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  1. Could you split your centre lamination down the centre line, rout a rebate of half the truss rod width in each half, then glue it back together?
  2. Norris

    Glad to be here.

    Welcome! As far as I know there are no rules. If you've worked on it, people will be more than happy to see the results of your labour - preferably with progress pictures if you have them
  3. Absolutely stunning! The carve may have been awkward to do, but the result has got to be worth it. Looking forward to seeing it finished
  4. Norris

    Komodo's Metal Tele

    I love the smoke/fire switch
  5. That looks blummin' lovely
  6. I might be able to persuade him to have an IPA burst. Then I'll be raiding @ScottRs threads for info! Edit: I sent him a picture of I know my body wood is darker than the maple, but something close should hopefully be within tonal range
  7. It's "wood" colour at the moment. Goodness only knows what it will end up as I'm still waiting for a decision from my guitarist on that. Current favourite is "tv yellow"
  8. Back in the workshop for dot inlays Following the advice of my instructor, I drilled 0.1mm deeper than the thickness of the dots (1.6mm). I then squirted in a bit of CA, waited a few moments then tapped the dots in with a small hammer, leaving them very slightly proud - just enough to feel, but probably less than a hair's width. That was enough to give a little squeeze out. They ended up a nice snug fit, so when the glue had dried I dressed them to the level of the fretboard. Next week is the 12th fret monogram inlay that I've been procrastinating about
  9. Norris

    "Delta Cloud' - all done!

  10. Norris

    First Three or Four Builds

    I've also found cabinet scrapers to be very useful. They are pretty cheap. What is a little more expensive is the ARNO Carbur2 burnishing tool - it's worth its weight in gold though! Edit: Oh, and thanks!
  11. Norris

    First Three or Four Builds

    If it's any help at all, here is my first scratch build - a thinline telecaster. It only took 2 years! (For some reason the photo that link always decides to use is NOT my guitar ) ... and welcome!
  12. Norris

    Not Quite A Tele...

    I'm sure I had a couple of bits of that figuring in my Nozcaster. Not as pronounced as the examples above though
  13. Norris

    New Magnum build

    Beautiful. Congratulations
  14. Where are my swimming trunks? It looks like I could dive right in