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  1. Well I gave him a choice and it looks like the build is still on! I'll certainly use a rear mounted tenon for the neck joint - seems like it would be a lot more stable. As we're doing a solid colour it will all need a smidge of filler/primer anyway to prep the surface
  2. A tip to anyone following this thread. Take your time over the grain filling & do 2 or 3 passes. Make sure it's flat & smooth before you move on. It gets expensive grain filling with rattle cans of sanding sealer! Needless to say I'm behind schedule and won't get all the lacquer on this week like I hoped. It did look good when I did a trial fit though
  3. Thanks @Andyjr1515. I've pointed him at the Thomann site - before I order the wood! He's not that big actually
  4. Shame they are not long enough for a bass - or at least the bass I want to build Nice wood though
  5. Very nice work. That's an awful lot of end grain to sand though!
  6. I've been watching this on the "other" forum and have been waiting for it to appear here. It's certainly an ambitious build, but I'm confident you'll pull it off with your usual aplomb - even if you are not at the moment! You won't be let down by your planning anyway! I did wonder if sliders might take up less room than the pots - like the active EQ panels fitted to some electro-acoustics, but then they would be more likely to gather "gig juice"
  7. Just to rub it in, I did a trial fit last night. It does look rather good, but I made a point of NOT taking any photos! And this morning I managed to find the jack plate that had gone walkabout too! All parts are present & correct... and more importantly fit (except the tuner screw holes are not quite deep enough and the Kluson screws seem to be made out of butter!). I'm particularly pleased with the fit of the neck pickup plate in its recess, and the fact that you can just about remove it without taking the neck off - that was a bit more luck than judgement due to the extended fretboard! I'll strip it all back down tonight and start knocking back the sanding sealer. I hope that two cans of lacquer will be enough - I might have to order some more
  8. Ooh - very pretty
  9. It could be an interesting aesthetic look though
  10. I've got lots of lacquering & sanding back to do. Then I need to let the nitro cellulose cure for a bit. Then polish it. Then cut the nut slots, string it up & set it up. I reckon that will be a few weeks I should have been a bit more meticulous with the grain filling and maybe done it 2 or 3 times - lesson for next time. There are areas that are going to take a bit of lacquer to get it as smooth as I want it
  11. Thanks. Everything has had a coat of sanding sealer lacquer now (the fretboard looks nice with a bit of lacquer tone!). Now I've just got to keep applying more coats & knocking back with 600 grit... and also finish making the knobs. I'd also better order some kit for the final polishing. I think that's about it for photo updates until the final reveal in a few week's time
  12. It's subjective and entirely up to you. If YOU think it looks right, then it's right . There are no rules Edited to say: Mock it up, look at it, sleep on it, look at it again - then you'll know
  13. Beautiful work
  14. First coat of lacquer on the front & headstock Hopefully I'll get the rest of the neck detail sanded tonight and get some lacquer on it Shiny!