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  1. Norris

    Black Limba Flying V

    🎸 Blimey. There's loads of them. The usuals are at the bottom of the list
  2. Thanks. It didn't turn out bad. Lots of detail sanding to come yet though. The inlays are in the postal system. I know I'm not likely to be fitting them for a little time yet, but I'm looking forward to that
  3. Tonight I finished tidying the template and went for it trimming the headstock. I trimmed off the excess on the bandsaw, then did the end cross-grain curves on the spindle sander. A router would have been guaranteed to chip out. I then also used the spindle sander to blend the run-in and run-out ends of the side curves to further reduce chance of chips. Then I ran the router down the curves with no problems. Finally a bit of time with a half-round needle file to tidy the a-hem "cleavage" and... The inlays should arrive this week. I'm amazed at how quickly the chap has cut the MOP, and how affordable it was for the large amount of work involved. I'll therefore recommend Small Wonder Music here in the UK. To be fair he was recommended by my instructor, and his recommendation carries a little more weight than mine
  4. Norris

    Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Oh my! Very vibrant. You should have warned us to wear sunglasses
  5. Norris

    Hofner staple pickups, good match?

    I'd never heard of them before, but this seems a useful article: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/21134-cult-coils-lesser-known-vintage-pickups?page=4
  6. Well we're back at class, so a minor update. Making a template for the headstock using one of my favourite tools - a 'D' profile sanding block/stick. It's great for fine tuning after the spindle sander, eyes closed and feeling for irregularities We also have some P90 pickups that the "client" bought. Iron Gear Platinum 90's, that my instructor immediately described as cheap Chinese crap Well as long as my guitarist likes them... That means I could motor on if I could spare the time - which I can't at the moment. This build seems even slower than the first one!
  7. Going back to my school physics lessons, the thicker the paint the less resistance. As @curtisa says it's like lots of parallel resistors, and this applies in all 3 dimensions. However if there's no graphite in your substrate it's not going to conduct much electricity. You could maybe try applying a couple of blobs of paint on your test piece and measure the resistance while it's still wet
  8. Norris

    Aluminum honeycomb to replace middle pickup

    Could be an interesting effect I wouldn't expect it to make much difference musically, although you could probably use it to file your finger nails if they are getting a little long
  9. Norris

    Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Hmmm - you could hollow that out like a giant, gnarly tear-drop back
  10. Norris

    Master Woodcarvers

    One interesting thing on the documentary was when a carver demonstrated the difference between carving lime wood and oak (which was very much the preference of English carving before Gibbons), and pointed out not only the difference in cut, but also in the sound of cross-grain carving. I must try to find a bit of lime wood to have a play with.
  11. Norris

    F-Style Mandolin project

    Lovely! A @ScottR IPA burst would set it off rather nicely
  12. Norris

    Master Woodcarvers

    Last night there was nothing much on TV, so I was browsing the BBC iPlayer app. I found a program that was shown on BBC4 earlier this year, about Grinling Gibbons - "Carved with Love: The Genius of British Woodwork". The lime wood carvings that he produced back in the late 17th & early 18th centuries are truly astounding. His carvings adorn St Paul's cathedral and Hampton Court Palace amongst others. Link to Google images of his work here Cosimo Panel - Museo degli Argenti, Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Tuscany, Italy
  13. Norris

    Finished Pics! Swift Lite 2