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  1. Thanks for using my misspelling of the word definitely in your reply.... I caught it right off. I need to reconsider posting at nearly 3:00 am
  2. Congratulations for receiving guitar of the month. There is no doubt your craftsmanship is deserving of that award and more. I only recently got the itch to do my own build, and the only way to scratch an itch like that is to get it done. Your project defiantly provides me with inspiration, and I am excited about refining my own hard tail strat design. Thanks for that! Cheers Bill
  3. WillyD

    Alvarez Soundboard Repair

    These are images taken while repairing a crack in an Alvarez AD60CE soundboard
  4. I have everything I need to write a tutorial on fixing a cracked soundboard. How do I post a tutorial?

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