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  1. I tried wet sanding on my first build. I do it all dry now You can work through the micromesh grits without water as long as you remove the dust regularly before it can clog - every 4 or 5 strokes
  2. That sounds lovely. Which one are you?
  3. Is there a danger of white spirit leaving a residue? I'm always a bit wary of it myself and would use lighter fluid in preference, as it's a lighter oil fraction. Nitrocellulose will dissolve into the existing finish when sprayed, and (I assume) would absorb small traces of sanding dust. I'm not sure if you'd actually need to wipe down with anything after sanding. Just a good dusting with a clean microfibre cloth Lovely progress btw. Looking great
  4. It's not a good month for anyone else finishing a build, no matter how long they took! Yours has got to be a contender for GOTY let alone GOTM!
  5. Oh, and let me know if you want any reference photos or measurements of my batwing
  6. Yeah, it did get some abuse back in the day The years spent in the loft afterwards was probably cruelest. I've still not gigged it since it was restored - I really ought to do that when we're allowed out again
  7. I'd probably get it close with a cabinet scraper. Then a razor blade with half the blade covered in a layer of masking tape could do a nice job. The masking tape will help to protect the guitar body
  8. Yeah - a grand veteran of two guitars
  9. I don't know if I'm really the expert with cracking. My worst one was pushing in tuner bushes with a soldering iron, which got too hot and fried the lacquer. I had to dig out the loose, frazzled bits and then drop fill. Also some shattering on the board when I scraped the frets having let too much lacquer build up, which was also drop filled I'd go for @komodo's suggestion. What's the worst that could happen? The Cellusolve has two chances...
  10. That's looking great. Some lovely curves going on
  11. It's all over. Neck finished off & handed back to Dan. He seems very pleased with it. To wrap up here are a few glamour shots (blatantly copy & pasted from my GOTM entry) Finally a "demo" video - although I think Dan has gone a little lockdown-crazy! He does eventually play the guitar if you persevere
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