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  1. Not a huge amount to report this week, a few little jobs that needed sorting. I finished off bevelling the fret ends that I started last week. I filed off the ends of the frets level with the edges of the board. I took the back of the headstock down to final thickness. I trimmed the sides of the neck within a gnat's nadger of the fretboard. Nothing worth taking a photo However I'm now all ready for the best bit next week - neck carve!
  2. Norris

    Black Limba Flying V

    I like that idea and it wouldn't look out of place
  3. New toy today I needed one anyway, so got one big enough to do some spraying. (50l 3hp)
  4. You are an artist. That looks incredible and such attention to detail. I'm not a fan of relics normally, but that is a work of art
  5. Norris

    Not Quite A Tele...

    Beautiful as ever! What's next, what's next?
  6. Norris

    Headless SG - The MazSG

    Actually, thinking about it, you might be able to remove the fretboard and truss rod, then scarf in a new headstock?
  7. Norris

    Headless SG - The MazSG

    Ooh nasty. As Mr Findlayson says, there's not much left to attach anything to. You'll certainly have difficulties accessing the truss rod. You could probably save the fretboard if you make a new neck
  8. Norris

    Headless SG - The MazSG

    Have you got a photo of the break? How much wood is left past the nut? It might open a few more suggestions
  9. When they go over them hills they is high, innit
  10. Do the initials mean the same in Finnish? @mistermikev For F***'s Sake!
  11. 5318008.618 please chaps
  12. No, just a simple fret job. It's my least favourite activity, so nothing fancy. The "binding channels" are where the neck blank is still a bit wider than the fretboard. That will be carved away soon The customer (my guitarist) wants it to be simple like the original. He's already turned down several "enhancements" I've suggested. I'm just trying to execute it as best I can
  13. Norris

    What's on your workbench?

    This is why guitar building is going slowly... Ok, so technically it wasn't on the bench when I took the photo, but it is what is hogging the bench space. That and it's far dirtier conjoined twin (next weekend's job!)