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  1. RobertJanvanderKaaij

    Lasercut Guitar Picks from Vinyl Records

    Thanks, I will let them know! If you want a bunch of my picks I will gladly donate a bunch Just let me know!
  2. RobertJanvanderKaaij

    Lasercut Guitar Picks from Vinyl Records

    Thanks you so much for the tip, thats a great idea! I will contact them right away. It could be a fruitful collaboration indeed
  3. RobertJanvanderKaaij

    Lasercut Guitar Picks from Vinyl Records

    Thanks man, I'm having alot of fun scouting for the vinyl and then producing the guitar picks from them. Hoping to make a custom set of picks for an passionate musician any time soon. Being able to make a set of picks that matches the guitar and the owner would be really cool!
  4. Hi Guys, As a designer I have been busy messing around with my guitar and finding a new cool addition for a muscial artist. I the recordstore I found a bunch of old classis Vinyl records and was sure to thing of a cool way too upcycle these forgotten things. After some experimenting I came on the idea to try cutting guitar picks from these record, with great succes. They have the right handle, flex and produce a good sound. With the lasercutter you can also engrave a design into the material which with the right records (composition of the vinyl varies with each label) you get a great effect! I'm now busy crafting nice sets of these picks and am curious if there are alot of enthousiastic musicians that would also love to have picks like these! I made a scale of various design that look great on the picks, but ofcourse the coolest thing to have for a musician or band is picks with there own design! I was wondering if you guys would love to have picks like this yourselfs. I opened a little shop on Etsy where I put them for sale, and also offer my services to make you guys your own picks. www.etsy.com/shop/RobertJanvanderKaaij If you are interested, have ideas, or want to ask me about a the options, I'm open for everything and we can always arrange something! Greets, Robert Jan van der Kaaij