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  1. Hand Planes

    Best Place to get quality planes, go? I busted out my plane that I bought in high school and never (didn't know how) used it. Well my project (see Walnut Strat) guitar was sitting there with a rounded neck heel and now it's flat. Since then I've been watching a ton of youtube woodworking videos (with only a couple luthier ones mixed in) and I want to do a little more manual work. In addition, how come there aren't any radius planes? Well, there are, but not for 7.25-16" radii?
  2. Walnut Stratocaster

    Sounds and plays better than I would've expected of my own handiwork! The pickups seem a little quiet and I seem to bump the volume knob a little when palm muting. I haven't played out of a powerful amp, but I haven't noticed any hum. Very happy, unlike the bass (fretless*) I made, I can see myself playing this one a lot. *key factor here
  3. Walnut Stratocaster

    Hanging to dry Carbon painted cavities Final assembly And her sexy backside Still some tweaking here and there needed, but playing nicely
  4. Walnut Stratocaster

    So back to the 320 or just more 400 with oil?
  5. Walnut Stratocaster

    Anything I can do about oil drips down the side?
  6. Walnut Stratocaster

    Nearly finished with the 320 Then jumped right in with the Tru Oil grain filling
  7. Walnut Stratocaster

    Wow, this has been sitting on my dryer for a LONG time; actually made some sizable progress this past weekend. I've been actually playing a ton of guitar and bass this past year and a half and haven't been interested in spending the time otherwise. Well, be off for some days this season, my fingers hurt and I watched some videos from Wyn Guitars and got inspired to do some sanding!
  8. Multiscale P Bass

    I was just making a joke...
  9. If I'm making a multiscale/fanned fret Precision Bass, does that mean I should use a Jazz Bass pickup?
  10. Walnut Stratocaster

    Bought an oscillating spindle sander, really cleaned up some of the curves and inspired some further sanding!
  11. Walnut Stratocaster

    That is why I contend that everyone needs a hobby and watching TV/playing videogames doesn't cut it.
  12. Walnut Stratocaster

    Exactly, this is the finish I'll be going for https://goo.gl/images/7FKWVx
  13. Walnut Stratocaster

    Some more carving, shaving, filing, sanding...and of course, some more fit testing. Holy HEAVY next to my previous build! Holding my alder bass in my left hand and my walnut guitar in my right, wow.
  14. Walnut Stratocaster

    So I bought a drill press partially to drill my tremolo holes...had to use my drill guide attachment I employed some child labor on my last build, so made sure I got some on this build as well. Used BOTH children for that tummy cut! Getting there!!!
  15. 3rd?!? Shhhh...

    It's so BLACK!!