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  1. Norris

    Flame-Top Sanding

    On most guitars the grain will be in the same direction as the neck - it's most stable that way. Flames will usually be (close to) perpendicular to the grain i.e. top to bottom of the guitar. However the figuring can run either way - if you think of quilted maple
  2. Hello and welcome to another fellow Basschatter I usually view BC on my phone, so it's great to see some decent pics of this build. Lovely detailed work so far...
  3. Norris

    electric solid body mini guitar

    It depends which end of the board you lop off
  4. Norris

    KEA 2017 builds

    Beautiful. Lovely faux binding
  5. Norris

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    The amber tint has turned out beautifully
  6. Beautiful work! I hope you're going to bring that to the next bass bash for me to have a go...
  7. Norris

    New Magnum build

    Be careful sanding back poly. If you go through a coat it may leave witness lines that will remain visible under subsequent coats. Nitro is a little more forgiving because the coats blend together rather than being in distinct layers
  8. Norris

    New Magnum build

    Beautiful work Mr Jerk!
  9. Norris

    First full build from scratch

    Your workshop looks positively tidy compared to mine!
  10. I've not had time to try the rubbing method yet
  11. Norris


    Time... time... time... I wish I had enough of it!
  12. Norris

    KEA 2017 builds

    Join the unwilling procrastination club!
  13. It's mainly down to aesthetics. As long as there's enough lateral support on the nut to stop it coming unstuck when re-stringing or bending notes, the actual depth doesn't really matter that much
  14. Gah! There's still too much fettling involved. Scanning the MOP was a decent idea, but it seems that it's too reflective to give an accurate scan of the edges. I'm therefore having to fine tune the rout to such a degree that the letters are likely to end up crooked. Plan B - back-to-back masking tape with CA, stick the MOP down, cut it out with a scalpel, rout out the negative when the MOP and masking tape is removed, leaving the rest of the masking tape in place. I'm glad I tried it on a practice piece!
  15. The second test rout has given me confidence that the process is sound. I just need to rout a little bit over the edge to allow for the scanning inaccuracies. The main problem seems to be getting a nice balance between getting the label to stick enough to stay put when I'm sliding the router base over it, but not too much that it pulls wood fibres away when I peel it off afterwards. That, and the variability of wood grain in a natural material - the milling bit does want to wander. I might try one more test first