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  1. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    @pan_kara Cool looking forward to see that build then. There is also lumniscens paint available maybe that is a better option for a swirl, maybe i will try that some day. @ScottR Well that's for sure, maybe you don't even notice if someone turns off the lights while playing this thing. It lights up the room quite good
  2. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Thanks! Do that it's fun stuff! Just saw your swirl video awesome build, how about a luminescent swirl?
  3. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Well last time I posted I was thinking about doing luminescent bindings. So I gave it some more thought and at least I could do a test piece. But then nobody remembers a coward right? So I routed the channels and made the pouring without testing this idea first. Kinda stupid but in worst case scenario I would just rout it off and start again. So how did it turn out? Pretty darn good. But still got a lot of scraping left and some areas needs a refill. But I'm very pleased with the result
  4. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Thanks! that's some great info i will look into that. @Prostheta Well that's ALOT of glow powder I used maybe 20% Also painted the channels with white paint before the pour that made a huge difference.
  5. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    That's right and the powder don't dissolve in the resin so it sinks to the bottom of the jar. This isn't really a problem when pouring into a channel that isn't visible to the sides. But when doing a standard binding channel this could result in a grainy line at the bottom of the channel, That would be a nightmare. maybe it's possible to do the pouring with the body standing vertical, or maybe it's possible to do the pouring after 2 hours or so when it's a little more sticky.
  6. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Yeah, that's probably the way I would do it too..
  7. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe I do the bindings after all. But it's not fun if it looks to much. But I think it will turn out great, Only time will tell.
  8. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Yes, the same stuff I used on the body and fretboard, well I think I need to make something to keep it in place, dammit! You was supposed to talk me out of it 😂
  9. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Well, since my regular camera have taken a permanent vacation the only one I have at the moment is my cell phone 😂 think I will be buying a decent one later on. Any chance someone could talk me out of doing fluorescent bindings on this one?
  10. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Managed to get a quite decent photo of the glow effect on this one.
  11. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Sounds pretty advanced, Photos have never been my strong side, maybe I will hire someone for that part when these builds are done
  12. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Yes that's true, it's usually the hardest part of the build. I try to take pictures outside in daylight if the weather allows it. Usually it generates one or two decent photos that you can use
  13. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Yeah, that blue resin looks nice against the black carbon fibre and it looks really cool when it glows in the dark. But it's kinda hard to get any good pictures of that.
  14. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    A little teaser on this one, just did the resin pouring on the body inlays, starts to look kinda cool
  15. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Great, then Im not completely off track Thanks guys for the kind words!