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  1. Novakaine

    Electric tenor guitar build

    I'm about embark on a electric tenor guitar build. Any have any plans available I can't seem to find any?
  2. Novakaine

    Tenor Guitars.

    Lo and behold I manage to scrape up a pdf for an acoustic tenor guitar. Need to adapt the neck, but I don't see a real issue
  3. Novakaine

    Tenor Guitars.

    I get most of my stuff from C.B. Gitty Crafting Supplies http://www.cbgitty.com. They have 3 and 4 string bridges at a reasonable price. 4 String bridge http://www.cbgitty.com/cigar-box-guitar-parts/bridges-and-nuts/4-string-chrome-hard-tail-bridge-for-cigar-box-guitars-more/ 3 String bridge. http://www.cbgitty.com/cigar-box-guitar-parts/bridges-and-nuts/3-string-chrome-hard-tail-bridge-for-cigar-box-guitars-more/ I love this place and the prices are very reasonable.
  4. Novakaine

    Tenor Guitars.

    I planning on using a couple of p90 soap bar pickups, and I have a few 4 string bridges. I also have a handful lipstick picks to try out. I built a few solid body ukulele's, mandolins and cigar box guitars for friends. Still tempted to convert that Les Paul express 3/4 scale which I believe is a 23" scale.t Not sure about the neck being much wider than a tenor neck I've seen online. Don't know if it matters.
  5. Novakaine

    Tenor Guitars.

    Hmm was would the plans for a acoustic style neck work for a electric? Dimension wise?
  6. Novakaine

    Tenor Guitars.

    Thanks for the info. I think the problem will be mainly the neck. I'm basing these builds off the Les Paul type body and the Telecaster. I own a 3/4 scale Les Paul express to I think they'll be on this scale. But like I said earlier it's just figuring out the neck dimensions and fret board. I'll give your advice a try I'll keep you posted. Thanks a million.
  7. Novakaine

    Tenor Guitars.

    Hello I'm new here and was wondering tenor guitars. Are there any plans about, I can't seem to find much. Thanks