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  1. With the vibrancy of that green I'd have been tempted to do the whole top. It fizzes colour
  2. That looks positively brutal. Nice work!
  3. I did that on the Nozcaster, but for some unknown reason am doing it "flush cut" this time. The issue is probably working out the guide bush offset. It just seemed a little easier making the template actual size
  4. I've already made the template and cut the cover to fit that. It's worth bearing in mind for the future though
  5. I've earned enough brownie points with the good Lady Norris recently to be allowed to make some sawdust, and lots of it. It was control cavity routing day First I transferred my templates to 18mm mdf. Then I drilled out and routed the main cavity Some minor "ledge dive" but otherwise reasonably neat. I did all the routing with my small Makita. I'll have to buy a stubby template bit to do the ledge rebate
  6. Maybe try elongating the "snout" of the headstock on #1 a tad to mirror the lower horn? #3 looks good too Edit: or maybe just hit the straight run sooner on the b tuner like on #2
  7. Thanks. I'm going for the magnets again
  8. What about the knobs?! We've finally settled on the positions - there... So I made templates for the cavity and cover... and then made the cover... That is the end of Monday classes until mid-September. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more done over the summer, if Mrs Norris allows me some time off the camper van engine rebuild
  9. I must admit the thoughts that went through my head were: that's a lovely clean build, I wonder how much he charges for a guitar like that, no dammit I'm a builder too
  10. Well hopefully I'll need it pretty soon. I'm starting to run out of sawdust in need of removal
  11. I started a new job just over 3 months ago (after 15 years with my previous employer, my last day being exactly a week after my long service award!) and haven't been as active on any forums since. I'll be visiting again soon to look up your "slurry & buff" tutorial - I recall you did one on there
  12. Fabulous job again Andy. I've not been keeping up with the basschat builds recently - I assume it's from there (In fact I've not been on the forum much at all lately)
  13. You're off to a great start with that collection. Welcome!
  14. Lovely clean work as usual. That combination looks particularly gorgeous
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