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  1. The Oracle - First Build in 3 Years - Glad To Be Back!

    At least it's spelled right here
  2. I reeeeeeally want to see some of this stuff in person.
  3. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    I'll be a third, then. I find that it sands quite nicely, though I don't find the smell so appealing.
  4. Being able to see your creative process is always a fun ride. Looking forward to more! I'd love to see a proper 8 string from you some day though
  5. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Love the pinstripe!
  6. 24 Magnum

    Very nice! I bet that phoenix looks craaaaazy in person.
  7. Knightro Guitars 2017

    New year, new thread! I've got high hopes for this year...a lot of good projects are already underway, several are planned out, and I'm hoping to do a few wacky experimental builds. We shall see! So, on to the good stuff. Installed the padauk/wenge multiscale 8's side dots: And then went back to carving. A dash of mineral spirits here: Coming together nicely! I think I'll start the neck carve tomorrow. Thanks for taking a look and best wishes for the upcoming year!
  8. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Huh, never seen birch like that. I like it!
  9. Knightro Guitars 2017

    And the padauk Pulsar is done! This stuff is damned hard to photograph properly, the red just blows out my camera's sensor at every opportunity. I'm hoping to shoot a little video demo, these pickups are delightful!
  10. Yep, my posts on forums outside of PG have all capsized as expected. I don't know who over in Bucketland thought this was a brilliant move, but I'm sure as hell not paying 400 bucks a year for image hosting. I wouldn't have minded paying something more reasonable, as I do understand that all that storage and bandwidth costs them money. So yeah, I'm just direct uploading here from now on, as I should have been doing in the first place.
  11. Fretlight + Variax hybrid

    This is super cool! Any chance of a video walkthrough/demo?
  12. Knightro Guitars 2017

    Thanks Scott! Bouncing back to the padauk Pulsar for a day, I just got oil applied.
  13. Knightro Guitars 2017

    Exactly, it just sits on the binding during the initial flood coat/overnight soak, then wipes off easily after that. It's pretty much the most hassle-free finish I can think of.
  14. Knightro Guitars 2017

    Back to the body for a sec. Working on bolt-ons is great, I can just finish the parts independently and bring them together in the assembly stage. The finish here is my usual Odie's Oil, applied to a P600 body by (gloved) hand with no filler. The Odie's doesn't dramatically darken the ziricote or muddy the grain, and even brings out a bit of curl that was hiding in the limba. Now I just need to leave the body alone for a few days while the oil cures. Next time: frets!
  15. Knightro Guitars 2017

    The pale moon fretboard arrived on schedule, so let's get into gluing it up. Quick preview before glue prep, I think it's going to be gnarly: So. on to work. As you guys know, I'm a big fan of preplanning and simplifying various construction processes with acrylic templates. My neck templates include a set of holes that are transfer-punched into the neck face and underside of the fretboard, which are then drilled to accept 1/8" steel pins. This allows me to simply apply glue, drop the fretboard in place, and move through the clamping procedure without worrying about the fretboard sliding out of place. Neck-side alignment holes: Stainless pins secured in matching holes under fretboard: Glue, clip, clamp. EZPZ: Nice joint, no worries: Luminlay Super Blue dots: Radius smoothed out, slots cleaned, ready for frets:
  16. Knightro Guitars- Exploder MS8 My first big (in many ways) and serious commission! I had a blast designing and building this beast. The mission here was pretty straightforward: take inspiration from classic rock icons, chuck it in a blender with modern extended range and multiscale amenities, render results in the most dramatic limba I could get my dusty little hands on. Without further ado, here's the Exploder! -Specs- 26.5-28" multiscale 8 string Figured black limba body Katalox neck with carbon reinforcement Ebony fretboard with super jumbo stainless wire Instrumental Electromagnetics SFTY3-8 pickup set Hipshot hardware, nickel plated Odie's Oil finish Finally, here's a pretty comprehensive demo video done by the owner:
  17. Knightro Guitars 2017

    Thanks @Jdogg! The oil definitely helps, but that wenge was pretty dark to begin with. And the neck profile is a really soft asymmetrical trapezoid, so you're pretty close in your estimation! @StratsRdivine haha well shoot, I've been hoping I don't go up against one of yours! I'm going to submit one of the recent 8 strings, depends on which person gets me a sound clip first.
  18. Knightro Guitars 2017

    Finally went out and took pics of my other recent multi-8! Voyager MS8 26.5-28" multiscale 8 string Padauk body with wenge top Wenge neck with padauk accent lam Ebony fretboard, 20" radius Jescar 47095SS fretwire Bare Knuckle Nailbomb set with ceramic bridge 5-way rotary switch (bridge series, outer coils parallel, outer coils series, inner coils parallel, neck series) Hipshot hardware
  19. Anyone a Duncan dealer/OEM?

    Bummer! Sorry I couldn't be more helpful here.
  20. Knightro Guitars 2017

    @Prostheta Ah, you're too kind, Carl! It means a lot, given that your work is the definition of 'clean and controlled' @psikoT Thank you! (hopefully haha) @pan_kara The Hipshot multi bridges are very nicely made, I'd love to see one featured in one of your builds! @ScottR Thanks Scott! The limba/ziricote guitar is going to be in a bunch of promo material for a fairly well-known band, so a bit of flash won't be unwelcome. I think it'll look good, but I can always cut up something more subtle if it ends up being clashy.
  21. Anyone a Duncan dealer/OEM?

    I tried to get an OEM account through them, but no dice. I can't even get the guy to respond to my emails or pick up the phone. I've got a DiMarzio account, if I can lend any assistance that way.
  22. My first guitar and bass builds :)

    Awesome, I dig that crazy neck joint.
  23. Knightro Guitars 2017

    We're done here. Exploder MS8 26.5-28" multiscale 8 string Figured black limba body Katalox neck with carbon reinforcement Ebony fretboard with super jumbo stainless wire Instrumental Electromagnetics SFTY3-8 pickup set Hipshot hardware, nickel plated Odie's Oil finish
  24. Knightro Guitars 2017

    Aaaand back to the body Pickups and neck pocket routed: 1/4" radius for the back: Binding channel (forgot to take pics during the actual binding process): Once binding is done, break out the medieval rasp and companion scrapers: Ok, this one is fully caught up now, minus a few photographically uninteresting stages of sanding. The fretboard was sent off to be blind slotted via CNC, I should have it in hand by the middle of this coming week. Thanks for taking a look!