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  1. Thanks Absolutely not! Edit: And while I'm posting, I'm still slapping lacquer on the neck - it's probably more awkward than the body was. The body has been hanging for some time - it's nearly time to start the final polish up on that
  2. If you have some plum that could be nice. I had some that was logged up for my wood burner and it split all over the place as it dried out. Lovely looking wood though
  3. Colour me envious if they have such beautiful wood!
  4. Personally I think the top one - a bit more BC Rich than Telecaster
  5. Unclamped Edit: Oh - and we've had a slight change of plan. It's going to be a little more conventional with just a single pickup now, and probably a scratch plate. The knobs will be repositioned still
  6. Having previously squared up the neck blank, we went for the scarf joint last night. I haven't got a huge amount spare on the neck blank, so had to measure and cut carefully Having marked out, I cut the angle on the bandsaw, then used a block plane to get the surface flat Then having done so, glued and clamped it, using a panel pin to stop it sliding apart The single-acting truss rod is on order, but I won't get it for a couple of weeks due to the public holiday next Monday. Still, that's plenty of time to get the body flat sanded and maybe even routed to shape if I have time. I'm trying to keep this build to the Monday night sessions for now to appease the good lady wife - who wants things doing to the camper, painting & decorating the house, sorting out the garden, etc.
  7. Welcome to the forum The balance is affected to a certain extent by where you locate the strap buttons. From your design I assume you'll put the button on the back of the neck? Nice design by the way. I don't know if a headless guitar is the simplest build you could start with, but you have some excellent examples on here to follow
  8. That's the sort of information I was asking about a couple of weeks ago. A nice little gem of a tip to file in the memory bank
  9. It's looking lovely. I do like your scroll
  10. OK, I'll rephrase that a bit then. PG has provided some fabulous inspiration & encouragement and my instructor(s) has imparted the skills & advice to achieve what I have done so far. It's certainly bitten me enough to start a second build, and I still haven't finished designing my own bass yet, or indeed the arch-top bass I have in my head for build 4, or the one after that...
  11. Nice stuff. It looks like some crazy moiré pattern
  12. Stop it - you'll embarrass me! Thanks for the compliments though I think that's the key - persistence . The ability comes from having some great guidance, not least of all from the inspiring PG community!
  13. I'll leave that to my guitarist. Any sort of low profile dog ear style will do - as long as I don't have to rip too much out of the neck tenon A number 5 jack plane, a decent straight edge, a 6-sheet 120 grit sanding table... and time. Old school A planer/thicknesser would be nice, or better still a sanding thicknesser. However they are luxuries that I can't really justify at the rate that I build guitars Thanks for the compliment. I wouldn't get over excited just yet though
  14. Even though this is a back burner project, there has been a little bit of progress. We have wood... A close up of the ebony... The body was slightly too slim by about 10mm top & bottom, so I hacked off a couple of pieces and joined them (forgot to take a photo), then last night planed the body to thickness & rough cut it on the bandsaw... Next up will be a couple of hours on my sanding table to take it close to final thickness I have also started preparing the neck blank by planing a straight "reference" edge
  15. This is my second build, which should be a bit more simple than my first on. At the moment it's very much a "back burner" project while I finish up on my previous build: This one is a fairly basic Les Paul Junior Double Cut copy for my guitarist Dan. It will be slightly "customised" The spec (so far): Mahogany neck Single piece khaya body (African mahogany) Ebony fretboard Ebony headstock plate Twin P90 pickups Custom control layout - he likes the volume control right under his pinkie MOP dot markers & monogram inlay at 12th fret Luminlay side dots Solid colour (not quite decided which colour yet!) This will have a few "firsts" for me: Using mahogany or ebony Set neck Having a neck angle Scarfing joint Inlay work