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  1. Get your eyes checked. I recently found out that I have a bit of dry macular degeneration in one eye. Unfortunately the condition cannot be treated and can eventually lead to loss of sight. Apparently lutein can help reduce the onset, so I am eating kale and spinach at every opportunity - which are both good sources of lutein (kale much more so than spinach)
  2. You keep your illnesses to yourselves. I've got another 2 weeks to wait until my flu jab
  3. SG Respin

    That's what you do following a chipout or tearout
  4. SG Respin

    Even more careless - your shoelace is undone Lovely work
  5. Stunning and inspiring in equal measures!
  6. 24 Magnum

    Simply superb!
  7. Unfortunately not Quite a similar look going on though
  8. Oh - I nearly forgot. Have some Kim Wilde to lighten your day. Taken at the Rewind festival last month
  9. @ScottR is carving - everything is right with the world! I really love to watch you work
  10. It's been a little while since I updated... Fixing the chips around the frets has been a slow, laborious and time-consuming task. Hopefully they are filled enough now, so I am working my way down the board with micro-mesh to get it all neatened up ready for polishing. The fried lacquer around the headstock ferrules is still very much in progress - looks a complete mess at the moment, but will come good with patience. I had to dig out the lacquer that got over-heated as it crystallised and wouldn't blend in with the fresh lacquer. Anyway as a bit of relief from the tedium, I've now fitted the rear string ferrules into the body. With much more careful use of heat from the soldering iron these went a lot smoother. I cleared out the holes first with some 600 grit wrapped around a drill bit, then carefully tapped them into place until just before they touched the lacquer (I've recessed them flush to the body). Then careful heating and using a 6mm hex drive bit as a drift I drove them home. It went beautifully ... until after the last stroke I put the hammer down, catching the edge of the body on the way! Oh well, another chip to fix. Two steps forward, one back - but it's progress. I then went on to fit the electronics plate inside and the neck pickup is now in place too. I just wish I had more time, but pesky job & life keep getting in the way
  11. Justin's guitar

    It's getting lots of coverage. Lots more coverage than the estimated 1,200 that may have died in the floods in Bangladesh
  12. "... you know they do several scale lengths, right?"
  13. That's going to turn out beautifully. Lovely choice of woods Mr Jr1515!
  14. You don't fancy a short scale then? Thanks for proving to us that you are human after all!