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  1. This is my second build, which should be a bit more simple than my first on. At the moment it's very much a "back burner" project while I finish up on my previous build: http://www.projectguitar.com/forums/topic/48292-first-build-the-nozcaster/ This one is a fairly basic Les Paul Junior Double Cut copy for my guitarist Dan. It will be slightly "customised" The spec (so far): Mahogany neck Single piece khaya body (African mahogany) Ebony fretboard Ebony headstock plate Twin P90 pickups Custom control layout - he likes the volume control right under his pinkie MOP dot markers & monogram inlay at 12th fret Luminlay side dots Solid colour (not quite decided which colour yet!) This will have a few "firsts" for me: Using mahogany or ebony Set neck Having a neck angle Scarfing joint Inlay work
  2. Ha ha. That was my natural finish option - 3 black MOP dots between the pickups
  3. Norris

    Hi - Starting building #6

    All credit to you for resawing that blank by hand!
  4. So, one quick and cheap Ebay purchase later, we have a 1/2" drill bit. And we have some correct sized holes Although the body wood looks mahogany-ish, it's relatively less dense - lighter and softer. I can't remember the name of it. To make sure the inserts sit firmly I wicked CA around the holes (the above picture was before the CA wicking) Then it was pretty straightforward to clamp my template on and route the bridge pickup cavity. The depth was adjusted to the neck angle - 15mm this time. (Only the pickup covers shown there. I've not sunk them that deep!) Now you may be wondering what that small hole is doing just in front of the bridge pickup. Erm, it's a slight miscalculation screwing the template to the body blank when I first shaped it. Oh well. There are options though, depending on which finish we settle on. If painted solid colour, I'll plug it and it will be blended with the grain filling. Whether painted or not there's a fair chance it will have a scratch plate covering it. Personally my preferred option is to stay with a natural/dyed finish, and I have something in mind for that option too
  5. Norris

    2003 Fender Esquire Scorpion

    I'm going to have to admit that if it were mine, and considering the reasonable condition & relative rarity, I'd be going for a sympathetic tidy up. However, it would look wicked with a FR
  6. Well at least it might give inspiration to the casual lurker who thinks they haven't got time to build a guitar. You can put whatever time you can spare into it. Just keep chipping away. Once I've finished rebuilding the engine I'll hopefully be able to speed things up a bit. Gigging at the weekend regularly doesn't help with either Thanks for the encouragement folks
  7. I may have mentioned previously that I am currently spending 2 hours a week building this guitar. This week's thrilling instalment is... erm... Drilling 2 holes There again, they are quite important holes. For now they are "hogged out" with a 10mm forstener bit until such time as I can find a 1/2" drill bit. I'm sure there's one somewhere amongst my uncle's old stuff. Probably all Whitworth though
  8. Norris

    12 string Tele project

    Very nice I have a strange sense of deja vu. Is this the basschat reunion thread?
  9. The workshop has been closed for a couple of weeks for repairs to the extraction system. We were back last night so I put an initial rough radius on the board. I have an inlay to do at the 12th fret, so this will do for now. A straight edge, flat caul with 80 grit stuck on with CA, and a radius gauge (old skool again)... I also started tidying and trimming the shoulders of the headstock on the spindle sander
  10. Norris

    Not Quite A Tele...

    Wow - that's some gorgeous shine! Is that your micromesh?
  11. Norris

    New Magnum build

    ^^^ What he drooled
  12. No That joy is yet to come I intend to keep my fingers on top of the sanding block rather than wrapped around it
  13. Norris

    Flame-Top Sanding

    Have a look at this tutorial... It has some good tips on preparation. And also... Usually a figured maple would not require grain filling. However you can get clear grain filler if you really need it
  14. I managed to steal a couple of hours at the weekend and tidied up a little with a cabinet scraper
  15. Norris

    drum sander?

    A drum sander is top of my wish list It's also at the top of my list of things I could never justify spending that much money on for a hobby activity! $500 sounds very reasonable though
  16. I did have a few comments at class when I clamped it up I don't run the numbers, but go on the premise that you can't clamp it too much but can clamp it too little
  17. Norris

    New Magnum build

  18. Glue up! And clamps off this morning...
  19. Clamps off Chisel off a fair chunk Then wrapped some masking tape round one end of my sanding beams and got busy Hopefully I might be able to glue the board in place tomorrow evening
  20. I did revisit my first build thread a few months ago when I refreshed the pictures that PhotoBucket knobbled. It seems like I've come a long way, but then not so far either I'll be glad when I can spend more time on it - then I might remember what on earth I'm supposed to be doing half the time This one is starting to come together nicely though. Glad I got that sanding done on the body - the mucky finger marks were starting to get to me. That, and the remaining imperfections from initial planing. It's nice and smooth now apart from a few nicks round the edge. They will go when I roundover the edges soon Edit: To be honest it's been lovely spending the day making sawdust instead of de-greasing engine parts. I gave myself the day off
  21. Last chance to tidy up the body on the sanding table. Cue about 3 hours of effort Then it's time to glue the board extension wedge (as it will become)
  22. I see that @Andyjr1515 is taking credit for my quotes again Thanks anyway. If it stuck in your mind I must be doing something right
  23. Welcome. You earn immediate kudos for building a bass I've not got around to building myself one yet (and I'm a bass player if you couldn't have guessed)
  24. Aw shucks Thanks Of course, the more observant readers amongst you will have probably noticed the maple veneer packing of the tenon . At least it's solid