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  1. As there doesn't seem to be much room for a battery, we've decided to just go for the bass reducer and kill switch. We found the wiring schematics for an original Marr jaguar, but could do with some help on this one. The pickup selection is three way and we'd like it to go neck, both, bridge. Could you possibly help us with a wiring diagram and tell us which components we'd need?
  2. Also, do you happen to know which components we'd have to buy to make each modification possible?
  3. I think we want to change out the treble boost for a gain control instead which will probably need batteries. I'm pretty competent with circuits and soldering, but neither of us are sure on how to wire the whole thing up, and because this hasn't really been done professionally before we can't find any schematics.
  4. Hi, My friend and I are currently building a Fender Jaguar in Sherwood green based on Johnny Marr's custom model. We are currently stuck on the wiring and how to basically put all the components together and which component's we would need. On the top plate we have a 3 way panel in which we intend to create: A killswitch (toggle on/off), a treble boost (roller wheel), and a bass removal/minimiser (roller wheel). As this is our first build we have vague to no idea on how to add these features. A list of components with how we'd put them in would be greatly appreciated, (also how to ground it, as we don't want to get that wrong at all). All help appreciated, Cheers
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