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  1. Thanks guys!! I believe the Padauk/Ash combo is a keeper!! I'am sure i will try this again maybe a different shape! I've been looking at Japanese designs I wanna try something inspired in their sense of aesthetics...
  2. Thank you Alexisguitars!!! hope you are having an awesome sunday
  3. Thanks guys!!! I'am so happy I found this community!!! I got a strat type guitar on the works, but im probably more than a month away from finishing it!!! Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!
  4. Hello there, my name is Andres and I'am a musician like many of you on here who loves to tinker with gear. A few years ago i started modifying guitars and basses and ended up assembling some instruments that me and my brother would use int he band out of guitar kits and what not. We also tried building some instruments from scratch but to be honest I never got around to sharing them because they were simply not great. This guitar, which I've decided to call "Rita" is the first guitar I can honestly say I'am proud of. Since leaving my retail job this year I decided to give this a go full force!!! I've enjoyed every second of it, including the mistakes and the burnt fingers. In any case, just wanted to share with this great community. And to those out there who are considering building a guitar but are on the fence, just go for it. I promise you that regardless of how many times you will mess up and how much wood you will end up ruining, if you keep at it there will be a day (like it is for me right now) when you will feel the meaning of joy!! Anyways for the specs.- Body .- African Padauk and Ash Neck is 2 Piece Maple Pickups .- Tone Emporium 52 tele set (some of the best for the money out there imo) Electronics, CTS pots and orange caps The finish is tru oil. and the hardware is: Kluson bridge and hipshot staggered locking tuners. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!
  5. oh yes, not a good picture... unfortunately I saw it first hand... hahahha ... lesson learned right? "Respect the router" I always try to have a healthy fear of the power tools when I'am using them.
  6. I will do a better job documenting some of my work, im almost done with a build of my own... its been a slow process but I'am really happy with the results so far. Ill share it very soon!!
  7. best advice i can give to somebody who wants to start building, its best to buy slow and not get crappy tools due to budget concerns. Some of the things I've bought just because I didn't have the money ended up making my work harder. Two main examples of this is. 1) Router bits, if you buy harbor freight / chinese cheapos your going to end up burning the wood or tearing and splinting. 2) Orbital Sander .- this is like my go to tool, i use it so much it needs to be able to put up with the punishment. A cheap one will burn out out quick So its best to buy slow, do a lot of things by hand until you can buy better tools but when you do buy power tools don't go cheap.
  8. great info here, this is quite a project!! how long did the whole mod take you? in days that is?
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