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  1. neck profile. lot of fun with carbon stripes.
  2. continue fretboard inlays. Ragne Wahlquist symbol.
  3. the sword is done. materials used: stainless steel for the blade, MOP, green abalone, walnut with brass stripes for handle, copper wire for little dots at the top of handle.
  4. testing fret milling program on some garbage
  5. its not that wide, stripes divides neck to 3 equal parts, look at pocket fitting pics. 66mm at the nut, 86 at last fret. trussrod pics are made from raw unfitted neck.
  6. Yes. The reason is called carbon fiber. Those 2 black stripes.
  7. Thank you! Yes, first one was routed by hands. I was used FreeCad for body curved top modelling, then moved to Fusion360 with some errors which locked me from projecting the sign to surface. Second guitar is modelled in Fusion360 from scratch. I mean by hand. Glued a printed sign to surface, cut lines with a sharp knife and routed with a 0.6 mm router bit and mini Dremel. me to
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