 string guitars. Bass is a different ball game in certain ways. My buddy has hand built over 200 6 string electrics and acoustics but has spent very little time on bass. He's only made a double neck with a bass and a six string. I had him work on a bass and he did very well but not so good with building me a neck. He had problems copying a Fender bass neck. He is use to the "grey area" of guitar but is not proficient in bass. I believe there is a different "zone" to building basses in that some things you can do with a guitar build to get the sound is not the same with bass. Sorry for a long post.
  3. I used to do photobucket and I could post pics all day long--No problem with that-- then soon after Chrome loaded itself on my computer things changed and no more pics could be transferred to sites . I kept trying to take Chrome off my computer but it loads itself back on.
  4. I could post pics of my basses but I need to know how to make a link and post the pics here. I'm not at the top of the computer game but I'm not a rookie either. At one time I could post pics on sites but I don't know what happened . I'm not able to do it now. My computer is junk- 10 years old. Yeah I know,, I need to get a new one but I'm like frozen ketchup. I don't surf but a very few sites. I play in two bands, I build guitars, I do artwork, take care of two homes, etc etc... new computer will come. Right now I need SPRING bad!!!! How do I make a URL out of a picture ? And I think I need to know size specifications to do so. Right? Thanks.
  5. This forum is S.........L........O.........W . Kind of like frozen ketchup. But that's cool. I guess everyone is busy working on guitars and can't or just don't get on here much. Seems like everyone is totally versed and big time into the sport. Not much room for a parts bass builder. But anyway- you all build some beautiful guitars. I'll keep this place on my favorites list for a bit. An occasional visit might work best for me. Have a great day!!! Don't text and drive.
  6. Thanks- my comp won't load them right now for some reason. I did check out a couple videos on You Tube that were helpful also.
  7. I recently made a compilation of 18 songs from 4 of my CD's. If anyone wants to hear a song- PM me and give me your email address and I'll send a tune or two. It's all instrumental - Pop, Rock, Fusion, Jazz. MOR and Ballads. I've sent out 50 CD's lately -- I'll just send you one or two songs though- I don't want to over do it!!! Anyway that's all I know.
  8. RDS

    Idiot Alert

    I have a custom one off carved bass... a very nice one-- the previous owner almost destroyed the neck tightening the truss too much. It popped the fretboard up and binding came loose etc. I traded for the bass and had my builder friend fix it for me. Idiots are not in short supply. The guy originally took the bass back to the original builder and wanted him to fix it for free. That didn't happen. You don't have to walk very far to find a dumb@%*.
  9. How or where or is there anything in the forums that will lead me to find any info on learning how to plane and level frets? I am interested in being able to fix high frets, humps , etc in the aftermarket fretboards/ necks I purchase. Electric bass necks . I'm finding that I need to learn how to do this/ these procedures. I'm in search mode- any help is appreciated. Thanks
  10. Welcome to the ProjectGuitar.com, RDS :-)

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