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  1. Norris

    Steel body strat

    Ooh I say. That's a bit different!
  2. What @Prostheta is suggesting is to back carve away the shoulder around the tenon to leave just the external edges, which are easier to shape precisely. In other words leave a 3mm border around the outer edge where it joins the body, and angle down from there towards the tenon Please excuse the bad sketch
  3. Norris

    Obol guitar build

    Some admirable effort being put into this build! Keep it up
  4. I tried to like that, but apparently I've exceeded the number of times I can react in one day
  5. You're lucky. If you lived in Indonesia you'd be talking a cool 7 mill for your dawg flap!
  6. Norris

    cnc rebuild

    Can it make guitars now? I wish I had an ounce of your skillz!
  7. Norris

    First full build from scratch

    Great tip @Prostheta
  8. Routed Corners squared off with a chisel (first cut across the grain to try to avoid any grain splits) First trial fit - out by 1mm on one shoulder Bit of fettling... ...we're within approx 0.25mm. A bit more fettling and it should be a good snug fit. The levels worked out beautifully, the planes of the body and neck meeting at the join. All in all I'm quite chuffed at a first attempt at a set neck. Just enough "slop" for glue too A couple of weeks off class now, and other things are taking priority of my spare time unfortunately. We'll be back soon with final adjustments and glue-up clamp shots hopefully
  9. Bugs are relatively cheap. Buses are very expensive, especially if you're looking at splitties. It does put you in a different frame of mind when driving them though - smiles all the way
  10. Norris

    32" scale p bass "the picalow"

    Nice work. All updates are good
  11. No. I've found most clubs a bit cliquey. We go to a few events, but the camper is mainly for our enjoyment - camping and days out
  12. Well if it will cheer you morose lot up, here's a photo of our mantelpiece. My wife has given pride of place to one of the pieces of engine tinware that I've painted up with POR-15. It's the shiny black thing to the left of the model VW kombi. She won't let me put it back in the garage
  13. @Prostheta At least you walk away with your pride and professionalism. Hope you find something else soon @MiKro You're not dead yet! Don't go into the light!
  14. What can you do in 2 hours? Finish sanding the neck template... Stick it to the body using @Prostheta's favourite method of masking tape and CA... Then remove the excess with a forstener bit... And finally discover that we've only got stubby top bearing bits at class, so the routing will have to wait until next week!