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  1. Splintazert

    Couldn't resist - a new design / project

    Yup, that's a nice shape and definitely has economical use of the body wood. Good luck with the project.
  2. Splintazert

    Three new rockers are coming to life

    Some very nice images and excellent work @scorpionscar , it seems you do things to a very high standard. Thanks for sharing your build process with us.
  3. Splintazert

    Unconventional (?) CNC Project

    That's about right. It's probably worth pointing out that (on your Tele) the routing between pickups and switches may pass too close to the pickup screws, causing the wiring to get damaged on assembly. A short diagonal path would be better I'd say.
  4. Splintazert

    Unconventional (?) CNC Project

    Hi @thaumgarrett. I am currently looking at my 1970s Hohner Les Paul which has a plywood body. It's one of the heaviest guitars I own. It's very resonant though, so no problems for on a tonal level (note to self - don't go there, don't mention the 'T' word ). I understand that Russian Birch plywood is very strong and stable? I'm also breaking out the popcorn
  5. Beautiful guitar, expertly finished and a nicely detailed build log, thanks for sharing @ScottR
  6. Very nice Scott, it seems that each of your updates takes things up a level. @mattharris75 That's a beautiful starter guitar too, your girls are very lucky!
  7. Splintazert

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    Very nice. I actually see what you mean about those knobs although I'm sure many others would think that it's overkill. Think I'm with you on keeping the set in the second pic. What bridge is that?
  8. "AndyJR1515 once did an acoustic with egg whites" Was that for playing Merengue guitar on?
  9. Splintazert

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    Wow, so YOU started the headless trend then?
  10. Lovely work @ScottR, that top is really pinging. I never heard of Titebond as a pore filler, that's a new one on me. Hope it works for you.
  11. Splintazert

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    Nice, the headstock looks tiny in that second photo. Very cool knobs. It's the little things...
  12. Splintazert

    Avoiding lumps

    Thanks for those replies chaps, all makes perfect sense. It's more or less what I'm doing at the moment, but it's still good to see that there isn't an easier or better way that I'm missing. I guess I was really hoping that someone would say "Here's a simple jig I made for that...".
  13. Splintazert

    Avoiding lumps

    I'm building a few bodies from my own designs without templates. I have cut the outer profile with a bandsaw and then moved onto spindle sander, rasps and sandpaper for finishing. I wondered how you guys get the 'lumps' out from the edges, that is, those inevitable peaks and valleys that you can't see but can feel? Any tips and tricks will be much appreciated.
  14. Splintazert

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    Coming along nicely Andy, that top looks great too. Lol, for info @ScottR it's 30 Celsius (86 F) in my UK office at the moment, and we seem to be in the middle of a run of fantastic weather. Plus, I just checked and I have a hole in the middle of my patio table! The parasol is further down the garden though over my outdoor workbench...
  15. Splintazert

    Obol guitar build

    Thanks @Prostheta, just watched it and it goes some way to explaining their high price.