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  1. Whoa! I'm really interested to see how you pull this together.
  2. Exploder MS8 progress! Body rough cut and cleaned up in the drum sander: Routing the body outline. First step uses a spiral upcut bit with guide bushing, second is a very short template bit, final is a downshear flush trim. Some dude is in my shop, cutting out neck pockets. It worked out ok. Roughing the pickup and control cavities: Routing complete, now on a boatload of sanding. Next time: on to the neck. Thanks for looking!
  3. Thanks guys! This seven should be done in a week or two, just waiting for the paint on the headstock. In the meantime, I just got started on a gnarly new commission: the Exploder! This is a multiscale 8 in curly limba, neck is deeply dark purple katalox.
  4. This is a great build, loving all the little details.
  5. Looking very nice! I get a very cool Languedoc sort of vibe here. To answer your ferrule question: yes, there are specific top-side ferrules. Allparts stocks them here.
  6. Ahh, I see! It'd be interesting to experiment with, at the very least. Sapele/maple 7 sanded.... And oiled!
  7. I know I've seen at least a few other people do the cut-through-binding trick, so I definitely won't claim to have invented it! It does feel pretty nice though. Like a bent top with bent binding?
  8. Thanks CJ! That is my chambering template, but I didn't use it on this build. Simple 7- now with binding! Problem: bound edges aren't terribly comfortable on the forearm. Solution: carve the hell out of it! I'm going to take this to the shop on campus tomorrow and slap it around with a DA sander, more pics then.
  9. I own a 2HP Triton and use it constantly. It'll do anything you need, no problem. Just keep an eye on the screw that holds the depth locking lever in place, it'll pop out when you least expect it (don't ask....)
  10. Thank you! I designed the bridges, @2.5itim did the actual milling, then I had them chromed locally. Everything worked out pretty well, no problems so far. Hopefully, the owner won't have any issues. --- Now that the rush to build the Pioneer twins is over (and I've fixed various equipment issues), I'm introducing a new pair of Voyagers. One will be a solid maple 6 string. Sounds lame, I know, but I've got a really fun plan for it....more news as it develops. The other is a 7 string in sapele with a maple top. I've already got a neck nearly ready for the 7, it just needs a bit of sanding and a headstock logo before finish. It's nothing fancy, just maple with a rosewood fretboard. My goal is to have the simple 7 done within the next 3 weeks, then I can move on to my biggest, most ridiculous design yet. Stay tuned!
  11. This is seriously going to be the coolest micro guitar out there.
  12. Really beautiful, I love the walnut/goldtop combo. Hats off and thumbs up!
  13. Looking good! +1 on the abalone/ebony combo, always a good decision.
  14. Knightro Guitars- Pioneer MS6 "Evil Twin" Spec Roundup: Sapele body and neck Pau ferro fretboard 25-26" multiscale Custom milled aluminum bridge (courtesy @2.5itim) with Graphtech saddles Elysian Pickups- Tuned Aperture Tele bridge (alnico), Tuned Aperture neck humbucker (alnico/ceramic blend) Hipshot open-gear locking tuners Jescar 47095SS fretwire 3 ply Tortoise pickguard (T/W/B) 1 volume w/parallel-series switch, 1 tone, 3 way toggle Odie's Oil finish
  15. Thanks Scott! I'll have to find some good sculpture pics.... I did a gorilla skull that turned out nicely last year. I also did a plaster replica of my own head, it currently holds my bike helmet when I'm not using it. Since it's Tele Tuesday, I went ahead and celebrated by finishing off the CFF guitar's evil twin.