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  1. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    I wanted. Ragne didn't
  2. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    Milling baseplates.
  3. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    Pickup coils wound.
  4. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    Yes, it's MDF construction with true mahogany tool holder
  5. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    And how it looks after planer.
  6. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    Do you see the devil's head?
  7. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    No one producer made 9-string pickups. Do It Youself then.
  8. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    The first version of Wahlgaard was built through 2017 as a prototype (fully functional though). Based on this experience we made some adjustments and improvements for new version build.
  9. Dmitry Sushkov

    Triton TSPS450 Oscillating Spindle Sander

    I have one in my shop. Just does the job so far.
  10. Dmitry Sushkov

    The Wahlgaard II project.

    Wahlgaard means walnut guard in Sweden. The customer is Ragne Wahlquist, guitarist and co-founder of old and well known Swedish metal band Heavy Load, performed a reunion for an album release and several shows across Europe in 2018. Wahlquist means walnut leave in Sweden. My very first build in 1995 was a walnut explorer. So you know what a walnut smell means for me after a year of repairs. A new build. I allways preferred something unusual. This time it's 9-strings baritone solidbody carved top instrument with some interesting wiring ideas. Stay tuned, I'll post every progress step here.
  11. Hi there. Just started new project and want to share the full story here. Chatpter I. Walnut smell.
  12. Dmitry Sushkov

    Guitar Of The Month vote - July 2018

    Thank you! Actually this was a prototype. Another one with some improvements coming soon. The problem is, that build process publishing is a huge time consuming hole. Doing it at multiple places is a stupid copy-paste job I never wanted to do, I'd better pay more attention to build itself and customer feedback. That's why I choose facebook where all of my customers have their accounts prior to PG or any other resource. This particular guitar was not public at all during build as I mentioned in the description.
  13. SUSHKOV GUITARS Hi. I'm Dmitry Sushkov, a luthier from Prague, the Heart of Europe. I have started my own guitar shop July 2015, but with a long guitar making background as employee. I have already posted my guitars here, you can check them in 2016` GOTM archive (both are winners). The Wahlgaard project. This build took me almost whole 2017. Starting from sketches to shipping. The customer is Ragne Wahlquist, a guitarist of Heavy Load, well known Swedish oldschool metal band. The story of this guitar started 3 years ago when I bought a very nice curly walnut slab (just couple pieces remained for now ) and made my first demo guitar, - the Saracen with beautiful flamed walnut top. Wahlquist means a walnut leave in Sweden and Ragne searched for some special guitar made from walnut for upcoming (top secret at the time) reunion his old Heavy Load band. He felt very limited with just 6 strings and wanted NINE of them. After couple months of discussions I started from a very raw sketch made in FreeCAD. After almost a year Ragne received a very nice Christmas gift Here you can check his own impressions. The specs are: Guitar construction: 9 strings set-neck headless baritone. Hardware color: gold Body wood: sapele mahogany Top wood: american black walnut Body inlays: custom MOP customer's signature Neck construction: 3 piece with carbon laminates Scale length: 28" Neck wood: sapele mahogany Fretboard wood: ebony Frets: 29 x stainless steel SINTOMS (20 x 2.5mm and 9 x 2mm) Fretboard inlays: custom MOP "leaves" and customer's personal monogram Finish: clear coat high-gloss polyesther Pickups: 2 x custom made PAF inspired, wide AlNiCo5 bar magnets and gold plated poles, brass base plate. Bridge: Gold plated MERA Submarine III rev.2 Nut: Black TUSQ. Toplock tailpiece: custom made MERA. Truss rod: 1 x double action. Electronics: active onboard very bright sounding JFET preamp. Controls: 2 volume pots, 1 tone pot, pickup selector switch, preamp switch. Case: SKB waterproof Injection-Molded flight case. And some videos from 2018 festivals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNi6edcf3wM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3PNvcROTUM
  14. The Black Bird for the artistic wood matching.
  15. Dmitry Sushkov

    July 2016

    Thank you all voted!