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  1. from 1982, my first attempt at building

    The body reminds me very much of Schecter's Stiletto range. Looks fantastic, should definitely complete it
  2. Operation Shoestring

    Hey @curtisa, if you forward to 7 minutes in, you'll see what the drawer in the headpiece is for
  3. Pete's Jack Bruce EB3-ish (SG) bass

    The current model of the EB3 available from Epiphone is 34", does anyone know if it has balance issues? http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Bass/EB-3.aspx
  4. Help?

    Try removing the neck and sanding the 2 joining surfaces (neck and neck pocket). The photo seems to show material (wood?) that is around the screws. Any material between will contribute to the gap
  5. My first full build from scratch

    Late to this thread but Warwick have used this for their set necks