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  1. Wanted to see them all again to vote but I can't see Draks. Fender page isn't working? Dave->
  2. I also think that is an excellent idea as well. I think the whole idea of having to have a certain number of posts(the higher, the better) before having the priviledge to vote may seem harsh to newcomers(which I still consider myself at 70 posts) but I think once they have been here for a while they will completely understand as I do. Just my 2 cents worth..... Dave->
  3. Yes, I completely understand that the new member crap is ridiculous but why be a part of it? I know what I'm capable of in guitar building, and the last thing that I want anyone to think is that I had to "cheat" to win or someone pissed off at me because they thought that thier project was more creative or skilled worthy to be losing to me. Not worth it to me I guess. Thanks for your kind words anyway though.......... Dave->
  4. Well, i have to say I feel uneasy about this whole thing now. Since I'm the one who is leading in this, I feel you guys are directing this crap at me. Believe me, in no way, would I pull this kind of garbage as "ramping up votes". I wouldn't have even entered my name in this contest if it weren't suggested that I do so. Brian, please do me a favor and pull me out of this thing as I want no part of it if it's going to be like this. I thought this place might be a little different than other forums but I guess they are all getting to be the same now. I really thought this was going to be a place where I could learn and help out wherever I could but I don't want to be any part of this trivial crap. Sorry if I offended anyone in any way but I'm done. Dave->
  5. Man, if that's true, that's just plain sad..... Dave->
  6. Thanks for hosting Brian!! Well, I thought I would submit mine too but I guess my pic host doesn't allow direct linking here. So I added the URL links. It is a solid carved(2 piece) Walnut archtop body with a Carvin Maple/Ebony neck. I gave the headstock a walnut burl overlay and it's gorgeous(even though my pics came out like crap!). The truss rod cover and bridge plate are highly flamed maple with an ebony insert and it holds a piezo transducer pickup that leads to a Barcus Berry preamp that I retrofitted into the body. pic pic pic pic pic pic Thanks!! Dave->
  7. Jeremy, That was excellent and yes, very much appreciated! You helped me a great deal! Dave->
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