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  1. I get similar issues on my phone - but usually only when I have a poor data/wi-fi signal. Have you got a decent signal in your guitar-building dungeon @Andyjr1515?
  2. Absolutely. There has been a lot of effort put into the site to ensure that images don't disappear from threads, on the vagaries of image hosting providers. Uploading to the site means your photos will be preserved and makes it a lot easier to follow your thread. I'm not a link-clicking fan either Welcome to the site btw
  3. My tip was for cleaning brushes afterwards, not for thinning the oil. Handy to know though if I need to thin it down I've got more detail sanding to do before I consider closing up the pores. I'll be trying Andy's slurry & buff method eventually
  4. Oh, and if anyone is considering using Tru Oil, it's handy to know that it dissolves in common DIY store paint brush cleaner fluid. Next time I'll just brush the first coat on, as it's easier than wiping on with a cloth It's looking very flat, matt and brown this morning btw - very unimpressive Time for some more sanding
  5. No, it's completely natural and flat. Just a quirk of the wood It is slightly knotty in nature. The oil didn't soak in as much there
  6. Last night I turned the guitar into a golf course by drilling 18 holes in it. Tuners, pickups and strap locks. Then sand, sand, sand. That's the last class for this year, so any more short term progress will involve cashing in a few brownie points with the missus. So... Tonight, after having been quite pinkish for many months... ... it turned brown First coat of Tru Oil still wet before buffing. It's got some lovely chatoyance as it catches the light. It should look lovely if I can get a gloss on it! This first coat will probably be sanded off again as there are inevitably areas needing a little more detailing
  7. Nice save with the fillet! Have you got a large enough offcut of the body wood to make a veneer for the headstock?
  8. That's not an easy choice to make! Such quality and innovation on display. Congrats to ALL of the entries!
  9. Nice job. That's going to look gorgeous
  10. Earlier this week Dan came round for a "first fit". He's very happy with the neck - nice and chunky as he asked for. I asked if he wanted a subtle cut to improve access to the upper frets. He did. So I did. Slightly dodgy lighting, but it shows off the curve. You may have noticed I also pressed in the bridge anchors ... and the bridge fits. Lastly for this update, I probably wouldn't have bothered to mention, but was so pleased with the result I thought I'd share a tip. I bought some 2mm paua side dots, to act as a subtle marker as to which corner to push on the back cover to remove it. As I'd already finished the cover within a couple of grits I didn't fancy using a drill bit. Instead I mounted one of the 2mm end mills (that I used in my Dremel to route for the inlays, and have mentioned on other threads) in the pillar drill and used that. What a beautiful clean cut! The photo isn't much to look at, but should achieve the effect I'm after (It looks like a rusty tack! ) Here are my test holes So for super clean side dot holes use a down cutting end mill bit
  11. Have a look here for tools: http://www.smallwonder-music.co.uk/shop/Tools-and-Finishing/c-1-123/ The chap makes inlays to order (where I got the inlays on my current build) and also sells the tools and materials. Very nice chap to speak to as well if you give him a call, and he'll answer any queries
  12. If it's purely decorative and you want be able to remove it in future, I'd be tempted to stick it on with double sided tape. Make sure the underside of your decorative piece is flat and smooth though (whichever method you use to attach it)
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