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  1. Obol guitar build

    @FINEFUZZ What an excellent project, I look forward to following this build thread. Interesting shape too. Best of luck.
  2. Very, very nice. If it works for you too then that's a perfect build!
  3. Very nice. Think you are right about the black pickup surrounds, although the gold aren't out of place either. Good call about drilling afterwards so the finish goes on more evenly.
  4. First Build - The "Nozcaster"

    Yup, many congrats @Norris. I enjoyed the 23 pages of trials and tribulations which led to this stunning guitar. Thanks for sharing!
  5. That's a clear list of objectives and ones which I completely agree with Andy. Why stick to building clones of traditional stuff that doesn't work for the player or has some poorly thought out design? That neck carve looks great, nice one.
  6. Really nice work and fantastic that it's reversible too!
  7. Guitar looks very nice so far Andy. I built a lightweight electric a while back and it has been my go-to guitar for most things. So what is the advantage of your radius jig (that cuts across the width) over one that cuts the length of the fretboard?
  8. I'm making a brass nut for a project guitar and need to source some nut files in the UK that can definitely handle this material. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  9. Brass nut files - recommendations?

    Interesting, thanks Prostheta. I have seen posts about welding tip cleaners before. It seems that the sizes are hit and miss depending on the set purchased. I just think I'd prefer to get something accurately sized to keep for future guitar building jobs, something that works on materials tougher than bone such as brass and the like. I'm not averse to spending £70 or so, maybe a bit more for the right set.
  10. Brass nut files - recommendations?

    Yikes! $140 with shipping. Might have to source them nearer to home but thanks for the info. It's good to know you recommend them. I'm still open to suggestions, especially if the company is UK based.
  11. Brass nut files - recommendations?

    Hi Scott. The ones I have are the feeler gauge type that have a sawtooth added to one side. They won't touch brass so I'm thinking of investing in a set of better quality files. The Stewmac ones don't seem to support all string sizes (eg a 0.013" B string) but would work with the set of Ernie Ball 9-42 strings I am intending to fit: http://www.stewmac.com/Luthier_Tools/Types_of_Tools/Files/Double-edge_Nut_Files.html Works out to about £77 inc. delivery for 3 files that do 6 sizes (they are double-sided). Any better quality files out there that people would recommend?