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  1. Many thanks Curtisa. I attack this project with small burts of enthusiasm followed by long periods of disgust, so when I get back to it, I'll let you know if it worked!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. Im thinking that having to change a wee battery every now and then maybe isnt such a pain afterall....
  3. Hello, Ok, so heres my reason my trawling through the interweb in search of a good friendly forum... I have a wiring dilema which Im really needing some help with. Iv tried various configurations without any complete success, and Im at the point of quitting with it. Im currently building an SG style solid body which has 3 humbuckers. Neck - Dimarzio in triple shot frame Mid - X2N Bridge - Seymour Duncan The complication is that I want the neck and bridge pickups wiring to two blend-able volume pots, to one jack, while the middle to its own jack via a standard vol & tone pot. The current issue is that somehow Iv ended up with a master and secondary volume on the neck and bridge. Im also not 100% on the Dimarzio to hipshot surround wiring, though in honesty I think the issue there is that the frame has been in and out that many times I probably need to replace it Any diagrams or pointers gratefully received! Thank you.
  4. Hi, Im new here but initial impressions are good! Im hoping someone can help me with some wiring. I need to add some LEDs to a guitar Im building, but I dont want to be carrying batteries, so Im looking at phantom power. I understand the basics, but Im not at all sure how to wire it all up? Anyone got any experience that may help? It may be asking a lot, but a wiring diagram would be A1! Many thanks
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