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  1. Eljaroli

    3/4 strat project

    The body had an initial coat of blue spray paint, and it, the scratchplate and pickup covers were all dipped individually, Guitar is still currently in pieces, as neck needs a tiny bit of wood stain. Looks pretty cool IMO - the kids love it!
  2. Eljaroli

    3/4 strat project

    Bit of an update - Months down the track. Well, we kinda procrastinated a bit while I was studying and researching all the swirl dipping info, and what paint to use. Also I ended up getting some model paint that turned out to be spirits based rather than oil based. Then my daughter says "oh yeah, it's due next week". Damn. Better do something about it. Wanting to do it "right" from the word go, we did a $3 ukelele instead. That worked out okay, and was easier for her to carry to school, where it was admired. I found paint really clumped up in parts. Last monday, after School, and after many more months of procrastinating, we attempted the swirl dipping with the guitar. I'm attempting to attach the images from my phone. Bear with me....
  3. Eljaroli

    3/4 strat project

    Wow, thankyou guys for the informative answer! The guitar arrived today. Intonation is great. The size and weight are perfect and should stop any complaints from my kids. I'll make sure I post back with progress when we pull it apart for painting. Thanks once again!
  4. Eljaroli

    3/4 strat project

    Thanks SR, but what, the perspex cracking, or the guitar? lol. Thanks for the warning. I'll buy enough for a couple of attempts if needed. Update, found some info elsewhere on swirldipping perspex pickguards. Mask one side of pickguard, dip seperately to guitar, apply white spraypaint to swirldip will supposedly allow the effect to shine through the perspex.
  5. Eljaroli

    3/4 strat project

    Hi all, My daughter has some free choice art project for school, and she's keen to do a swirl-dipped guitar. Stopped procrastinating and placed an order for a cheap 3/4 electric for my kids. https://www.artistguitars.com.au/buy/artist-minis-3-4-size-small-body-electric-guitar/70075 Managed to get a customer returned pack for a bit cheaper. There's not too much choice about for 3/4 guitars out there, and I wasn't keen to blow too much on one. Anyway I was just thinking of replacing the scratchplate for perspex. If anyone's ever done this before, would any perspex do? Thanks in advance.
  6. Eljaroli

    Idiot Alert

    It would be pretty funny if this got on Judge Judy.
  7. Eljaroli

    1st kit build "Phat Strat"

    Nah man. The colour stays. Spending time getting the brewgear up and running again (summer is approaching fast!), but I'll get onto those frets soon. Fired it up with Rocksmith the other night and had a bit of fun, but I still need to set it up properly. The notes on this site help a lot.
  8. Eljaroli

    1st kit build "Phat Strat"

    As much as I love the colour, the difference between what I WANT, and what I GOT has always bugged me.... until now. Just did a search for Ford metallic green's and came up with this, "Meadowvale Green" Awesome. http://paintref.com/cgi-bin/colorcodedisplay.cgi?type=sample&ditzler=42344&syear=1960&smanuf=Ford&smodel=Falcon&sname=Meadowvale Green&name=falcon1960M1273
  9. Eljaroli

    1st kit build "Phat Strat"

    Thanks Prostheta, I love the grain in the wood, It's stained in Wudtone Vintage Yellow. Going by the price of the kit ($150) it's definitely something out of asia. Onto the fretwork - it's truly horrible, Probably 30-40% of the frets aren't seated properly. They're if they're not lifting up at the sides, they're lifting up in the middle. For what it's worth, I gave the retailer a bit of feedback/criticism on this (politely - I don't usually go off my nut) Nothing to be done considering the guitar's almost finished. I just put the guitar back together an hour ago, and my superglue/clamping attempt worked pretty well. There's still a bit of fine tuning, polishing and only one high spot left, but I'm pretty happy. Got friends coming over soon for a bbq so I'll get to fire it up for a guitar battle on Rocksmith! I think these photos were taken before I oiled the fretboard. When I get a chance, I'll upload some detailed photos of the fretwork. I need to clean up a bit of stray superglue first!!!
  10. Eljaroli

    1st kit build "Phat Strat"

    Small update after a while of procrastinating. I cut a new nut the other week from a blank. Pretty pleased with the outcome, but I think I can lower the slots a tiny bit more. I have plenty of spares if I stuff up. Went up the neck the other day with some super glue and clamps, in an effort to fix those raised frets. Overall, there's 3 major high points with I've hopefully fixed, but I've got some hobby files ready to go. Plugged in it sounds okay, pretty punchy humbucker - seems louder than the single coils - hopefully it's just an issue of pickup height.
  11. Last slightly off topic post regarding Yamaha's I have an SG300 that needs a bit of attention to the frets, but as it's my baby, I'd send it to a professional. I don't dare ruin it. Years ago I found an old RBX-800a on a council cleanup. It's a bit rough around the edges but still functional. Score! Just needs a couple of missing/snapped screws in the bridge, and a snapped pot shaft that needs replacing. Also saw a hardcase on another council cleanup pile. I almost pulled a handbrake turn for that one! Pulled up, opened the case, and there's a yamaha acoustic with tarnished frets & rusty strings! Took it home, polished it up & restrung it. Beautiful! I never checked what model it was, but I sold it to a workmate for $100. It's amazing the things people throw away - I'm constantly driving slowly whenever it's council cleanup time. Wife hates it! Had an old Yamaha 12 string hummingbird copy when I was in school as well. Dunno why I sold it... Anyway enough of that Yamaha love..., thanks for the tip on that deadblow hammer and superglue info., Prostheta
  12. Sorry, just kidding with the Squire comment. To be honest I'm a yamaha fan.
  13. Ahh we all start somewhere... Dammit, I'll get there. I'm not hating it JUST yet And a squire? Ain't nobody got time for that!
  14. Eljaroli

    BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Just got back from a homebrewer's brewshare at the local pizza joint. Polishing off my Belgian Strong ale now. Damn great photos on this site. Makes a man thirsty, especially for American beers that are hard to find down here.
  15. Thanks heaps, Prostheta, Great info there. It's amazing how the prices add up. I mean yeah, I could've just gone out and bought a Squire for what I have spent, (or will spend), so far. But really, where's the fun in that? Fretwise, it's only a few frets that are suss. I'm onto that. Just trying not to rush into things. I've still got other axes to keep me happy in the meantime.