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  1. Maybe try elongating the "snout" of the headstock on #1 a tad to mirror the lower horn? #3 looks good too Edit: or maybe just hit the straight run sooner on the b tuner like on #2
  2. Thanks. I'm going for the magnets again
  3. What about the knobs?! We've finally settled on the positions - there... So I made templates for the cavity and cover... and then made the cover... That is the end of Monday classes until mid-September. Hopefully I'll be able to get some more done over the summer, if Mrs Norris allows me some time off the camper van engine rebuild
  4. I must admit the thoughts that went through my head were: that's a lovely clean build, I wonder how much he charges for a guitar like that, no dammit I'm a builder too
  5. Well hopefully I'll need it pretty soon. I'm starting to run out of sawdust in need of removal
  6. I started a new job just over 3 months ago (after 15 years with my previous employer, my last day being exactly a week after my long service award!) and haven't been as active on any forums since. I'll be visiting again soon to look up your "slurry & buff" tutorial - I recall you did one on there
  7. Fabulous job again Andy. I've not been keeping up with the basschat builds recently - I assume it's from there (In fact I've not been on the forum much at all lately)
  8. You're off to a great start with that collection. Welcome!
  9. Lovely clean work as usual. That combination looks particularly gorgeous
  10. Side dots and a bit of end grain sanding. That is all Edit: Oh, and we're going for tru-oil finish
  11. That's some seriously lovely work. Beautiful!
  12. Tonight I did the roundover on the body. Mostly with the router and roundover bit, but then a lot with a quadrant cabinet scraper and sandpaper. Obviously a lot more sanding to come. In other news, we had agreed on a Pelham Blue finish... scratch that. He now wants a natural "furniture" wood finish! So tomorrow we'll discuss shellac. Shame, as I was quite looking forward to a bit of spraying metallic
  13. You can get aluminium oxide paper up to 600 grit, which I found ideal for knocking back between coats, albeit using nitrocellulose
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