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  1. There are a few bits of tinware that could do with replacing. They are at least £50 ($70 ish) each - if you can find them, and there are over a dozen pieces. Decent VWs do fetch a lot of money. If you see a van for less than 15k you know it needs a lot of work doing! Trouble is, it's the better half's "baby", so it's gotta be done. I'd rather be making sawdust, but don't tell her that!
  2. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    You are a spray gun wizard. Fabulous finish!
  3. Either your guitars are really small or your office is huge Nice work on the "scrap" table
  4. A 2 litre mower would be amusing It's pretty much the same engine that was used by Porsche back in the day. Different cam profile to give low end torque on VWs though
  5. That beatch didn't want to come out! Now to strip and rebuild it - once I stop aching!
  6. Help with neck height

    Imagine a long rule resting on your frets, going all the way down the centre-line to the bridge. This needs to be within the adjustment range of your bridge and saddles - for any guitar. A strat normally has a zero neck angle. Therefore the height of the end of the fretboard (including fret height) needs to be about the height of your bridge - and work out how deep your pocket needs to be from there i.e. maximum depth of neck incl. frets, minus the bridge/saddle height. If in doubt cut shallow and you can always deepen it later - which is easier than shimming the neck up Don't get too hung up about the compound radius, and you can pretty much ignore the action height for your calculations. Also don't fret (ha! - see what I did there ) about the nut - you'll cut that later and fine-tune it during the final setup. ... and welcome
  7. 22 Magnum do-over

    That's a gorgeous hunk of wood! Darn - you've got me looking for quilted maple blanks now
  8. Stratocaster build

    Lovely stuff
  9. First build. Thanks!

    Yes we are interested - it's what this site is all about Beautiful work and nice to see you entered them in GOTM - good luck
  10. PRS-like project(s)

    The first one looks cleaner aesthetically
  11. How many arms do you want?
  12. Tele-Pine-Partscaster project!

    I think curtisa meant to drill through from the ferrule side, loosely fitting the ferrule as a guide for your drill bit (use a bit that is smaller than the ferrule hole). Thin drill bits can wander a bit when going through fairly thick wood - which looks like what has happened. First of all check that the exit hole is in the correct place on the bridge side. Then drill through from the ferrule side so that the entrance hole is in the correct place - this will probably wander into the existing hole somewhere in the middle of the body, so stop at that point. You might then need to use a needle file to smooth the path between the two, so that the string has a reasonably straight path. By the way there is a Quote button under each reply to your thread which might be easier to use than copying and pasting. You can hit that button on several replies to add them to your reply. The added bonus is the person you quote gets notified that you've quoted them
  13. Tele-Pine-Partscaster project!

    If you have to use the tape round the drill bit method as a depth guide, leave a flap of tape sticking out. You'll find this will clear the waste away from the hole so you can see when to stop a little easier
  14. Travel Shredder

    Have you got a part number for your recommended 3M tape @Prostheta?