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  1. Hi chaps.

    @curtisa There are a few errors in the HTML and CSS code on the site. Things like the dropdown menu with "<<Guitar of the month entry/vote archive" will throw a wobbly on many devices. The less-than signs are 'unescaped' which is potentially why some browsers will stop processing or misinterpret information at that point. I'm a web developer so this is definitely the first place I'd start. If you must have those signs then try replacing them with &lt;&lt;

    Happy to help by PM or email if you need it.

    In the short term, to help browse the site as a user, you can either try installing another good browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Brave) or using the browser menu to 'Request desktop site' or similar.

    Edit - I noticed you have tried a few browsers but some are more forgiving than others.

  2. Good vids @DannyR

    Maybe crank up the voice volume a bit (invest in a lapel mic), but otherwise keeping it real and showing any mistakes along the way as you have done is generally respected.

    It'd be nice to see more hand tool usage, for example on the neck shaping. This would probably give some better consistency to the overall neck depth too rather than just using the belt and hand sander. It's quite rewarding as well and much easier on the lungs.

    Make sure you wear the right safety gear or the comments will be full of PPE protesters rather than people keen to chat about your build.

    Good luck!

  3. Looking great Norris. More importantly, the headstock logo doesn't spell anything rude when it's upside down. 🙃

    I thought it looked like a binding rout at first @ADFinlayson but the frets are a bit short for that aren't they? You generally bind before fretting too unless you're adding those pesky nibs (ambitious but do-able). Might be an optical illusion or maybe Norris will be showing off more of his talents!


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  4. Lovely work so far @gpcustomguitars.

    I generally have 20mm thickness on my slimmest & fastest necks, measured from the fretboard to the highest point of the neck curve. Don't think I'd go much below that. It works well for my "strangler's hands" but your mileage may vary!

    Definitely start bigger though, as you can't put that thickness back (unless you raid your scraps bin again of course 😄).



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