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  1. I would imagine it's possible to make a nut out of any fine-grained stone if you had the patience to cut and polish it. There are a lot of exotic looking stones in the world e.g. marble comes in a wide variety of colours and can certainly be carved (as it has been for millennia)
  2. Norris

    Four new rockers are coming to life

    I was wondering wether to make a metal/ebony laminate for durability. I don't know how a thin sliver of ebony would stand up to being removed and refitted a few times. A slight over-tightening of the screws is likely to split it
  3. Norris

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    Sorry, I can't add any more reactions today, but would have given you a "Ha Ha"
  4. Norris

    Four new rockers are coming to life

    I was wondering what to use for a TRC on my build. Lovely job scorp, soon to be plagiarised
  5. Yes, indeed - belated congratulations! Another ScottR build where exceptional is the norm!
  6. Norris

    6 string roya

    That's what I find therapeutic
  7. Norris

    Swift Lite 4 string bass

    About time! I've been watching this on Basschat and wondering if you'd abandoned PG
  8. Wow - I'm impressed
  9. Norris

    Classic Sakura

    Wow! You masochist! Amazing work though
  10. About bloody time
  11. Norris

    A real Axe

    Cool. How's the design going to be applied? Hand painted? Transfer?
  12. That looks beautiful
  13. Norris

    Steel body strat

    Ooh I say. That's a bit different!
  14. This is my second build, which should be a bit more simple than my first on. At the moment it's very much a "back burner" project while I finish up on my previous build: http://www.projectguitar.com/forums/topic/48292-first-build-the-nozcaster/ This one is a fairly basic Les Paul Junior Double Cut copy for my guitarist Dan. It will be slightly "customised" The spec (so far): Mahogany neck Single piece khaya body (African mahogany) Ebony fretboard Ebony headstock plate Twin P90 pickups Custom control layout - he likes the volume control right under his pinkie MOP dot markers & monogram inlay at 12th fret Luminlay side dots Solid colour (not quite decided which colour yet!) This will have a few "firsts" for me: Using mahogany or ebony Set neck Having a neck angle Scarfing joint Inlay work
  15. What @Prostheta is suggesting is to back carve away the shoulder around the tenon to leave just the external edges, which are easier to shape precisely. In other words leave a 3mm border around the outer edge where it joins the body, and angle down from there towards the tenon Please excuse the bad sketch
  16. Norris

    Obol guitar build

    Some admirable effort being put into this build! Keep it up
  17. I tried to like that, but apparently I've exceeded the number of times I can react in one day
  18. You're lucky. If you lived in Indonesia you'd be talking a cool 7 mill for your dawg flap!
  19. Norris

    cnc rebuild

    Can it make guitars now? I wish I had an ounce of your skillz!
  20. Norris

    First full build from scratch

    Great tip @Prostheta
  21. Routed Corners squared off with a chisel (first cut across the grain to try to avoid any grain splits) First trial fit - out by 1mm on one shoulder Bit of fettling... ...we're within approx 0.25mm. A bit more fettling and it should be a good snug fit. The levels worked out beautifully, the planes of the body and neck meeting at the join. All in all I'm quite chuffed at a first attempt at a set neck. Just enough "slop" for glue too A couple of weeks off class now, and other things are taking priority of my spare time unfortunately. We'll be back soon with final adjustments and glue-up clamp shots hopefully
  22. Bugs are relatively cheap. Buses are very expensive, especially if you're looking at splitties. It does put you in a different frame of mind when driving them though - smiles all the way
  23. Norris

    32" scale p bass "the picalow"

    Nice work. All updates are good