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  1. How about going half way by gently sanding the back of the clear pickguard to make it semi-transparent?
  2. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    What started as a "save" has turned into a very nice feature. Well done that man - a very elegant solution!
  3. Thanks. You're absolutely right. As I've managed to avoid any major calamities throughout the build, I've gradually set the bar higher & higher for myself. Having "drawn the line" I set about polishing the rest of the neck up last night and am now itching to get it completed - definitely this year if not this month. I will give the body another polish though. The lacquer has sunk a bit in the time it's been sitting there, now showing a bit of grain pattern that definitely wasn't there before
  4. Oh and just a slight note - I left the set square clamped in place while using the cabinet scraper. That helped keep the edge nice & sharp. It looks better in the photo than I remember
  5. Customised kit build

    Welcome and congratulations on the early foot shot
  6. Yay! Finally finished de-PhotoBucketing all 205 "old" photos in the thread! Unfortunately I can't fix any quoted images. It looks like the PG caching wasn't that successful. Never mind, they are all PG-native images now. It sure was fun revisiting the progress. I'll admit that I have been lacking in enthusiasm recently due to some of the setbacks, but will come out fighting again now. It may not be quite as perfect as I'd have liked, but it's still not bad for a first build
  7. I suppose at some point you have to draw a line. As this is my first build and I really would like to finish it, this is where the line is going. It's far from perfect, but I pronounce myself back on track I'm really falling out with nitrocellulose though
  8. Last night I finished cleaning up the edges of the board using my trusty 80 grit sanding beam, followed by my 180 grit beam. I'm doing a fair bit of sanding on the ebony having got a few chips on the few times I've waved a plane at it. It takes a bit longer but at less risk. I then had to file down the top of the truss rod washer as it was sitting a little proud. There's a thing I should have paid more attention to before gluing in the fillet Finally to round off the evening I made the vertical cut in the headstock plate. The nut will nestle up against it, so it needed to be nice and square. I clamped my set square in place to give me a guide, scored with an xacto-knife, then set about it with one of the nice new Japanese pull saws that my class have bought. I've not used one before, but it was a real joy to use and lovely & accurate I cut most of the way through the ebony until I could see the mahogany at the edges of the cut, then chipped off the ouffcut with a chisel. Otherwise I'd have been sawing down into the mahogany before the centre of the cut was through. Anyway a chisel carefully applied to the end grain chipped it away no problem - it's what ebony wants to do A little tidying with a cabinet scraper to remove the old Titebond squeeze out that was remaining, and the job's a good 'un
  9. 2016 Progress

    That looks much better. Nicely done
  10. Let's try an update from my mobile phone... I glued in the truss rod fillet using epoxy And the next day took it down to level using a small violin plane followed by a scraper Edit: Ooh - that went quite well
  11. I've found that microfibre cloth is quite good at removing the dust - if you want to keep your pants clean Wow. What a little cracker!
  12. Love the underwater camera Nicely done
  13. My Les Paul

    Wow! That's a fabulous inlay and a great demonstration of patience