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  1. It's not fair - I want to vote for more than one! Congratulations to every builder. There are some seriously classy guitars on display this month!
  2. It sounds so good in fact that I had to watch it again streamed to the main tv & surround sound system!
  3. That sounds fabulous even on my mobile phone and it's only going to get better as it plays in. Cracking job Andy and some beautiful playing from Matt. What better testament?! You've got to be well chuffed!
  4. Welcome back. It's been a while
  5. Wow that's stunning. The clear stripe between the blue and darker wood really leaps out. It's a born shredder
  6. That's a gorgeous finish. It looks like silk
  7. Thanks It will be used for a variety of music. Dan is the guitarist in my band, playing covers from 60s to 80s, mainly centred around 70s rock & prog. His main earner is (or at least was before the virus postponed their tour) playing with Martin Turner, founder member of Wishbone Ash - so it will be used to Throw Down the Sword a few times I imagine He was hoping to use the guitar towards the end of the tour, but I have a little more time to finish it properly now and let the Tru Oil cure a bit
  8. I've let it sit for a week to let the oil harden up a bit. A good going over with 4000 grit micro mesh, followed by a coat, and I think we are nearly there That's a fairly close match to the colour too, which is gorgeous
  9. Lovely to see some hand tools being used. The guitar is looking great
  10. Or if you have a bit more time and a lack of machinery, glue several sheets of sandpaper to a thick sheet of MDF to make a sanding table. Cover your surface with pencil marks, then sand them all away again - it should be flat then, and your "bingo wings" will be nicely toned Use a fairly course grit - 80 would probably do, or you'll be there all year
  11. I do like down-cut end mills. I don't think I'd use anything else for precision drilling 2mm holes, no sanding... A few minutes later, after gluing and sanding...
  12. Too right. I bought my son a Squier strat around the time I bought the wood (ash and flamed maple) for my build. Guess which was more expensive: a ready built guitar or a handful of planks!
  13. The most popular "first builds" tend to be either a telecaster or a Les Paul junior. Both have slab bodies, and the telecaster is slightly easier in having no neck angle to calculate and a bolt on neck. Having said that, there are no rules. My first build was from scratch and was a telecaster - however I did a hollow bodied "thinline" with lots of carving, that (being a bit of a perfectionist) took me 2 years to make. It actually turned out rather well if I do say so myself, and even won GOTM If you fancy a bit of woodwork it might be an idea to buy a ready made neck and build yourself a body for it. As long as you get the neck to fit in the pocket snuggly and get the bridge in the right place, there's not much else to mess up - certainly none that the good PG members here couldn't help you fix
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