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  1. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    The pin stripe came out beautifully. Nice work!
  2. KEA 2017 builds

    Ooh - we've lost the Like button <Like>
  3. KEA 2017 builds

    It's like a Harlequin parade!
  4. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Nice work - and very brave too
  5. That's what I was thinking. That super-clean joint needs to be shown off
  6. Lovely fit on the neck heel
  7. If life didn't keep getting in the way you'd see it all the sooner! It's not for the lack of desire
  8. Rattle/Spray Can Problem

    I lost count of the number of cans I eventually used (another newbie here ). I certainly killed at least one of them by not holding it vertically - and they are not cheap either!
  9. Rattle/Spray Can Problem

    The FAQ section on the Manchester Guitar Tech website (where I got my lacquer from) says to avoid inverting the can to clean the nozzle as it just wastes propellant. Unfortunately it sounds like you have depleted the propellant. That can also happen if you don't keep the can vertical as you are spraying. I'd put that can to one side for use as a source of drop-fill lacquer (spray into the cap & use a pipe-cleaner as a brush to fill any low spots) and buy a new one
  10. Could you find your original tools (or equivalent) and finish it with those?
  11. KEA 2017 builds

    Lovely. Very nice & subtle burst!
  12. Let's drag this up - I've not posted an update for a while. As you may be aware this is my "back burner" project. Anyway having finished getting the ebony headstock cap down to thickness, last night I had a go at routing the truss rod channel. I borrowed a jig from a "class mate" - it leaves a bit to be desired in terms of stability & clamping options, but with some suitable packing was fairly useable Fixed to the top runners are two curved fillets to give the bend for my old-school conventional truss rod. Unfortunately the instructor that made those pieces for me while I was aligning and clamping the neck in the jig didn't quite put enough curve in them, meaning I only have a 1.5mm drop rather than the 3mm I need. Anyway, using a 6mm half round bit I at least have a tidy curve to the correct depth at either end. I'll now use a 6mm chisel that has been rounded over at the tip, to scrape the centre of the channel to the correct depth. I'll have to get that done this week as I've borrowed it from the class and need to return it. The classes have now finished until September, but one of the instructors lives not far from me. Needless to say, progress on this guitar will slow even more while I get the Nozcaster finished off (which I just noticed has photo-bombed that last picture! ).
  13. I'm just teasing you now That's the body polished up. I'll check it over to make sure I got it all - it was getting a bit dark at 11pm when I finished last night Again, I really ought to dust it before taking photos
  14. Ooh - thanks!
  15. Very cool heel transition! It looks like something that EVH would give his front teeth to own