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  1. Thanks guys! @Jdogg- I started designing/building guitars back in 2002, and have had a lifelong interest in drawing and design. I am also currently a sculpture major, but that's sort of secondary to my previous experience.
  2. Yeah, the SSO mods are pretty touchy. It makes sense though, they've seen a silly number of small builders try to take advantage of people over there.
  3. Hey, I recognize this from SSO. Welcome to PG!
  4. This thing is wild! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more work from you.
  5. Hey PG friends! Sorry I've been so absent lately, school and work have been keeping me crazy busy. That coupled with a few tool-failure-induced guitar problems have conspired to make me feel less social than usual. I've got one build newly done and two more in the home stretch, so here's looking toward a better tomorrow! First up, my freshly finished Pioneer MS6. This is going to be auctioned off at an event for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation's West Palm Beach chapter (@CFFPalmBeach on FB). I'm going to get some more pics and a demo video before giving it away. Specs: 25-26" scale Alder body Maple neck/fretboard Jescar 47095 stainless fretwire Hipshot staggered open-gear locking tuners Custom milled aluminum bridge (thanks @2.5itim!) w/Graphtech saddles DiMarzio Red Velvet neck, True Velvet T bridge pickups This guitar has an evil twin.... I'll start behaving properly and post more pics this week. Until next time, thanks for taking a look!
  6. I think @Skyjerk will have some advice for you. I'm like 95% sure that's what he uses and enjoys.
  7. Thanks CJ! Yep, just Titebond Original.
  8. Congrats! 1000% improvement over the original Steinberger body.
  9. Thank you! I try to keep a fairly comprehensive set of pics for each build, but sometimes I just get in the zone and forget! Voyager 7 neck has been unclamped. Everything looks good and solid, so on to sketching out the heel carve.
  10. Looks like we've both got necks in clamps at the moment! The grain on that chinaberry is really great, I bet it looks even better in person.
  11. Short and sweet today- main carve done, neck is set! Tomorrow, I'll have the neck and heel blended together, then I can start the final sanding process.
  12. My bodies are normally 1.5" (38mm). I think @demonx (Searls Guitars) does something like what you're talking about with threaded inserts in a thick tenon extension.
  13. Thank you! You're correct, the extra tenon stays. I just haven't routed it flush with the bottom of the pickup cavity yet. The idea is to have a neck system that works as either a set-neck or bolt-on, the only change necessary is the addition of bolts. In either case, the extended tenon helps: as a set-neck, it's a good bit of extra gluing surface; as a bolt-on, it prevents the alignment from ever shifting out of place a la Fender or Ibanez (I've had to realign tons of these for myself and others). Also, I'm not sure if you can see or not, but the tenon extension's thickness will be about 0.25" (6.35mm), so it does have a fair amount of strength on its own.
  14. That'd be an LP