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  1. Sept, Mr riddler, just due to the detail, and amazing work on the look, design, and finish.
  2. My name is Mike Pegg, and Im a builder from Munford, Alabama. I started a year ago building seriously, but have been piddling with guitars since 1984. This will be my first ever submission to the contest, or any forum on here, but am excited just for the feedback, if nothing else. The guitar Im submitting is called the "Walnutcaster". It is a walnut/cedar build, with a 25 1/2 scale mahogany 24 fret neck. Headstock is mahogany, and walnut, with zipper biding, and a walnut truss cover, with a true roller nut. The elctronics are custom wound 16k bridge Humbucker, and a 10k neck humbucker, both covered in walnut, with walnut bezels. It is a 3 way switch, with a push/pull volume to split either humbucker to singles, or combine the two for two singles. The bridge is a gotoh, and the tuners are sperzel lockers Hand made knobs from cedar, and the swith button is also cedar.. It also has anodized strap locks. The coat is a rough brushed Poly, then recovered with an additional 4 coats, but I like my grain to show, and not look like boutique guitars. This is my 25th ish build from scratch. I do purchase neck blanks however, and do my own headstocks. I'm an electrician by trade, but have built furniture for years. I became inspired to start building guitars out of need more than anything else though. I became very disappointed in factory guitars over the years, and wanted customs that I couldnt afford... thus became the desire to build my own. It started with a custom Jem, because I always wanted that famous Steve Vai model that I couldnt come off of $2000.00 for. Please leave comments, and I hope to enter again, and if nothing else, show some of my work that is on my face book pages. https://www.facebook.com/mpegg1 & https://www.facebook.com/MikePeggMusic
  3. I use only a jig saw, and hand saws, because its really all I have. I have cut many bodies with my jig saw, and if it becomes angled, or off in some way, that becomes part of my body. I enjoy that they all all turn out differently, and welcome those small "flaws" as part of my being an artist, and a woodworker.
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